Mix and Match Superhero Craft (& printable superhero template)

Do you have any mini superheroes at home? Turn your craft superpowers on and amaze your little ones with this adorable Mix and Match Superhero Craft! You won't need any special supplies and it's such an easy papercraft that can be done in a flash and trust me, kids will have so much fun! Download our printable superhero template and your kids will be on their way to superhero-land.

Mix and match superhero craft and printable superhero template

We all love crime-fighting heroes! My kids can't certainly get enough of anything superheroes-themed right now so this craft was perfect for them. I just love the fact you can put photographs of your kids' faces on the superheroes. It's such a cute way to get your kids even more excited for craft time.

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superhero craft

As well as being a fun superhero craft for kids, this superhero papercraft is perfect for upcoming Father's Day! You could even add a cute message saying 'You're my hero'.

Scroll down for full directions for this superhero craft and to grab your free printable superhero template.

Superhero Father's Day craft for kids

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Mix and Match Superhero Craft (& Superhero Template)

Superhero paper craft

Superhero Craft Supplies:

  • Template
  • White cardstock
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Google eyes and photo (optional)

Superhero Papercraft Instructions:

Superhero template

STEP 1: Grab your printable superhero template.

Start by printing out the mix and match superhero template on the white cardstock and make sure you have all the supplies for this craft nearby.

You will find the superhero template by scrolling to the bottom of the page. (It is free using the code superhero)

Printable superhero template

STEP 2: Time to chose!

Now you have to chose which superhero you'd like to start off with. Once you've chosen colour each coordinating piece and cut them out. You can colour them in using markers, crayons or even paint. Make one superhero or the whole set!

printable superheroes template

STEP 3: Attach the gloves and boots.

Now it is time to glue your mix and match superhero together. Start by gluing the gloves to the hands' piece and the boots to the legs' piece.

printable superhero paper craft

STEP 4: Add the face.

Depending on which superhero you've chosen, you might need to add a face. If that's the case, you just need to draw on a nose, smile and add a couple of google eyes. Alternatively you could use a photo for the face (I personally love the photo craft option!).

Printable superhero craft

printable superheroes craft

STEP 5: Putting it together.

Glue the head and the logo to the body piece of your superhero.

Superhero paper craft for kids

STEP 6: Final touches.

As a final step, you just need to glue the arms and legs to the back of the body and you're done!

Spiderman craft and template

batman craft and template

The Incredibles craft and template


For Father's day, you could write the message "You are my HERO" on the body piece and turn this superhero craft to an adorable Father's Day Card!

superman craft and template


To download this mix and match superhero craft template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: Superhero. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable superhero template

I'm sure this craft is going to be a big hit with any superhero loving kiddos! My youngest was thrilled to have his photograph added to his superhero craft.

We hope that you enjoy this mix and match superhero craft as much as we did and that you find the printable superhero template useful. Now the only question left to answer is which superhero papercraft will you be making first!

Mix and match superhero craft for kids with printable superhero template. Spiderman craft, Superman craft, Batman craft & The Incredibles craft.

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