30+ Fun & Easy Superhero Crafts for Kids

You are going to love this collection of superhero crafts for kids! Superheroes are always popular with kids. They're tough, they protect people, and they have cool capes! But now, it's time to unleash your inner superhero. And the best part is that you don't need any special superpowers or a fancy costume. All you need are some simple craft supplies and eager kids who want to have fun. 

Superhero crafts for kids


We've gathered a list of amazing superhero crafts for kids that will make your little one feel like they can do anything—because they can! 

If you are looking for a way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day or just have something fun and creative for your child's superhero birthday party, look no further than these easy-to-make superhero craft ideas.

You might also want to check out our Superhero Printables from the Messy Little Monster Shop. 

Easy Superhero Crafts for Kids

If you've been around a while, you know that we have loads of superhero craft ideas right here at Messy Little Monster. From easy-to-make superhero masks to superhero bookmarks and handprint super heroes, you'll find lots of projects to make with your little crusaders.

superhero crafts

Printable Superhero Mask Templates

Have an amazing adventure during playtime with our printable superhero mask templates. The masks are non-specific, so the kids can name themselves any superhero name they dream up. If you need a little name inspiration, this superhero name generator is lots of fun to use!

Superhero mask craft for preschoolers


Bookmark Superhero Craft

Save the pages in your favourite superhero books with these adorable superhero bookmarks featuring The Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. All you need are our templates, some popsicle sticks, scissors, and glue, and you're all set. It couldn't be easier!

Bookmark superhero craft for kids


Superhero Painted Rocks

How will you use these superhero painted rocks? They make terrific paperweights for Dad to use at the office. You could also add them to the garden for a little hero flair as you have your adventures outdoors. Of course, they will look cute in a superhero bedroom, too!

Superhero painted rocks - superhero crafts for kids


Incredibles Handprint Superhero Craft

We absolutely loved watching The Incredibles, and this Incredibles handprint craft is the perfect project to make after watching the films. Kids use their handprints to make the characters—one handprint for the face and hair, the other handprint for the body. They're easier to make than you think and would make the cutest cards or room decor.

Incredibles handprint superhero craft for preschoolers


Handprint Batman Craft

Preserve your little hero's handprints with this cute Batman handprint craft. Turn this into a card for Dad or a nice little canvas to hang on the wall of your child's bedroom or nursery.

Handprint batman craft - Superhero crafts for kids


Batman Cork Figure Craft

Continuing with our Batman craze, we made this charming little Batman craft in no time. It makes an excellent and inexpensive toy for small-world play. If you have lots of wine corks saved, they'd be excellent as party favours at a Batman-themed party.

Batman superhero craft for kids


Hulk Handprint

Our Hulk handprint craft is so much fun to make! We drew his angry face to make him look like he's hulking out. Young children may need help drawing the face, but older kids can make their own fun expressions for him.

Hulk handprint - Superhero crafts for kids

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Handprints

You can't forget the heroes in a half-shell! It's hard to believe that these characters are still popular after all these years, but we're glad they are. Easily personalise your TMNT handprint craft to make Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello by changing out their eye mask color. 

Teenage mutant ninja turtle handprint craft


Spider-Man Handprints

Are your spidey senses tingling? If so, make this cute Spider-Man handprint craft to work off that creative energy. This handprint craft will look fantastic on a canvas for the wall or cardstock to send to friends and family.

Spiderman handprint - Superhero crafts for kids


Bat Plane - Batman Craft

We all know Batman has the coolest forms of transportation. Make your own super-cool superhero Bat plane batman craft out of cardboard and an empty toilet roll tube! Little ones may need help tracing the bat pattern and cutting, but they can paint it all by themselves. Of course, they'll spend lots of time playing with it!

Bat plane batman craft for kids


Superhero Mask Craft

Go on your own superhero adventures with these cute superhero masks. We have printable templates for both Captain America and Spider-Man. These masks make fun photo props for a superhero party, too.

Superhero mask craft - Superhero crafts for kids


Superhero Puppets

Set your kids up with hours of pretend play with these adorable and easy-to-make superhero puppets. Make Batman, Iron Man, The Flash, Captain America, and Superman. Kids can play with them as you read them their favourite superhero books or while watching superhero cartoons. 

Superhero puppets - Superhero crafts for kids


Handprint Superhero Coasters

If you know someone who's a HUGE fan of superheroes and your kids, these superhero handprint coasters are an incredible DIY gift idea. Make them for Dad, Grandpa, teachers, neighbours, and friends. After all, we could all use a few extra coasters. You can never seem to find one when you need one!

handprint superhero coaster craft - Superhero crafts for kids


Superhero Card for Dad

It doesn't have to be Father's Day for you to give this adorable superhero card to Dad. Use our free printable template to place the footprint on along with a picture of Dad or a crafty face that looks like Dad. This card will work for Dad's birthday, too.

