The Cutest Mix & Match Paper Bug Crafts (template included!)

I'm so excited to share these adorable Mix and Match Bug Crafts for Kids with you today. We had so much fun making these cute bugs and even added photographs to some of them to add to the cuteness factor! Insect crafts are perfect for spring and summer and they are always popular with the kids. We have included printable templates to help make this bug paper craft super simple for you to try. 

Mix and match bug crafts for kids with printable insect template

My little ones were thrilled to see their faces on the cute little bugs! You can make these cuties with some cardstock, markers, glue, and of course, our awesome and easy-to-use free mix-and-match insect template!

This bug craft is part of our series of Mix and Match Paper Crafts. Mix-and-match crafts are super fun as there are so many possibilities. You can use the different shapes and patterns on the templates to create your own unique crafts. Check out our Mix and Match Flower Craft and our Mix and Match Superhero Craft.

Looking for more ideas to make bug crafts for kids? Here are a few of our faves:

How to Make your own Mix and Match Bug Craft

Bug crafts for kids

Scroll down for your printable bug craft template! 

Bug Craft Supplies

  • Bug template
  • White cardstock
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes (optional)

Bug Craft Instructions

Bug crafts

Download & Print the Bug Template.

First things first!  To make this mix and match craft you will need to download the free insect template and print it out onto white cardstock. 

Feel free to use your imagination as you use the different shapes to create the bee, butterfly, and ladybug, as the template allows you to create them in a variety of ways. These directions give just a few suggestions. 

You might want to make all the bug crafts or just choose a favourite! 

insects crafts template

Make your Butterfly Craft.

To make the butterfly, you need to colour a body shape, antenna and wings with markers and then continue by cutting out all those pieces.

printable bug crafts

Using your glue, attach the wings to the butterfly's body and chose between using the headpiece from the template as the butterfly face or using a photo of your little one instead.

butterfly craft insect template

Once you've decided, use your glue and attach the head to the butterfly's body and your cute little butterfly craft is complete! 

butterfly craft

butterfly craft for kids

Make your Bee Craft.

For the bee craft, you have to repeat a similar process to the one we just did for the butterfly. Cut out and colour the shapes for the wings, antenna, head, and body of your bee.

bee craft insect template

 Decide if you want to draw the bee's face or use your childs photograph.  

bee craft for kids

If you want to draw the face and make it pop, add some google eyes and a cute little smile! Using glue, simply attach the wings to the body and the antenna to the head. As the final step, glue the head to the bee's body and you're done! 

bee craft

Time for your Ladybug Craft!

The ladybug craft has a similar process as the butterfly and the bee. You just need to download, print, and cut out the ladybug's shapes from the template. 

ladybug craft insect template

Decide the colours you would like to use and colour the pieces with markers.

ladybug bug craft for kids

Attach all the pieces by first gluing the wings to the body and the antenna to the ladybug's head. Add the eyes and a smile to this cutie's face and glue it to the body. Again you can use a photograph as the head if you prefer. 

ladybug craft

Encourage your little ones to have fun by mixing and matching all the bug body parts and their face picture. Maybe see if they can invent their own bug! 


To download these Mix and Match Bug Craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code: bug. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

insect template

We hope you enjoy making these adorable bug crafts for kids. They are all so cute it is hard to choose which of these insect crafts to make first! Have fun using the mix and match insect template, there are so many possibilities. Enjoy!

Mix and match bug crafts for kids.

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