Mix and Match Paper Snowman Craft (with printable snowman template)

This paper snowman craft is the PERFECT winter craft for kids! Use our printable snowman template to build your own mix and match snowman. You can have so much fun switching in and out the different snowman features and there is even an option to make a photo snowman craft. Just scroll on down for full instructions for this fun and easy snowman craft and to grab your snowman template.

Mix and Match Paper Snowman Craft (with printable snowman template)

This is the last in our series of mix-and-match crafts. As well as this mix-and-match snowman we also have an elf craft, a Santa craft and a reindeer craft.

Which is your favourite mix-and-match craft?! Are you tempted to make them all?! Do check out all our mix-and-match paper craft ideas! (They all come with templates too!)

printable snowman template

This paper snowman craft would be perfect to make on a cold snowy day after playing outside in the snow. It also makes a cute homemade Christmas card.

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Scroll down to get your printable snowman template to make this adorable paper snowman craft

Mix and Match Paper Snowman Craft (with printable template)

Paper snowman craft supplies:

  • Template
  • Coloured paper: red, green, brown, blue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Glue stick
  • Google eyes (optional)
  • Photo (optional)

snowman template

Mix and Match Snowman Craft Instructions

STEP 1: Prepare printable snowman template

To start print out the snowman template onto white cardstock. You can find the printable snowman template at the bottom of the page.

Decide on which of the snowman pieces to use. There are lots of options for the head, body, stick arms, boots, etc. Cut out the pieces of choice.

free printable snowman

Trace the pieces on the coloured paper and cut them out. Another option is to colour the pieces using crayons, markers or paint instead of using the coloured paper.

printable snowman craft template

STEP 2: Assemble snowman craft

Now it is time to assemble your paper snowman craft. Use craft glue to stick together your chosen pieces.

To make the face, pop on the google eyes, stick on the carrot nose and draw on dots for the smile. You can also use a photo for the head for a super adorable snowman!

snowman craft

Stick the head to the body and glue the arms and boots to the body. You can accessorise further by adding mittens, a belt or buttons!

STEP 3: Complete snowman craft

Play around with all the mix and match pieces from the snowman template and when you are happy with your snowman glue all the pieces together. Your mix and match snowman is complete!

There are so many fun options for this snowman. You can play about with using different colours too, or even adding cotton balls to make your snowman fluffy!

Here are a few ideas!

photo snowman craft

snowman crafts for kids

Winter crafts for kids


To download this snowman craft template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: snowman. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

free printable snowman template

We hope you have fun with this mix and match paper snowman craft! It is such a fun and easy winter craft for kids, but also perfect for homemade Christmas cards. We hope you find the printable snowman template useful. Enjoy!

Mix and match paper snowman craft for kids with printable snowman template.

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