Rainforest Diorama Box Craft

Get creative and make your own rainforest diorama box using just a few craft supplies.  To create a simple diorama for kids all you need is a small postal box, markers and some rocks! Thats it! Kids will love getting creative and using their imagination with this fun open-ended rainforest craft. 

Rainforest diorama box


If your child loves jungle animals use their interest to have fun making this rainforest craft. Not only will they be able to create a mini rainforest in a box, but they will also be able to create some jungle animals to go inside it!

What is a diorama?

Before we go any further, you might be wondering what a diorama is? A diorama is simply a 3D model that represents a scene. This can be a miniature scene (as in today's mini world craft) or it can be a large-scale scene (like something you might see in a museum).

A diorama can be used to represent a habitat or a moment in time. It can include people, animals and objects that are arranged against a backdrop. 

Making a diorama 

Making a diorama is a great way of encouraging children to think about different scenes or habitats.  The rainforest is a great starting point as kids will love all the colourful plants and animals that could be included in their diorama craft, but you could create a diorama box for so many different scenes or habitats. How much fun would it be to create an ocean diorama or maybe a desert diorama?!

You could spend time with your child researching the scene or habitat that you are creating, or you could let your child's imagination run away with them and let them create their own habitat or scene (real or imaginary!) Hey, you could even create a mini world based on space, fairyland or even a made-up world like candy land! 

There is no right or wrong way to make a diorama craft, simply decide on a theme and then have fun creating your own little world. 

Diorama craft for kids

Diorama Box

Before you get started on making your diorama craft you will need to think about the type of box that you would like to use. You could make a shoebox diorama, or you could use a postal box as we have in the directions below. 

Whilst shoe boxes work brilliantly to create dioramas, on this occasion we have chosen to use a smaller postal box to make our diorama so that we could keep this rainforest craft really simple. Shoebox dioramas have more depth, so they are better if you want to add lots of objects to your diorama or if you want to have things hanging from the top of the box.

By using a small postal box we have created a quick and easy rainforest craft that is perfect for encouraging both creativity and imaginative play. 

If you decide to make a shoebox diorama you will need to adapt the directions below slightly as you will have room in your box to add more objects. (If you have any spare boxes check out our cardboard box crafts)

Diorama rainforest craft for kids

Kids love animals so the rainforest is sure to be a popular theme! If you want to try out more rainforest crafts check out the ideas below:

how to make a diorama box

Rainforest Diorama Box 

Rainforest Diorama - Supplies

  • Postal box 
  • Markers
  • Rocks
  • Acrylic Paint Markers

rainforest diorama box supplies

How to Make a Diorama

STEP 1: Draw a rainforest scene in your box

Take your postal box and a selection of markers and draw a rainforest backdrop inside your box. You can use your imagination or search for images of rainforests to use as inspiration. Included trees, flowers, plants, water, grass, vines, rocks etc.

Rainforest diorama for kids

STEP 2: Create rock animals for your rainforest

Now it is time to add some animals to your rainforest. To create each of the animals take a white rock and use acrylic paint pens to draw on the animals. You could use a few of the how-to-draw an animal printables from the Messy little Monster shop, search books or the internet for images to copy, or use your imagination. Make as many or as few rock animals as you like! 

Rainforest animal rock painting for diorama craft

STEP 3: Put your rainforest diorama box together 

Now you have your rainforest backdrop and animal rocks it is time to put your diorama box together. Simply stand up your box and add the rock animals to it. 

Rainforest diorama

Your rainforest diorama box is now complete. You can either find a spot to display your diorama craft or have fun using your imagination to play with your mini world.

Rainforest diorama box craft for kids

How to build a diorama craft for kids

Diorama Ideas

If you are looking for more diorama ideas for school projects or just for fun at home take a look at our list of diorama ideas below:

  • Ocean habitat 
  • Pond diorama
  • Polar habitat
  • Desert scene 
  • Diorama jungle 
  • Coral reef habitat box
  • Space diorama  
  • House or garden diorama 
  • A city scene
  • Dinosaur diorama 
  • Woodland diorama
  • A scene from a book
  • A scene from a video game
  • A scene from a moment in history
  • Winter scene
  • Summer scene
  • Spring scene 
  • Autumn scene
  • Imaginative diorama - e.g. Candyland, fairyland etc
  • Solar system diorama
  • Pirate scene 
  • Circus diorama
  • Farm diorama box

These are just a few diorama box suggestions, I'm sure you can think of more! If you make your own diorama please share a photograph with us, we would love to see what you create.

Rainforest diorama box. Diorama for kids.

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