Rose Heart Card Craft

What better way to celebrate the day of love than to gift an adorable and unique card to your loved ones? This stunning rose heart card craft is an ideal Valentine's Day craft for kids (especially those who have a knack for the artsy crafts!) It is a little fiddly for younger children, but perfect for older children looking for a bit of a challenge.

rose heart card craft

We love Valentine's Day, that's a given. For that reason, we have tons of Valentine's Day crafts for you to scroll through. Here are a couple of heart crafts that we loved: 

The rose heart card that we are sharing today looks impressive and is sure to be loved by the lucky person chosen to receive it. You can use the suggested colours or pick the favourite colours of the person receiving the card, for a more personal touch.

It makes an ideal gift for almost everyone and the best thing is that your kids will have fun doing it (with your help, of course!) 

Scroll down for the free printable heart template!

rose heart paper craft

Rose Heart Card Craft

Rose heart card supplies:

  • Coloured Craft Paper - 2 to 3 different colours.
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Pencil - to trace the template
  • Template

How to make your rose heart craft

STEP 1: Gather your materials

To keep everything organised and mess-free, before you begin get all the supplies ready and close by. 

heart craft supplies

STEP 2: Create the card base

Begin by making your card. Fold a piece of thin card or thick craft paper in half. You can choose the size of your card. I would suggest making it square and using a white or very light colour so the heart design can stand out. Next, use a pencil to trace the heart shape on your card base.

drawing a heart for heart craft

STEP 3: Cut out your paper spirals

Take a small piece of coloured craft paper and cut it into a spiral, using the spiral on the template as a guide.

paper rose craft

STEP 4: Create the paper spirals

Take the spiral paper and start to roll it from its outer edge.

how to make a paper rose

Keep rolling the spiral pattern until reaching the centre.

paper rose craft for kids

STEP 5: Secure with glue

making paper roses for heart craft

Following the same steps, create tons of little rolled roses.

Rose heart paper craft for kids

STEP 6: Start laying out the card design

Now you have created you paper roses it is time to use them to make a heart shape on your card. Start gluing the roses inside the traced heart pattern on the card, starting along the border of the heart. 

add roses to heart card

Fill your heart pattern on the card with paper roses and allow the glue to dry.

add paper roses to heart shape

STEP 7: Frame your rose heart

Adding a paper frame around the edge of the card makes the rose heart really stand out. Take 4 thin strips of coloured paper and glue them along the sides of the card to create a frame. 

Paper rose heart craft for kids

You just completed your Rose Heart Card! Once you get the hang of how to make the paper roses it isn't as hard as it first seems. 

Paper rose heart card for kids


To download this heart card template for free click on the link below and add $0. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

rose heart card template

This rose heart card is a perfect mix of adorable and fun, a great craft for older children who love getting creative. We're sure they will love making their very own heart craft to give to their friends and family.

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