Superhero Rock Painting Ideas

Get your little ones ready to save the day just like their favourite Marvels heroes with this Superhero Rock Painting Craft!

Superhero rock painting for kids


This superhero rock painting craft will capture any kid's imagination while helping little ones connect with nature and work on their fine motor skills!

My kids are massive fans of the Marvel universe and love rock painting (what little one doesn't, right?), so I decided to surprise them and add a fun spin to our traditional rock painting and made it Marvel-themed.

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Superhero rock painting ideas

Superhero Rock Painting

Superhero Rock Painting - Supplies:

  • Rocks
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Pens 
  • Acrylic paint or paint pens
  • Paint brushes
  • Sealant
  • Glue

Superhero Rock Painting - Instructions:

STEP 1: Prep your rocks.

After you have all the rocks you want to use for this craft, make sure to clean them, so they're free of any dirt or oil. This step will ensure your ' design will adhere nicely.

Once they are dry follow the directions below to make your own set of superhero rocks. 

Captain America Rock Painting:

Take a pencil and start drawing a star in the centre of your rock, adding a circle around it and then three small circles equally spaced out. 

Superhero rock painting - Captain America

Now get out your paints or paint pens. Fill in the empty space outside of the last circle with black and the outer circle with a red shade.

Don't paint the circle next to it for now. Go straight to the circle after that and fill it with red.

Superhero rock painting ideas - Captain America

Paint the circle between the two red circles and the star with white paint. Then, taking blue paint, start filling the spaces around the star.

Once dry outline those areas with a black marker or black paint pen. 

Using sealant, seal the rock design you just created to give it a pro finish! 

Captain America Craft - Superhero rock painting

Hawkeye Rock Painting:

Have the rocks ready, then draw a big circle around the outer edge of the rock and add a smaller one inside. 

Then, add the hawkeye symbol right in the centre with a point on one end and an inverted point on the other end.

Hawkeye Craft - Superhero rock painting

Using black paint or a black paint pen, fill in around the outside of the circle. Then paint the first circle with purple paint. 

Superhero rock painting - Hawkeye

Contyinue using your purple paint to fill the hawkeye symbol. 

As a final step, cover the area around the hawkeye symbol with black paint and seal the rock with sealant.

Superhero rock painting ideas - Hawkeye

Spiderman Rock Painting:

After cleaning your rock, start by drawing a spider. Don't stress about it, a rough sketch will do just fine for now; we'll clean it up later. 

Superhero rock painting ideas - Spiderman

Then, outline your drawing with black paint or a black paint pen and colour all the area around it with red paint.

Superhero rock painting  - Spiderman

Taking black paint, fill in the spider's torso. Add a few details to the legs and paint a small antenna. To give it a more realistic look, you can add some little hairs sticking out in the back of the legs.

Complete your Spiderman rock with a layer of sealent. 

Spiderman Craft - Superhero rock painting

Hulk Rock Painting:

After you've prepped your rock, draw a big circle with a pencil, and inside of it, draw a rough outline of a clenched fist. The easiest way to do this is by breaking down each section. 

First, draw an oval-shape in the center of the outlined circle and then manipulate the oval shape to look more like a fist with fingers on one side.

Using your pencil, draw a wavy line at the hand's base to mark the start of the wrist. 

On the pointer finger,  draw a straight line across it to differentiate the thumb on top of it. Then, draw a downward swooping line to create the thumb's underside.

 Use the picture below as a reference!

Hulk Craft - Superhero rock painting

Fill with black paint or a black paint pen any space outside of the central circle. Then paint a green line around the outside of the logo.

Superhero rock painting -  Hulk

Fill the clenched fist with the same green paint and leave it to dry. Remember to leave the spaces you want to outline after empty and come back to outline them with black paint or a black paint pen later. 

Fill in space around the hand with black paint and if you wish add more details around the knuckles. 

Finish your Hulk rock by giving it a layer of sealant. 

Superhero rock painting ideas -  Hulk

And there you have it! Aren't these superhero rocks adorable? Kids will have a field day doing a spot of superhero rock painting. It is the perfect superhero craft for little superhero fans. Enjoy!

Superhero rock painting ideas. Superhero craft for kids.

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