Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

It's February, and that means Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you're looking for some fun Valentine's Day activities for kids you've come to the right place. 

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

We've gathered over 30 amazing Valentine's activities for kids that are suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Older kids will love many of these activities, too, like the slime, science experiments, and coding. 

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Scan this list for Valentines ideas to keep your kids or students engaged all February long.

Valentines activities for kids


Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

We have loads of fun activities that are perfect for Valentine's Day right here at Messy Little Monster. You'll find easy math, sensory, and STEM ideas you can set up in minutes!


Valentine Conversation Heart Math

What better way to get kids excited for a math lesson than by offering candy? Use this Valentine's Conversation Heart Math activity to work on addition, subtraction, counting, and other early math skills. Kids can also use them to practice patterns, make shapes, and sort by colour. 

Conversation heart math valentines activity


Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

Exploring the world through the senses is so important during the early childhood years. This Valentine's Day sensory bin is full of interesting things for little ones to explore, like red rice, sparkly pom-poms, soft pink feathers, and lots of things to scoop and pour with. 

Valentines Day sensory bin activity


Valentine's Printable Tracing Activity

Tracing activities are terrific for developing fine motor skills. Print this pack of eight different Valentine's Day tracing sheets for kids to practice their tracing on. Pictures and words on these sheets include conversation hearts, a bow and arrow, a cupcake, and more.

Valentines Day tracing activity for kids


Love and Kindness Activity Calendar

While you're here, download our fabulous activity calendar for February. All the crafts and activities focus on love and kindness, which is the perfect theme for the month.

February activity calendar for kids


Marshmallow Structures STEM Challenge

Have you ever tried building with marshmallows? Using straws and marshmallows, little engineers can build lots of fascinating structures, like this pretty heart for Valentine's Day. This marshmallow STEM challenge is a fun way to work some engineering and physics into your classroom or homeschool activities for the day.

Marshmallow STEM challenge activity of Valentines Day


Valentine's Day Painted Rocks

Get artsy and celebrate the day with Valentines painted rocks that kids are sure to love. It's a fun craft that the whole family can enjoy together. Then, go out and hide the rocks! Put one on a neighbour's doorstep, hide one in the local park, or just use them as colourful decorations on your table or desk.

Valentine's Day painted rock activity for kids


Valentine Heart Peeps Playdough

Whether or not you actually enjoy eating this marshmallow treats, grab a few packs to make this soft and squishy Valentine heart Peeps playdough. It's taste-safe, pretty and pink, and so much fun to play with. All you need are the heart-shaped Peeps, Crisco, and flour to get started.

Peeps playdough valentines activity for kids


Crystal Heart Science Experiment

Make Valentine crystal hearts using science! That's right—for this fun experiment, you'll grow your own crystals on a heart shape to make something pretty and sparkly for Valentine's Day. Making Borax crystals is always a tremendous hit with kids of all ages. 

Crystals hearts Valentines day activity for kids


Fizzy Frozen Heart Science

Here's another project for your budding scientist. It's your classic baking soda and vinegar experiment with a colorful red twist. Watching the fizzy frozen hearts bubble and disappear is mesmerising. 

Fizzy heart science experiment - Valentines Day science for kids


Conversation Heart Painted Rocks

Make conversation heart painted rocks to go with the others mentioned above. These rocks are so cute and are based on those iconic candy hearts we see every February. Come up with your own kind words to put on them, and hand them out to people you see on Valentine's Day!

Conversation heart painted rocks - Valentines activity


Valentine's Day Glittery Slime

Whip up a batch of Valentine slime with glitter and confetti hearts. This slime is as sparkly as it is stretchy and fun. Put it in small jars with a cute printable tag to make the best Valentine's Day party favors ever.

Valentine slime



More Valentines Activities for Kids

Looking for even more fun activities for Valentine's Day or to fill your February calendar? Check out the Valentine ideas below.

Valentines activities for kids


Valentine's Day Oobleck

Sticky, yet fun, this Valentine's Day Oobleck is a fascinating science activity for February. Making Oobleck is a terrific way to study non-Newtonian fluid in a way that's understandable to young kids. Plus, it's really fun to play with.

Valentines Day oobleck activity for kids


Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Have a blast with this indoor scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day from The Best Ideas for Kids that'll get kids so excited to find their surprises. There are 12 clues and each card has a number to make it easy for kids to follow the instructions in order. However, as long as you have the first and last cards, you can put the others in any order you'd like or even omit some for younger children.

Valentines Day scavenger hunt for kids


Valentine's Day Quiz for Kids

Teachers and parents alike can use this thoughtful Valentine's Day quiz from Everyday Savvy. It asks kids about the people and things that they love most and will make a wonderful addition to the scrapbook or memory box.

Valentines Day quiz for kids


Conversation Heart Towers

If you're looking for another creative way to use candy hearts (instead of eating them), try making conversation heart towers. You can set up this low-prep activity from Steamsational in just a couple of minutes to let the kids practice their engineering skills. 

Conversation heart towers - STEM valentines Day activity for kids.


Valentine Bingo

A fun game of Valentine's Day Bingo from The Best Ideas for Kids is the perfect way to celebrate the day. This cute version includes a lot of red and pink images that are totally adorable and easy for kids to recognize while playing the game. There are 10 cards in this pack, so it's best to play with small groups.

Valentines Day bingo for kids


Lego Heart

No need to run to the store to buy crafting supplies. Grab your child's Lego stash instead. Then, follow the super simple instructions to build Lego hearts in a variety of colors. See if your kids can come up with heart designs of their own, or perhaps even flowers. 

