Fun Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are active, curious little people who love playing and exploring the world around them. If you're looking for some activities for preschoolers that will keep them engaged, happy, and interested in learning, you've come to the right place. 

Activities for preschoolers

We've put together an excellent list of preschool activities that encourage the development of fine motor skills, colour recognition, letter recognition, counting, simple addition, and so much more. But mainly, the activities for preschoolers we have included are super fun! 

With 33+ options listed below, you can fill this month's calendar with an array of play-based learning activities. Let's get started!

Fun activities for preschoolers


Activities for Preschoolers

We have loads of activities for preschoolers right here at Messy Little Monster for you to search through. We've covered indoor activities, outdoor activities, sensory activities, learning through play, and more! Check out just some of our favourites below.


Rainbow Rice Sensory Writing Tray

Our Sensory Writing Activity is a fun way to get preschoolers more comfortable with writing. Work on the formation of letters and numbers. Kids can use paintbrushes or their fingers to form their letters.

Sensory writing activity for preschoolers


Feed the Shark Colour Game for Preschoolers

Learning through play is so important when looking for activities for preschooler, and that's clearly the goal with our fun Feed the Shark Colour Matching Game. Use our printable to set up this cute game in no time. The kids will love feeding the sharks again and again. You can play this a couple of different ways. Kids can feed fish to the matching colour shark. Alternatively, you can call out something like, "Feed a red fish to a green shark," once the kids are comfortable with the colour names.

Feed the shark colour matching activity for preschoolers


Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Any dino-loving kid will have a blast with our Dinosaur Sensory Bin. It's incredibly easy to make and the perfect preschool activity. Grab some of your child's dinosaur toys, some small rocks or pebbles, sand, sticks, leaves, etc., and put them in a bin for your child to explore. If you don't have sand, cornmeal would have an interesting feel and similar look to sand, and you probably have some in your kitchen right now!

Dinosaur sensory bin activity for preschoolers

You might also like to search through our collection of sensory bins, many of which make fantastic preschool activities. We have loads of themes, from construction to seasonal to animals!


Germ Science Experiment for Preshoolers

Now, more than ever, we need to teach our kids about the importance of handwashing. This Germ Science Experiment demonstrates how soap keeps germs away.

Germ science experiment - activities for preschoolers

If you have preschoolers that love experiments check out our list of Science Experiments for Kids. There are LOADS of easy science activities that are perfect for preschoolers. 


Ocean Animal Movement Cards

Get the kids moving with our Ocean Animal Movement Cards. Scuttle like a crab, glide like a stingray, wiggle like an octopus, and so much more! You'll love hearing their little giggles as they try to mimic the movements of ocean animals.

Animal movement cards preschool activity

Community Helpers Preschool Craft

Crafts are always fun for preschoolers! Teach them about the world around them with our Community Helpers Preschool Craft

Community helpers preschool craft

Superhero Mask Craft for Preschoolers

Another fun craft for preschoolers is making a DIY Superhero Mask. Preschoolers will love making their own masks and then taking on the role of a superhero. What will their superpowers be?!

Superhero mask craft for preschoolers


Colours of Nature Scavenger Hunt

Using this Colours of Nature Hunt Sheet is another excellent way to practice colour identification. It's the perfect activity for a sunny day!

Color nature scavenger hunt - activities for preschoolers

Sunflower Growing Activity for Preschoolers

Another great preschool activity for the warmer months is growing sunflowers in pots! As sunflowers are fast-growing they are the perfect plant for preschoolers to grow. They will love observing how the plant changes from week to week. 

Sunflower growing activity for preschoolers

Alphabet Roads Preschool Activity

Learning through play is the best way for preschoolers to grasp foundational skills like writing. Use our Alphabet Roads printables to practice letter recognition and letter formation in a fun and engaging way.

Alphabet roads - learning activities for preschoolers


Paint Rolling Activity for Preschoolers

Sometimes, it's fun to get messy. Head outdoors to your slide to try this activity. Painting with Balls on a slide allows kids to play and experiment with colours to create art. When you're done, you could even turn this into homemade wrapping paper for gifts.

