Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

Love is in the air! This eye-catching paper plate hot air balloon craft is a super fun Valentine's Day craft for kids. It will keep the kiddos busy for hours and the end result is adorable! Older children can use our printable template to make this craft independently while younger children can put it together with a little adult support. Fun for everyone... it can’t get better than that!

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

Hot air balloon crafts like this 3D heart hot air balloon are so much fun. There are so many ways you can adapt them to make them your own. You can change the backgrounds or the colours used. You can even decorate the balloons or add people to the baskets. Check out our hot air balloon card to get more ideas.

Kids of all ages can join the fun doing this paper hot air balloon craft! My only advice is if you have kids too young to use scissors, make sure to have everything cut out ahead of time and ready to be glued to the paper plate. 

Paper plate crafts like this are our go-to when we need last-minute ideas for craft projects. Paper plates are easy to find, inexpensive and the creative options are endless! Have a look at more paper plate crafts from our collection:

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Valentine Craft for Kids

Scroll down for the free printable hot air balloon craft template! 

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate
  • Colourful craft paper
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Pompoms (optional)

paper plate craft supplies

How to make your Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

STEP 1: Print out hot air balloon craft template

Scroll on down to the bottom of the page and grab our printable template. 

STEP 2: Start making your 3-D heart balloon

First we are going to make the heart shaped balloon. Print and cut out the three different sized hearts. Fold both smaller hearts in the middle.

heart template

Glue the hearts one over another from large to small. Glue only the folded areas of the smaller hearts to the middle of the large heart. (as shown in the image below)

3d heart craft

STEP 3: Make your balloon basket

Get your printed templates and cut out the basket and cords for the hot air balloon. Glue two cords (paper strips) on two sides of the basket, then glue the third cord in the middle of the basket.

hot air balloon template

STEP 6: Create paper plate background

We are now going to create the background for our hot air balloon craft on a paper plate. Use the bottom of a paper plate to trace the circumference of it. Then use that measurement to cut out one half-circular piece of craft paper in green and another one in blue. 

paper plate background for hot air balloon craft

Now, you need to glue the green piece of paper on the bottom side of the paper plate as the grass and then glue the blue piece on the top as the sky.

Alternatively you could paint a background on your paper plate or you could fold a piece of card in half to make a greeting card instead. There are so many options!

paper plate craft for kids

STEP 8: Put everything together!

To finish off this hot air balloon craft, glue the 3D heart on the top of the three cords on the basket and arrange the hot air balloon inside the paper plate. 

Decorate the paper plate background with pompoms, clouds or anything else you would like to add to hot air balloon craft. You could even add the message 'love is in the air'. 

Hot air balloon craft for kids


To download this hot air balloon craft template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: balloon. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

hot air balloon craft template printable

Your kids will a great time making this hot air balloon craft! It is such a fun paper plate craft thats perfect to make as a Valentine's Day craft, Mother's Day craft, or just because!

Heart hot air balloon craft. A fun and easy paper plate craft for kids.

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