Brown E Prank - April Fools Activity

This brown e prank is perfect for the upcoming April Fools Day! Kids will love pranking their friends by offering them a brownie, only to serve up a brown e! This brown e April Fools activity is quick and easy to prepare and lots of fun! 

Brown e prank - April Fools joke for kids

It is fun to prank your family or friends in a fun and lighthearted way and what better day to do it than April Fools Day. 

This tried and tested brownie joke is so simple to set up and will definitely create a few giggles. Our brown e printable makes it super easy to prepare so even if you have left it until the last minute, you still have time to prepare this April Fool's joke. 

You could print out these brown e's to prank your child or print them out for them to prank their friends. Either way, you are sure to have a lot of fun! 

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Scroll down to grab the printable. Use code - prank - to get this brown e prank for free.

Brown e prank

Brown E Prank Printable

Included in this printable set are 2 pages of April Fool's Day brownies. The first page consists of various-sized brown e's for you to cut out. 

The second page has the outline of the brown e's for you to colour brown yourself. The blank e's for you to colour yourself are perfect if you are looking for an April Fools activity for kids to prepare themselves. 

Scroll down to the end of the page to grab your printables. Use code - prank - to get them for free! 

April fools activity - Brown E prank printable

Brown E Prank - Supplies

  • Brown e printable 
  • Scissors
  • Cake tin or baking tray

Brown E Prank - April Fools Activity

STEP 1: Prepare your brown e's 

Cut out all of the brown e's on the April Fools Day printable. If you have chosen the printable with the outline of the e's color them in shades of brown. 

Place your cut-out brown e's on your cake tin or baking tray. You could even cover them with a tea towel to add to the element of surprise.

STEP 2: Prank your friends of family!

Now it is time to try out your brown e prank! 

Place your cake tin of brown e's slightly out of sight and then ask your family or friends if they would like a brownie. Big up your brownies by telling them how amazing they are or how you stayed up all night baking them. 

When they say yes, they would like to have a brownie, offer them your cake tin of brown e's and watch their faces! 

This is such a fun, no-fuss prank to play on April Fool's Day. A word of warning though, if you have young children then having some real brownies to hand might be a good idea, just to save any disappointment.

Brown e prank - April Fools activity


To get this brownie - brown e prank printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: prank. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Brownie brown e prank printable

We hope you love this tried and tested brown e prank as much as we do. It is such a fun April Fool's activity for kids.

Brown e April Fools joke. Brown e prank for kids. Brownie printable

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