Hulk Handprint

Help your child turn their handprints into Hulk! Superhero fans will love this simple craft which would look great framed, on a Fathers day card or made into a gift (like our superhero coasters).

Hulk handprint instructions.  Superhero craft for kids.
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How to make a Hulk handprint

  1. Paint most of your child's hand with green paint, but paint 2 or 3 fingers purple.  (You might want to just paint 2 fingers as these are for Hulk's legs, I initially did 3 as I like to have a complete handprint, but then I decided to cut one off.)
  2. Make a handprint and leave to dry.
  3. Add Hulk's eyes and mouth using white paint.
  4. Use a black pen to outline Hulk's face and arms and to add hair and eyebrows.
  5. Outline the eyes and mouth with the black pen and add extra details.

Hulk handprint: superhero craft for kids.  Fathers day card or gift idea for Dad.

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