Easy Science Experiments for Kids

You are going to love these easy science experiments for kids! Children were born to be scientists and many of them have been experimenting in daily life from a young age. Kids are naturally curious, and these easy science projects are perfect for them. Here are a few of our favourite easy science experiments that your kids are going to love. These cool science experiments are easy to do and fun for all ages from toddlers and preschoolers upwards.

easy science experiments for kids

Below we have put together a collection of some of the best and easiest science experiments for kids that we have found around the web. These science experiments are great for kids of all ages.

See some of our easy science experiments for kids in action:

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Share the love of science with your kids with these fun science experiments. Just click on the links below for full instructions.

You might also like to check out our list of baking soda and vinegar experiments.

Fizzy Eggs Experiment

Do you have any plastic Easter eggs lying around? If you do use them to set up a fizzy egg experiment. Kids will be amazed at the Baking Soda and Vinegar Reaction taking place as colours almost magically appear from the plastic eggs !

baking soda and vinegar easy science experiment for kids

Baking Soda Experiment

Here is another baking soda experiment. This time we used heart shapes and created fizzy frozen hearts. This is a great science experiment to do with children around Valentine's Day.

Fizzy frozen heart baking soda science experiment for kids

Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Visualise the process of rain falling from the clouds with this Cloud in a Jar science experiment. This fun experiment uses supplies you are likely to already have so you can get started on this one straight away.

rain cloud in a jar easy science experiment for kids

Crystal Science Experiment

Making your own crystals will definitely provide the wow factor. This Crystal Science Experiment is easier than you would think and great for older children.

growing crystals easy science experiment for kids

Blooming Paper Flowers Science experiment

This is a fun one! Kids will be left wondering how the flowers magically open up after doing this fun flower craft and science experiment. You won't be able to stop at making just one for these Magic Blooming Paper Flowers!

magic blooming flowers science experiment

Paper Towel Art Experiment

Here is another science experiment that seems like magic to young children. Magic Paper Towel Art can be taken in so many different directions. Kids big and small seem to love this one.

Magic paper towel art science experiment for kids

Coloured Sugar Cubes STEM activity

Using droppers to make coloured sugar cubes and then using them to make structures is not only fun, but also a great STEM activity for kids. It's also a great project for experimenting with colour mixing.

coloured sugar easy science experiment for kids

Growing Cress Heads Experiment

Do you remember growing cress heads as a child. This is one of the classic science experiments that all kids seem to love. It is a great introduction to learning about plants and growing.

growing cress easy science experiment for kids

Fizzy Dinosaur Egg Science Experiment

Little scientists will love these Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs. They will be learning without realising it as they have fun hatching toy dinosaurs from their eggs using a vinegar mixture. 

fizzy dinosaur eggs science experiment for kids

Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Kids will love this bubbling Lava Lamp Experiment. It is easy to set up and the perfect science experiment for preschoolers upwards. 

Lava lamp science experiment for kids

Magic Potion Science Experiment

Have fun mixing up your own Magic Potions for Kids with this fun hands on science experiment. Young children will love watching the potions bubble up as they mix baking soda and vinegar. 

magic science experiment for kids

Popcorn Science Experiment

Children of all ages will love this popcorn science experiment that involves investigating different ways of popping popcorn as well as exploring the taste and texture of each variety. 

popcorn science experiment for kids

Melting Candy Cane Science Experiment

Here is another fun edible science experiment and this one is perfect for Christmas time. With this melting candy cane experiment you can have fun melting candy canes and try creating some new fun shapes. 

melting candy cane science experiment for kids

Dissolving Candy Cane Science Experiment

Save a few candy canes for this dissolving candy cane science experiment. Which liquid do you think will dissolve the candy canes the fastest?

dissolving candy cane science experiment for kids.

Christmas Science Experiment

This Christmas science experiment is lots of fun. Kids of all ages from toddlers and preschoolers upwards will love making and decorating their own fizzy Christmas tree. It is so much fun to see the decorations moving about as the tree starts to fizz. 

Christmas science experiment for kids

Pumpkin Volcano Science Experiment

Here is a great science experiment for autumn time or Halloween. Use any leftover pumpkins to create a pumpkin volcano! Kids will love watching their pumpkins erupt. Have fun experimenting with creating different colored volcanos. 

Pumpkin volcano science experiment for kids

Bubbling Brew Science Experiment

Another fun one for Halloween is this bubbling brew science experiment. Kids will love having fun making their own potions and spells. We even have a printable potion worksheet to go with this science experiment to really get young children's imaginations going. 

Bubbling brew science experiment

Germ Science Experiment

Teach young children about the importance of washing their hands with this simple germ experiment. Kids love it as it is a quick and easy experiment and it helps to teach children an important message about handwashing. 

