Handmade Valentine Cards for Kids to Make

You are going to love this collection of valentine card ideas for kids. Handmade Valentine cards are so special for so many reasons! 

Handmade valentine cards for kids

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year that really focuses on the special, loving relationships we have with each other. It's only fitting that kids get in on the fun. But rather than going to the shops and picking up the same old valentines everyone else is buying, why not make some of your own? 

It's easier than you think and lets kids engage in a creative activity. This is especially helpful during those wintry days in February when you may be stuck inside. Kid-made valentines are extra special because so much thought, care, and work goes into each card. Dive into this list of valentine cards to make with the kids to find a card or two that you'd like to make!

More Valentine's Day crafts for kids:


Handmade Valentine Cards for Kids

We have lots of printable Valentines, but this list is focusing on the crafty handmade Valentine's Day cards. These projects will let you spend some quality time together while making heartfelt cards. What could be better than that?

Valentine cards to make for kids

Coffee Filter Heart Valentine Cards

Turn coffee filters into gorgeous art fit for a lovely card by following the tutorial for these Valentine heart cards. Kids will have so much fun making this card for a special family member or friend and then showing it off.

Handmade Valentine heart cards for kids


Bee Mine Valentine Card

Is there anything cuter than this bee valentine card? Write "Bee mine" or your own Valentine's Day message inside. Grab the handy printable template to make one of these dainty little bee cards in no time. It's also a wonderful craft to make outside of Valentine's Day—just leave off the heart on the front.

Handmade Valentine bee cards for kids


Handmade Rose Heart Valentine Card

Older children will love the creative challenge of this charming rose heart card. Cut paper spirals and roll them into beautiful roses to fill in the heart shape on the front of the card. 

Handmade Valentine rose heart cards for kids

Heart Pop Art Valentine Card

Get the watercolours out and have a go at making this eye catching, but simple heart pop art valentine card. Don't have watercolours?! Not to worry, markers or crayons work just as well for this simple handmade valentine card idea. 

Heart pop art valentine card ideas for kids

Paper Heart Valentine Card

Turn this adorable paper heart craft into an adorable handmade Valentine card. It is simple enough for toddlers and preschoolers to make, but looks effective enough for older kids to want to get involved too. Have fun picking out your favourite papers to make it really personal. 

handmade paper heart valentine cards for kids

Handmade Pointillism Heart Card

This pointillism heart craft is the perfect valentine card to make with kids as it only uses a few basic supplies and its mess free! The free printable that is used for this craft come in in two versions, a card sized printable that is perfect for making a Valentine card, but also a larger version to make some wall art! 

handmade pointillism heart valentine cards for kids

Heart Painting Card

Turn your own easy heart painting into a colourful handmade Valentine's card. Use any colours of your choice as you relax and paint heart shapes. 

Easy heart painting handmade Valentine cards for kids to make


More Valentine Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Here are even more Valentine cards to make with the kids that'll keep them busy until Valentine's Day. There are so many cute options to choose from!

Valentine card ideas for kids


Valentine Cards from Recycled Materials

Try one of the four unique designs for recycled materials Valentine cards from The Best Ideas for Kids. Stamp hearts with cardboard tubes, paint over newspaper, stamp with bubble wrap, or paint over cardboard to make pretty hearts.

Handmade valentine cards for kids to make from recycled material.

Handmade Tic Tac Toe Valentine Card

Fill a card with X's and O's to show how much you care! This card is easy enough for all ages, and it's so versatile because you can use the materials you have on hand. For example, if you don't have foam alphabet stickers or hearts, draw some on or use stamps instead. This tic-tac-toe valentine card from Artsy Craftsy Mom is so fun and creative.

Handmade tic tac toe valentine cards to make for kids


Heart Pop-Up Valentine Cards

This pop-up hearts card from Red Ted Art is perfect for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Follow the step-by-step photos to learn how to fold, cut, and position the hearts inside the card so they pop right out when it's opened.

pop up heart Valentine cards to make


Newspaper Heart Collage Valentines

These newspaper heart valentines from Kitchen Counter Chronicles are so inventive! They used recycled office supplies like binder dividers and old newspapers for these beautiful handmade valentines. Add the hearts to the cards and then let the kids draw in their ideas around them. Brilliant!

handmade newspaper valentine cards to make with kids


Pikachu Valentine Cards

Kids who are into Pokémon will love making this Pikachu valentine card from Simple Everyday Mom for their friends. You only need paper and the printable template to assemble this totally adorable valentine. This card could also double as a birthday card by swapping out the heart eyes for the usual black ones.

