Glitzy Valentine's Day Slime Recipe

The kids are going to love getting messy with this fun and easy Valentine slime recipe. Valentines's Day is the perfect excuse to add lots of glitter and hearts to our basic slime recipe. Slime is always fun, but using heart confetti to add a little love to this slime makes it the perfect Valentine's Day activity for kids! Scroll on down to follow our easy instructions to make Valentine's Day slime.

Valentine slime recipe

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Slime, Slime, Slime! The kids seem to love it. We have so many different versions of slime for you to try. We always use the same basic recipe, but add different extra items for different occasion and themes. In this Valentine slime recipe it's the heart confetti and glitter that makes it perfect for a Valentine or love and kindness theme.

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Making slime isn't just fun, there are lots more benefits of making slime. Making slime improves creativity, creates quality family time and teaches science.

Valentine's Day Slime Recipe 

easy valentine slime recipe

Slime Safety Notice - Adult supervision is required. Thoroughly wash your hands before and after making and playing with slime. Do not substitute any ingredients in our slime recipes. Some contact solution brands work better than others, only contact solutions containing borate or boric acid will create slime.

Valentine Slime ingredients:

Valentine Slime Recipe

STEP 1: Prepare supplies

Preparing your supplies in advance is always a good idea, especially if children are helping to make the slime. As well as the ingredients listed above you will need a large bowl and a spoon to stir your slime.

STEP 2: Mix slime ingredients

Empty the glue into a large bowl.  Fill the empty glue bottle about ⅓ full with warm water (about ¼ cup) and seal with the lid. Shake well to combine the remaining glue with the water. Pour into bowl with glue and stir to combine.

Add the baking soda to the glue and stir to mix thoroughly. Add the glitter and confetti and stir the glitter into the glue mixture. 

Add contact lens solution to the glue mixture and stir well. Add the contact lens solution slowly, mixing between additions, and add only enough to bring the glue together into a soft ball.

Note: regular glue will require less contact lens solution than glitter glue

easy slime recipe

STEP 3: Knead slime

Remove the slime from the bowl allowing any excess liquid to remain in the bowl. The slime will be sticky. Begin to play with the slime, kneading it as you would bread dough, to bring the slime together. The slime is ready to be played with when it is no longer sticky.

Store your Valentine slime in an airtight container or in the refrigerator when it is not in use.

Valentines Day slime recipe

Valentine slime

We hope that you enjoy making and playing with this fun Valentine's Day slime. It's such an easy Valentine slime recipe to follow, but lots of fun!

Easy Valentine Slime Recipe using contact lens solutions.

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