Superhero card for dad - Superhero crafts for kids to make


Mix and Match Superhero Craft

Kids will love turning themselves into their favourite superheroes with this fun mix and match superhero template that's as simple as colour, cut, and paste. Kids can use their own faces or the ones provided to make Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, or one of the Incredibles.

mix and match superhero paper craft for kids


Split-Pin Spider-Man

Make a papercraft with movable parts! This split-pin Spider-Man has movable legs, arms, and a movable head. This is a great superhero craft for kids of all ages. Little ones can do the painting while an adult helps draw the spiderweb pattern and features, but older kids can do it all by themselves.

split pin superhero craft for kids - spiderman




Fun Superhero Arts and Crafts

superhero arts and crafts for kids

Here are even more superhero craft ideas for you to browse through! 

Captain America Paper Plate Shield

Little ones can practice their cutting skills with this Captain America Paper Plate Shield by Non-Toy Gifts. Place squares of tissue paper in concentric circles on a paper plate to make this patriotic shield. Of course, it's not complete without a star in the middle!

Captain America paper plate shield - superhero crafts for kids


Superhero Cuffs

Using empty toilet paper rolls is certainly a frugal way to craft. Turn those cardboard tubes into something fun, like these superhero cuffs from Kids Activities Blog. If you provide pre-painted cardboard tubes, stars, bats, and other emblems, they will make a great superhero party craft for the kids to put together in just a few minutes.

superhero cuffs - easy superhero crafts for preschoolers


Iron Man Toilet Roll Craft

Speaking of toilet roll crafts, any Tony Stark fan will love this super simple Iron Man Toilet Roll Craft from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops. Using coloured paper makes the craft easy and quick, but you could also paint the tube instead.

Cardboard tube Ironman craft - superhero crafts for kids


Paper Plate Batman Craft

The kids will get such a kick out of this paper plate Batman craft from Non-Toy Gifts! The bat flies around Gotham City by moving the popsicle stick inside the slot on the paper plate.

Paper plate Batman craft - Superhero crafts for kids


Iron Man Gloves Craft

Help your kiddo make some awesome DIY Iron Man gloves for less than $5 for the pair! You'll need supplies from your local Dollar Tree or dollar store to make this craft from Simplistically Living—a push light, batteries, red gloves, and some adhesive. Once the adhesive dries, these gloves are ready for playtime. 

Iron man gloves craft - superhero crafts for preschoolers


Superhero Blocks

Do you have a Jenga game that you no longer use? Turn some of those blocks into fun superhero blocks by Organised 31 to decorate your child's room. The kids can help with the painting, but you may need to assist in drawing the superhero emblems. 

superhero blocks - superhero crafts for kids


Superhero Goggles Craft

Recycle some egg cartons to make these silly superhero goggles from Our Kid Things. You could also use them to pretend to be an old-fashioned aviator. There are so many ways to play with them!

Egg carton superhero googles craft for kids


Cardboard Tube Superman Craft

Print the template, grab an empty toilet paper tube, and you'll make this cardboard tube Superman from Crafts by Amanda faster than a speeding bullet. 

Cardboard tube superman craft for kids


Cardboard Tube Batman

Crafts by Amanda also has an easy-to-use template to make a cardboard tube Batman craft in no time flat. Won't the kids have so much fun playing with it?

Cardboard tube batman craft for kids


Paper Bag Batman Craft

Paint a paper bag to look like your favourite caped crusader. This Paper Bag Batman Craft by Non-Toy Gifts would also make terrific favour bags for a Batman-themed birthday party.

Paper bag batman craft - Superhero arts and crafts for kids


Super Teacher Gift

Want to thank your favourite teacher at the end of the year? This super teacher gift from Artsy Momma is such a cute option! Besides, who couldn't use a little sugary pick-me-up after teaching all day?

Super teacher gift - Superhero crafts for kids to make


Superhero Straw Shooters

These superhero straw shooters from Team Cartwright are a fun craft and STEM activity in one. Once you're finished making them, see which kid superhero can blow their figure the farthest. The kids will have lots of contests with these straw shooters.

superhero straw shooters - superhero craft ideas


Superhero Grass Pots

Add some easy decor to a superhero-themed room with these superhero grass pots from Non-Toy Gifts. Just paint your favourite character on the front, plant some grasses in the soil, and you'll have a lovely plant for your room in no time.

Superhero clay pot craft - Superhero arts and crafts


Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark 

When Thor no longer had his trusty hammer, he turned to his newly-made axe, Stormbreaker. If your kids are fans of Thor and the Avengers, they'll enjoy making and using this Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark by Kids Activities Blog. The yarn wrapped around the craft stick makes this look like the real thing!

Thor stormbreaker axe bookmark - Superhero crafts for kids


Hulk Bags

Enjoy a movie night at home with lots of buttery popcorn inside these Hulk Bags by Crafts by Amanda. Use a green bag, the template for the face, and a black Sharpie for the hair, and you're done. 

Hulk bags - Superhero crafts for kids

We hope you've enjoyed these superhero crafts for kids. From cool superhero handprint crafts to a DIY Captain America shield, we have something on this list of superhero craft ideas that will get your little one excited about their own inner superheroes! 

Superhero craft ideas for kids. Superhero craft preschool.

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