Mix and Match Paper Bunny Craft (bunny template included)

Are you ready for some fun Easter crafts for kids? This Mix and Match Bunny Craft is one craft you should count on to make during this festivities! Our paper bunny craft is just adorable, you can even customise it with a picture of your kid's face. You don't have to worry about complicated steps or drawing your own bunny, everything is already done for you thanks to our free printable bunny template. You just need to print out your template and follow the easy instructions below!

bunny craft

We love making mix-and-match Crafts for different themes and special days. There are so many different ways that you can use the printable templates to make your own unique paper crafts. Do check out our other mix-and-match paper craft ideas for kids!

This mix-and-match bunny craft makes a perfect Easter craft for kids. Adding the photo option is a bit of extra fun, kids find it so funny seeing their own face on a bunny! Check out our mix-and-match chick craft too.

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Scroll down for your mix-and-match bunny template and for the tutorial to make your own paper bunny craft. 

paper bunny craft

Mix And Match Bunny Craft (bunny template included)

Bunny Craft Supplies:

  • Bunny template printed on cardstock
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Google eyes or child’s photo
  • Scissors

How to Make Mix And Match Bunny Craft

STEP 1: Print and cut bunny template

Before starting this paper bunny craft you will need to scroll down to the bottom of this tutorial to download and print the bunny template. Print the template onto thin white cardstock. Decide which pieces from the bunny template you would like to use and cut them out.

If you are doing this craft with a group of children you could pre cut a selection for them to choose from.

printable bunny template

STEP 2: Colour bunny template

Use markers or paint to colour each piece of the bunny template. Keep most of the pieces white if you want a white bunny, just colour the inside of the ears, feet and nose along with any easter accessories you want to use. 

Don't feel you have to stick to a white bunny though. How much fun would it be to make a rainbow bunny craft! 

bunny template

STEP 3: Make bunny face

Now you have all the pieces needed for your bunny craft cut out and coloured it is time to start putting your bunny craft together. Glue the ears to the back of the bunny’s head. You can use the head template or a photo of your child.

Easter bunny craft for kids

If you picked the template bunny face, draw a smile on it with a marker! Finish the face by popping on google eyes and gluing on a nose.

Easy bunny craft

STEP 4: Put bunny craft together

Now it is time to complete your paper bunny craft by putting the rest of the pieces from your bunny template together. Attach the arms, feet and tail to the body and then finally attach the head to the body.  Glue on any accessory of choice. 

easy bunny craft for kids

Your bunny mix and match craft is now complete!

Easter bunny craft for kids

Have fun trying out different combinations to make a variety of different bunny crafts. This bunny craft would be great to make an an Easter activity or for during the Spring. 

Mix and match paper bunny craft


To download this printable bunny template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: bunny. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable bunny template

The final result when you put all the pieces of your paper bunny craft together is so adorable.  This mix and match bunny craft is such a fun Easter craft for kids and the printable bunny template makes it super easy! 

Mix and match paper bunny craft. A fun and easy Easter craft for kids.

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