Easy Mix-and-Match Paper Craft Ideas for Kids (with templates)

Paper crafts are a great way to keep your kids entertained, and they don't have to be difficult. We've pulled together a collection of easy paper craft ideas with templates that you can make with your little ones. These mix-and-match paper crafts for kids require very little prep at all—usually just your printer, scissors, glue, and markers. They're perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, but older kids will enjoy them, too. In fact, these simple paper crafts are easy enough that many kids can finish them all by themselves. 

Easy paper craft ideas for kids

Kids will love these easy paper craft ideas, and parents will love how they don't require any expensive crafting supplies! So fire up your favourite printer (or head down to the library), and see what fun things your child can make with only paper!

Mix and Match Paper Craft Ideas

Below you will find our full range of mix-and-match paper craft ideas. Every paper craft comes with a set of printable templates that have various options available to make your chosen paper craft. Follow our directions to make each craft or use the templates to make your own unique mix-and-match craft. Lots of these paper crafts look fantastic with a photograph of a face added (and it gives them a personal touch!)

Mix and match paper crafts for kids


Easy Paper Crafts for Kids - Mix and Match Paper Crafts with Templates

Easy Shape Monster Paper Craft (template included)

Learn about shapes and colours with this fun mix-and-match shape monster paper craft! Kids can add their own faces to the shape monsters or swap out one of the shapes to make a head and embellish it with googly eyes, a nose, a mouth, etc.

Easy shape monster paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas

Easy Superhero Paper Craft (template included)

Superheroes to the rescue! Nothing captures a child's imagination quite like their favourite superhero. Now your kids can add their faces to Batman, Superman, and other favourite heroes using our mix-and-match superhero paper craft printables. Wouldn't these little paper crafts make a cute Father's Day card?

Easy superhero paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Community Helpers Paper Craft (template included)

Put your face on a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor, or a nurse. This community helpers paper craft is a great way to introduce little ones to the helpers in your local community. You could also assemble them, write a thoughtful note on the back, and share them with your local fire department, police department, or hospital.

Easy community helpers paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Llama Paper Craft (template included)

This mix-and-match llama paper craft is a favourite because it allows kids to have fun without having any rules on what they can do creatively. With all the different colours and accessories, your llama will look totally unique! Use this craft idea for a rainy day or a nice quiet time activity when the kids need to calm down.

Easy llama paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Spring Paper Craft Ideas

If you're looking for some fun and easy paper crafts to do with your kids this spring, look no further. We've got a mix of five delightful paper craft projects—perfect for the little ones who love to get crafty.

Easy Leprechaun Paper Craft (template included)

Who doesn't love a leprechaun—especially on St. Patrick's Day?! This mix-and-match printable leprechaun paper craft is the perfect way to let your child create their own personalised green-clad guy by customising everything from his hat to his belt and boots. Not only that, but you have an adorable photo version, too. Doesn't it look sweet?

Easy leprechaun paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Chick Paper Craft (template included)

There are about a dozen different ways to make this adorable mix-and-match paper chick craft your own! You can customise it with photos and create as many little yellow chicks as you want. But who says they have to be yellow? Turn them into sweet little bluebirds if you'd like. Get our free printable template, collect some supplies from around the house (like glue and scissors), and then get creative.

Easy chick paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Bunny Paper Craft (template included)

It's Easter, and you know what that means: time for bunny crafts. This mix-and-match paper bunny craft is a must! Not only can it be customised with your child’s face, but the steps are easy to follow—we've even provided a template, so just print out our file and get started on this adorable project right away. They'll look too cute lined up in your classroom or on your mantle at home.
Easy bunny paper craft with template - mix and match paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Bug Paper Craft (template included)

Insect crafts are perfect for spring and summer, so you should definitely add this mix-and-match bug paper craft to your list for a rainy day. Cute bees, ladybugs, and butterflies become even more adorable when they're paired with your kids' sweet faces.
Easy bug paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Flower Paper Craft (template included)

Get ready for Mother's Day or spring with this cute mix-and-match flower template. Mix and match the different vases, stems, leaves, flowers, and flower centres to make your own unique creations. Our favourite centre, of course, is the adorable photo!

Easy flower paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Autumn Paper Crafts

Fall is in the air, and it's time to get crafty! Here are some easy mix-and-match paper craft ideas that you can make with your little ones for back-to-school season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

All About Me Back to School Paper Craft (template included)

Get ready to rock a new school year by creating a fun keepsake that you'll love looking back on in the years to come. This All About Me craft is perfect for use in the classroom or at home and is super simple to put together. Kids can personalise the figures with their own faces or use one that's provided in the template.

Easy all about me paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Halloween Paper Craft (template included)

If you're looking for a super duper cute Halloween craft to do with your class or kids at home, look no further! This mix-and-match Halloween paper craft is just the ticket. All you need is our printable template, scissors, markers, and a few embellishments. If your kids are looking for something fun, spooky, and easy to do on their own, then they will love it too.

Easy Halloween paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Turkey Paper Craft (template included)

You are going to have a blast with this mix-and-match turkey paper craft. Print out the template, get your little ones' hands working, and listen to the ensuing giggles as they put their own faces on their turkeys. They can mix and match the tail feathers, bodies, feet, and other accessories to create their own individual turkey masterpieces.

Easy Thanksgiving turkey paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Christmas Paper Craft Ideas

Get into the Christmas spirit with these fun and easy paper craft ideas. The printable templates make these easy paper craft projects so simple. They're terrific for a snow day, for those days off during the Christmas holiday, or just to add some festive cheer to your home.

Easy Christmas paper crafts for kids with templates

Easy Santa Paper Craft (template included)

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go for this adorable mix-and-match Santa paper craft? Use only the pieces from the template, or your kids can turn themselves into jolly old St. Nick himself. You can change out the belt, boots, mittens, hat, and even the fluff on the hat. How fun!

Easy Elf Paper Craft (template included)

It'll be a holly, jolly Christmas when you make this adorable mix-and-match elf paper craft with the kids. It's the perfect activity after watching the movie Elf together as a family. Mix and match red, white, green, and black pieces to create a paper elf that's all your own style.

Easy elf paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Reindeer Paper Craft (template included)

Rudolph fans will be delighted with this lovable little mix-and-match reindeer paper craft. Add your child's photo with a cute little red nose to complete the look (and help Santa guide his sleigh). Make an extra for the grandparents—they'll love it!

Easy reindeer paper craft ideas for kids

Easy Snowman Paper Craft (template included)

This paper snowman craft will let kids build mix-and-match versions of an iconic holiday figure—with some help from adults along the way for the little ones, naturally. All they need are the printable template, scissors, glue sticks, markers or crayons for decorating purposes, and a photo to turn themselves into cute little snowmen. 

Easy snowman paper craft ideas for kids

We hope you have enjoyed our list of mix-and-match paper crafts for kids. These easy paper craft projects are a lot of fun to make and can help develop your child's fine motor skills, too! 

If you want even more craft ideas using just paper and minimal craft supplies, be sure to check out this post: Paper Crafts for Kids.

Easy paper craft ideas for kids with printable templates.

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