Split Pin Spiderman Craft for Kids

This Split pin Spiderman craft is a perfect activity for any little superhero fan. It would make a perfect Father's day card or gift for an extra special 'superhero'. 

Split pin spiderman craft idea for kids

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Split Pin Spiderman Craft

Split-pin Spiderman Craft - Supplies:

  • Thickish card (we used a piece of card from our recycling bin!)
  • Spilt pins
  • Paint
  • Black marker pen

How to make a split-pin Spiderman Craft

  1. Cut out a head, arms, legs and body from card.  
  2. Make small holes where you want the split pins to go. 
  3. Paint the card in blue and red. 
  4. Draw on the spiders webs using a marker pen.
  5. Put spiderman together using the split pins. 

Split pin spiderman activity idea for kids

I drew pencil lines on the arms and legs so Harry knew where to paint each colour.  He painted the red first......

How to make a split pin spiderman.  Kids craft idea.

....and then the blue. 

Spiderman craft activity ideas for kids.

When the paint was dry I painted on some white eyes and used a black marker pen to draw on the spider's web.  Using the split pins I put Spiderman together.

Spiderman activity for kids. Toddler or preschooler superhero craft idea.

We made this Spiderman as a little Father's Day gift so I wrote a message from Harry on the back, 'To Daddy, You are my SUPERHERO, love Harry'. 

Spiderman activity for fathers day . Toddler or preschooler superhero craft idea.

Harry: Age 2

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