I love you because... printable

Make someone's day by telling them all the reasons you love them! This 'I love you because...' printable is perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day or for Mother's Day. It could even be used to give to grandparents or other special family members for a Birthday, or of course to good friends.

I love you because printable

As well as these I love you printables to fill with reasons why you love someone we also have printable love bird cards and printable colour your own valentines cards that you might enjoy making to give to someone special.

Scroll down for your printable 'I love you because....' activity pages

I love you because....

There are 2 versions of this I love you printable that your child can choose from.  Each printable has 3 hearts to write or draw what you love about the person you are making it for. One of the printable has some prompts:

  • You make me laugh when...
  • I love it when you.....
  • I love to go with you to....

reasons I love you printable worksheets

Supplies needed:

  • 'I love you because.....' printable
  • Markers, pencils, crayons or paint

Printable 'I love you because......'

I love you because printable for kids

STEP 1: Print the 'I love you' sheets

You can find these 'I love you' printables at the bottom of the page. Print them out onto paper or thin card. Decide which of the 2 designs you would like to use. 

STEP 2: Write/ draw reasons you love someone

Decide who this 'I love you because' sheet is going to be for. Is it going to be given to a child on Valentine's Day or to a parent for Mother's or Father's Day? Write the name of the person this sheet will be for at the top of the page.

Fill each of the hearts with reasons why you love the person you have chosen. It could be anything from I love you because you make the best cookies, to I love your hugs or you have the most beautiful smile!

You can either write the reasons you love someone of draw a picture of things that they do that you love.

If you choose to use the page with prompts think about when the person you have chosen makes you laugh, where you love going with them and what you love them doing.

Complete this special 'I love you' page by adding a bit of colour to the flowers and butterflies.

STEP 3: Hand to the named person

Now it is time to make someones day! Hand this list of reasons you love them to the person named at the top.


To download this 'I love you' printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code - love. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

I love you printable

Have fun thinking of all the reasons you love someone and thinking about what makes them special. This 'I love you because...' printable is really going to make someones day! 

I love you because printable worksheet for kids. 3 reasons I love you!

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