Germ science experiment for kids

More Easy Science Projects for Kids

There are so many fun and easy science experiments for kids to try. Keep scrolling down for more ideas!

science experiments for kids

Colour Changing Flowers

This color changing flowers science experiment is so much fun! Your kids will love watching the flower petals change colour and learning about how plants drink water at the same time! Once you have finished this science experiment you can either display your rainbow flowers or use them for sensory play!

colour changing flowers science experiment for kids

DIY Solar Oven

Go find an old cardboard box in your house and learn how to make your own DIY solar oven out of it! This is such a cool science experiment for kids to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. Use it to make a yummy treat or even to melt crayons!

DIY solar over science experiment for kids

Grass Heads

Learn about growing by planting your own seeds! Go all out and make a grass head doll! Children love growing and nurturing their own plants and they learn so much from doing it.

Cress head for kids - easy science experiment

Baking Soda Magic Potion

Is it magic or is it science!?! Young children will love this cool science experiment. They can create their own fizzing magic potion using just a couple of household ingredients. This baking soda science experiment is the perfect science experiment for preschoolers and older kids alike!

Baking soda magic potion science experiment for kids

cool science experiments for kids

Walking on Eggs

Do you want to know how strong eggs really can be? In this walking on eggs experiment, you’ll find out just how strong an egg is! Kids will love the idea of testing whether they can really stand on eggs without cracking them.

Walking on eggs science experiment for kids

Exploding Watermelons

How many rubber bands does it take to explode a watermelon? Grab a watermelon and some rubber bands and find out, just make sure that this exploding watermelons science experiment is done outside as it's sure to make a mess!

Exploding watermelons science experiment for kids

Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment

This magic science experiment is fascinating to watch and will teach kids about what happens when you mix primary colours. The walking water experiment is easy to set up and you don't have long to wait to see the results. 

Walking water science experiment for kids

Floating Boats 

If you want an easy science experiment for toddlers and preschoolers get the water tray out and make some boats! Kids love water and they will have loads of fun making and testing which boats float and which sink.  Either grab a bag of peeps and create peep boats or make some foil boats to see if they will float or sink!

Floating boats - science activities for kids

Floating boat science experiment for kids

simple science experiments

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment

In this experiment, your kids will use a balloon to make the wings of a butterfly move up and down! This easy science experiment is perfect for all the crafty kids out there! They can design their own tissue paper butterfly before using a balloon to make their static electricity butterfly move it's wings.

static electricity science experiment for kids

Rainbow Baking Soda Experiment

This messy rainbow baking soda experiment is the perfect mix between science and messy play! Kids will love exploding their rainbow colours again and again. It is such a fun science experiment!

Rainbow baking soda science experiment for kids

Balancing Robot

Explore and the centre of gravity using this fun balancing robot science experiment! There is even a free printable included to make it extra easy for you to set up.

Balancing robot science for kids

Exploding Baggies

This is an easy science experiment that will definitely put a smile on your kid's faces. Make a vinegar and baking soda explosion and watch as the bag explodes!

Exploding baggies science experiment for kids

simple science experiments for kids

Rainbow Skittles

If you have any Skittles left over after a party, Halloween or any other occasion use a few to have a go at the skittle science experiment. Dissolve skittles to create a beautiful rainbow. This is both a fun and easy science experiment for kids that even toddler and preschoolers can enjoy. 

rainbow skittles science experiment for kids

Testing Soil 

Learn about the depth of soil and what it’s made of in this soil testing experiment. This is the perfect activity for outdoor kids.

testing soils - soil observation science activity for kids

Snow Volcano

If you have snow you have to make a snow volcano. This is such a cool science experiment for kids. Build a volcano in the snow and watch as it erupts! Mix it up a little by making rainbow coloured volcanoes.

snow volcano science experiment for kids

DIY Stethoscope

Make your own stethoscope and learn about doctors with this fun activity! This would be great fun to make and use in pretend play.

DIY stethoscope science activity for kids

easy science experiments

Magic Milk Fireworks

Watch the colours swirl and explode in this fun magic milk science experiment! This is an easy science experiment that you can do using just a few supplies that you will already have in your kitchen.

magic milk fireworks science experiment for kids

Lollipop Lab

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put lollipops in water? In this experiment, you can dissolve lollipops to find out! If you have any lollipops in the house this is a perfect use for them.

dissolving lollipops science experiment for kids

Playground Science 

It doesn't get any easier then this. Take the kids to a playground with a slide to learn about gravity and friction. Playground science is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to explore physics using everyday objects. 

playground science for kids

How to grow crystals

Learn how to grow your own crystals with this fun science experiment! Kids will be amazed as they see their own crystals grow overnight. We love these pipecleaner crystals shaped like real crystals.

How to grow crystals science activity for kids

Easy science experiments for kids

Which of these fun and easy science experiments for kids do you think you’ll try first? There are so many cool science experiments for kids to try, I want to do them all!

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