Printable Superhero Father's Day Card to make for Superdad

Use our free printable superhero Father's Day card template to help your child make the perfect handmade footprint card for their superdad this Father's Day! Whilst this superhero craft can be made by kids of any age this superhero dad card would make a perfect first fathers day card as it contains a precious footprint as well as the words 'You are my favourite Superhero'. Tiny baby footprints make this card adorable, but it would work well as a toddler or preschoolers Father's Day craft too. I love the addition of a photograph of dad!

Free printable Superhero Father's Day card template. Make a superhero dad card as a first fathers day card with baby or as a toddler or preschoolers fathers day craft for a superdad.

Does your child have a real life superhero as a dad? If they do this printable superhero card is a perfect craft to make for Father's Day. Baby and toddler footprints will look so cute on this superhero keepsake card and older preschoolers can add details to turn their footprint into superdad by themselves. If you don't want to make a superhero from footprints you could colour one of our superhero colouring pages instead. 

We also have a set of superhero handprint coasters that would make a perfect handmade Father's day gift to go alongside the superhero dad card. 

If your toddler or preschooler is a real superhero fan we have a few more superhero crafts that they might enjoy. They might enjoy making some superhero puppets or browsing our collection of superhero crafts


(There is a link to download the footprint superhero template for FREE at the very bottom of the page. There is also an option to purchase a whole set of Father's Day card printables)

To make this superhero Father's Day Card you will need:

  • Printable Superhero card template (scroll down to get it)
  • Paint or ink
  • Photo of dad (optional)
  • Coloured cardstock (optional)
  • Superhero logos (optional - get them here
  • Pens

Printable superhero fathers day card craft for kids to make dad

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Superhero Father's Day Card

STEP 1 : Download the superhero card template

You will need to download and print out the superhero Father's Day card template using the link at the bottom of the page.

We have a few versions of the printable Superhero Father's day card. There is a card that says 'Daddy you are my favourite superhero' and a card that says 'Dad you are my favourite superhero'. We also have a version that simply says 'you are my favourite superhero' so that it can be given to anybody for any occassion. We have included the UK spelling of favourite on the cards as well as the US version, favorite. 

If you want the superhero badges that we used you can download them using the link on our superhero puppet craft

Step 2 : Make a footprint

Make sure that you have all your supplies ready before you start to take footprints from your baby, toddler or preschooler. You can use ink or paint to make your prints. I tend to prefer ink as it is a bit less messy!

footprint superhero craft with free printable

For babies lay your baby flat and gently press their foot into the ink or paint and then onto the paper. Make sure you press each of their toes down so you are left with a good print. I like to have a packet of baby wipes handy so I can clean their little feet straight away before they start wriggling about and getting paint or ink everywhere! 

For toddlers or preschoolers you can either make the footprints by sitting on the floor and dipping your child's feet into paint and then onto the paper or you can ask them to stand in paint and then onto the printable. Some young children love having their feet actually painted too!

STEP 3 : Turn the footprint into Superdad!

This is the fun part! You can turn your child's footprint into a superhero anyway you choose. Adding a photograph of dad's head to the heel of the footprint is definitley a fun way of turning the footprint into superdad. I find this version with my husbands head stuck to it far more funny than I should, (he is a real superdad though!)

For this superhero card idea we simply stuck a photograph of dad onto the footprint, added a superhero logo and drew on a red superhero cape using a red sharpie. You can get the printable superhero labels using the link in our superhero puppet craft

footprint superhero craft with free printable - Fathers day craft for kids

Another idea that makes an equally cute Father's Day craft is to draw a face that looks like dad onto cardstock. For babies and younger toddlers an adult may have to do this step but having a preschooler draw dad's face would make this Father's Day card even more personal. 

We cute a circle out of flesh coloured cardstock and then added hair eyes and a mouth.  If you can match the skin and hair colour to dad's it will make this card really special. We decided to add an eye mask too! Then either draw on a superhero cape or cut a triangle out of red cardstock and glue it on. 

We added a logo to this superhero footprint craft too as I think it really makes the footprint craft look like superdad!

Superhero dad footprint card. A handmade first fathers day card from a baby or toddler

These adorable handmade superhero Father's day cards were made using baby Oliver's footprints. Here he is at 3 months old showing off our artwork that he has ready to give to his superdad on Father's Day. 

superdad fathers day card craft made by kids

This superhero dad card is a perfect handmade Father's Day craft for babies, toddlers or preschoolers to make for dad this Father's Day. The superhero footprints are so easy to make with the kids, especially using the free printable template, but they make an adorable keepsake for Dad to treasure. 

Printable footprint Superhero Father's Day Card for kids to make


This superhero card is one of our collection of 6 printable Father's Day cards that are ready for you to download, print out and personalise with handprints, footprints or pictures. Each of the designs come as a card (half page A5 size) and as a poster (full page A4 size.)

There is a small charge of $2 for this set of cards. Alternatively scroll down for a FREE copy of the A4 sized superhero template.

Included in the printable Father's Day card set are 6 different designs:

Daddy you are my favourite superhero - Draw a superhero picture or make one from handprints or footprints

Best dad ever, hands down - Just add handprints

The worlds best daddy belongs to me - Draw a picture of Daddy or add a photo

I love you to the moon and back
- Add a footprint rocket!

Walk with me daddy
- Add footprints on top of the poem

I want to follow in your footsteps - Add a footprint

To download this set of Father's Day printable cards add $2 and click on the 'I want this' box below. It may take a moment for the page to load so please be patient.

For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. When sharing this printable please link directly to this blog post and not to the PDF. Thank you.

Get the pack of printable Father's Day cards


If you would like the A4 version of the superhero template it is FREE for subscribers to download using the link below. Just add $0 in the box and click on the I want this button. If you have not already subscribed to our email list you will need to enter your email address and will be added to our list. If you are already a subscriber you will still need to enter your email address to download the printable.

If you would prefer the set with the smaller A5 sized card use the link above to buy our set of Father's Day card printables.

For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. When sharing this printable please link directly to this blog post and not to the PDF. Thank you.

Free printable Superhero Father's Day card template. Make a superhero dad card as a first fathers day card with baby or as a toddler or preschoolers fathers day craft for a superdad.

We hope that you enjoy making this printable superhero Father's Day card with the kids. If you want to make a handmade Father's Day gift to go with your superhero dad card take a look at our handmade gifts kids can make or alternatively try making a set of superhero handprint coasters. We will be having more handmade gift ideas that your child can make for their superdad coming soon! 

If you have a toddler or preschooler that loves superheroes don't forget to check out our collection of superhero craft and activity ideas.

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