Pikachu valentine card ideas for kids


Flower Bouquet Valentine Cards

A bouquet of hearts is the perfect sentiment for Valentine's Day, and these cards from Red Ted Art will go over swimmingly with moms, aunties, friends, and teachers. Using newspaper for these heart bouquet cards is a terrific way to work in some recycled materials. 

Handmade flower valentine card for kids to make


Handmade Love You Bunches Card

This 'Love You Bunches' card from Rainy Day Mum is another sweet choice and is quite simple and lovely. Simply fold the hearts in half to give them that 3D look. The ribbon on the stems is a charming touch!

I love you bunches valentine card idea


Sticky Heart Valentine Cards

Scrunching paper is an excellent fine motor practice to build hand and finger strength. Put those small muscles to work making these sticky heart valentine cards with tissue paper, contact paper, and cardstock. These handmade valentines from Finding Myself Young are very tactile and fun.

Sticky heart valentine cards for kids


Spice Painted Valentine Cards

Adding a sensory element to painting is always a good idea, like mixing spices with paint, as you see here with these spice painted valentines from In the Playroom. These cards have a natural cardboard look that really suits the spice paint for rustic-looking (and smelling) cards.

Scented spice handmade valentine cards to make.


Llama Valentine Cards

Here's a cute llama-themed valentine card from Simple Everyday Mom that's fun to make at home or school. The cool part is that kids don't have to use pink if they don't want to. Kids can opt for white, black or brown (like llamas found in nature) or for more creative colors like purple or blue. 

Llama Valentine cards to make with kids


Scrapbook Paper Valentine Card

Use some of your scrapbook paper stash to make these colorful scrapbook paper valentine heart cards from Crafts by Courtney. If you don't have scrapbook paper on hand, you can do this idea with Washi tape! The key is having distinct patterns in similar color palettes to pair together.

Scrapbook paper handmade valentine cards


Handmade Turtle Valentine

This handmade turtle valentine from Simple Everyday Mom is "turtley awesome." Spend some time with the kids crafting and learning about these fascinating creatures. Then, come up with some fun turtle puns to add to the inside of the card. "I turtley love you" or "You're a turtley rad friend" are just a couple that come to mind.

Handmade turtle valentine card idea for kids


Stamped Heart Valentine's Day Card

These simple stamped heart cards from ABCs of Literacy are an excellent choice, especially if you'd like to work on fine motor skills. Dab paint around a heart cutout using a pom-pom or cotton ball secured with a clothespin. This is easier for little hands than holding a paintbrush, and it's a lot of fun!

Stamped heart valentine cards for kids to make


Handmade Avocado Valentines

We just love a good food pun and find these avocado valentines from Hello Wonderful to be delightfully charming. The soft brown pom-poms to replicate the large avocado seeds are so clever. Kids can practice their scissor skills, hole punching, and tactile sensory skills while making these valentines.

Handmade avocado Valentine cards for kids


Watercolor Valentines

Choose from two different techniques to make these watercolor valentines from Projects with Kids. The first uses a watercolor resist technique with white oil pastel, while the other uses a different technique with salt. These creative cards are easy enough for preschoolers, but older children will enjoy them, too.

Handmade watercolor Valentine cards for kids


Crayon Resist Watercolor Valentines

Another fun option working with watercolors are these crayon resist watercolor valentines from Our Kid Things. You'll need watercolor paints, a white crayon, cardstock, and scissors. It doesn't get much simpler than that. 

Crayon resist watercolour valentine cards to make


Piece of My Heart Valentine

You probably have puzzles with some missing pieces lying around, so dedicate them to crafts like this adorable 'piece of my heart' valentine card from The Soccer Mom Blog. The child's picture is glued to the puzzle piece, perfectly encapsulating the idea of being a piece of your heart. This is a cute idea for the classroom so students can take them home to their parents. It's also a fun option to make for the grandparents.

Handmade piece of my heart valentine cards for kids


Fingerprint Love Bug Valentine Cards

Fingerprint crafts are such treasures. They help parents remember those tiny little fingerprints long after their children have grown. This fingerprint love bug valentine from Rhythms of Play will become a special keepsake to look back on. It's super cute, very easy to make, and has such a sweet message.

fingerprint love bug valentine cards to make


Handmade Cactus Handprint Valentine Card

Cactus crafts are adorable, and this one is easy to make using your child's handprint and a few decorative touches. A tissue paper flower here or there is cute, but they'll look great without tissue paper, too. We love the "stuck on you" message on these handmade cactus valentines from A Little Pinch of Perfect. 

Cactus handprint valentine card ideas for kids

We hope you've enjoyed this list of handmade Valentine cards for kids. Which of these valentine card ideas for kids are on your list to make this February?

Handmade valentine cards to make. Valentine card ideas for kids.

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