Valentines activity - build a lego heart


Valentine Monster Letter Recognition

Pre-readers who are working on learning the alphabet will enjoy this adorable monster-themed letter recognition activity. Work on capital letters, lowercase letters, or combine the two. Laminate them to make them sturdier; the kids will play with them repeatedly!

Valentines letter recognition activity for kids


Heart Pattern Block Challenge

Steamsational's idea of using tangrams or Geometiles to make pattern block hearts is brilliant. See how many versions the kids can come up with using the various shapes. It's more challenging than it sounds, and even older kids can get in on the fun by making 3D structures instead of 2D ones. 

Valentines heart activity for kids


Printable Valentine's Day Bookmarks

You don't want to miss these printable Valentine's Day bookmarks from The Gingerbread House. Each has a funny (or punny) Valentine's Day message that's sure to bring about a smile or two. The best part is coloring them in. Not only are these bookmarks cute and fun, but they serve a practical purpose in saving your spot in your favourite February reads.

Printable Valentines day bookmarks


Heart Letter Matching

Match capital letters to lowercase letters with this simple heart letter matching activity from Our Family Code. This activity is as simple as printing, cutting, and mixing up the cards for your child to play with.

Heart letter matching activity for kids


Layered Liquids Experiment

Study density in a hands-on way with this Valentine's Day themed layered liquids experiment from 123 Homeschool 4 Me. The liquids separate into layers based on their density, creating an eye-catching display in your glass or jar. 

Layered liquids experiment - Valentines science activity


Valentine's Day Printables Pack

Parents and teachers will love this huge Valentine's Day printables pack from Fun with Mama. It includes loads of interesting activities like puzzle cards, sequencing activities, matching, counting, and more. You'll have enough activities to keep the children busy all February.

Valentines Day printable packs for kids


Valentine's Worksheets for Kids

Color, work your way through the maze, find words, play I Spy and more with these adorable Valentine's Day worksheets from This Worthey Life. There are some charming colouring pages in this pack, too.

Valentines Day printable activities for kids


Conversation Starter Hearts

Printable conversation starter hearts are a terrific way to break the ice for children in groups, particularly for those children who are unsure of how to start a conversation. You can use this printable from Arts Crackers in the classroom or in a playgroup setting. You can even use lots of them around the dinner table to get the conversation going with the kids.

Conversation starter hearts - Valentines activity for kids


Heart Tree Valentine's Day Coding

This cool heart tree directed drawing activity from Our Family Code teaches kids how to draw a Valentine's Day tree from an algorithm. Unlike some coding activities, this is a screen-free project kids can do together in groups or with siblings. 

Heart tree directed drawing activity for Valentines Day


Valentine Building Letters Activity

Your preschooler can work on letter recognition, letter formation, and fine motor skills with this fun valentine letter building activity from ABCs of Literacy. Each card asks kids to build the letters using popsicle sticks. You may need to cut some in half (or find miniature ones to form letters like B, P, R, etc.).

Valentine letter activity for kids


Valentines Alphabet Clip Strips

Set up this literacy activity for your preschool or kindergartener using the valentines alphabet clip strips and some clothespins. The activity helps children learn to recognise uppercase and lowercase letters and build fine motor strength.

Valentines alphabet activity for kids


Fizzy Love Potion

It isn't Valentine's Day without a fun and fizzy love potion. This baking soda and vinegar experiment is an engaging activity for the month of February and is a fun way to introduce or continue learning about acid-base reactions.

Fizzy love potion - Valentines science activity for kids


Valentine Puppies Roll and Cover Game

Kids will squeal with delight at the adorableness of this Valentine's puppies roll and cover game by Simple Fun for Kids. You'll need the printable, dice, and some heart-shaped manipulatives. This fun game teaches kids how to play with dice. If they're working with a sibling or classmate, they'll also work on concepts like taking turns and competitive play.

Valentines Day roll and cover game


Play Dough Love Bug

We love playdough activities here at Messy Little Monster, so this play dough love bug by Picklebums really caught our eyes. Download the printable wings and antennae, and add them to a creation tray along with cut-up straws, googly eyes, and other loose parts. You'll be surprised at the adorable love bug designs the kids can come up with. 

Play dough love bug - valentines activity for kids


Conversation Heart Sorting

Practice sorting while you're nibbling on Valentine's Day candy. This conversation heart sorting activity by A Little Pinch of Perfect is so simple to set up. While your toddler or preschooler can just grab the candies with their fingers, adding large tweezers helps in developing those hand muscles and refining fine motor skills. 

Conversation heart sorting activity for preschoolers


Valentine's Day Mad Libs

Mad Libs are such fun! Use this printable Mad Libs for Valentine's Day by Mama Smiles to work on adjectives, nouns, and verbs. It's always fun to read the silly stories you've created out loud.

Valentines Day learning activity for kids - adjectives, nouns, verbs


Valentine's Find and Color

Use this Valentine's find and color activity from Picklebums as an engaging quiet time activity for kids of all ages. It's a little like I-Spy, but it's more fun since kids get to colour all the items they find with crayons or markers.

Valentines find and colour activity


Balloon Valentine's Day Experiment

Pair balloons and science together, and you'll have a great time. This balloon Valentine's Day experiment from 123 Homeschool 4 Me is a definite winner with kids. They'll love watching the balloons expand because of the chemical reaction.  

Balloon Valentines Day science experiment for kids

We hope you've enjoyed this list of Valentine's activities for kids. Let us know which Valentine's Day activity ideas you plan to try.

Fun Valentines activities for kids. Valentine's Dy activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

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