Painting with balls - activities for preschoolers


Water Pistol Painting

Here's a fun outdoor art activity that's perfect for summer. Water Gun Painting is a blast for the kids, and it's a win for moms, too, as you can create some amazing wall-worthy artwork using this technique.

water gun painting - activities for preschoolers


Indoor Color Hunt Activity for Preschoolers

Here's another Colour Hunt that includes both indoor and outdoor options. They're both terrific for kids who are just learning their colours.

Color hunt preschool activity

We have lots more Scavenger Hunts for Kids that preschoolers would enjoy!


Bird Counting Activity for Preschoolers

Mix up a batch of playdough and use it to make bird eggs in this Bird Counting Activity for Preschoolers. We have the nest images ready for you to print out, which makes setting up this preschool math activity super easy. 

bird counting activity for preschoolers

Skeleton Playdough Activity for Preschoolers

Kids will get a kick out of this Skeleton Playdough Activity. Use cookie cutters to cut out people figures, and use q-tips as bones. Fun! Grab our skeleton printables to make it even more fun and educational!
Skeleton playdough activity for preschoolers

Playdough for Preschoolers 

If your preschooler loves playdough check out our huge list of playdough recipes

Playdough recipe - activities for preschoolers


More Fun Preschool Activities

Need even more preschool activity ideas? Here are some of our favourite preschooler activities from terrific blogs around the web.

Preschool activities


Lego Color Sorting Activity for Preschoolers

Your preschooler will love playing this Lego Color Sorting Toss game from Bilingual Beginnings again and again. Sorting is terrific for reinforcing colour recognition.

Lego color sorting activities for preschoolers

Stem Playdough Activity for Preschoolers

This easy-to-set-up Stem Playdough Activity by Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds is great for both toddlers and preschoolers. Using three simple materials, kids can work on their building and balancing skills.

STEM playdough activity for preschoolers


Heart Pump Model

Team Cartwright's Heart Pump Model activity is a terrific way for preschoolers to learn about how the heart pumps blood. Because it is a simplified model that focuses on one aspect of the heart's activity, it's easy for little ones to grasp.

Heart pump model - learning activities for preschoolers


Apple Experiment for Preschoolers

This Apple Experiment by From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom is a classic. Cut an apple into slices, and put the slices into different jars. One jar should have nothing but air in it, as this will serve as the control slice. Put the others in whatever liquids you have on hand—juice, milk, water, vinegar, soda, etc. Observe the differences in them the next day!

Apple science experiment for preschoolers


Math Game for Preschoolers

Use Artsy-Fartsy Mama's Math Game for Preschoolers to practice simple addition with your preschooler. It's a fun (and tasty) hands-on way to learn about addition. This is fun in a classroom or at home!

Math activity for preschoolers

Ocean Science Activity for Preschoolers

Summertime is the perfect time for ocean-themed activities like this Ocean Science Activity from Natural Beach Living that explores density while simulating the ocean environment. The jar is layered with sand, water, oil, and shaving cream to represent the sand on the beach, the water, the sky, and the clouds. How fun!

Ocean science activity for preschoolers


Alphabet Playdough Mats

Whether you're just introducing letters or are working on reinforcing letters and letter sounds, these Transportation Alphabet Playdough Mats from The Chaos and the Clutter are excellent tools to use with preschoolers.

Alphabet playdough mats - learning activities for preschoolers


Ocean Activity for Preschoolers

When you can't get to the ocean, this Ocean Activity by Simple Everyday Mom is the next best thing. You may want to take this sensory bin outside, though, since it can get rather messy when scooping and playing with sand, particularly wet sand.

Ocean activity for preschoolers


Cutting Activity for Preschoolers

This Fine Motor Skills Man (or Woman) from Mama Teaches is terrific for practising cutting. Make funny faces and crazy hair to give each figure a unique look!

Cutting activity for preschoolers


Clean Mud Activity for Preschoolers

Give your child permission to tear up toilet paper—really! You'll be using it to make this Clean Mud by Best Toys 4 Toddlers. With a grater, some soap, toilet paper, and warm water, the kids can be squishing the clean mud through their fingers in no time.

Clean mud activity for preschoolers


Indoor Birdwatching Preschool Activity

Encourage your little bird enthusiast's interest in feathered creatures by setting up an Indoor Birdwatching activity when the weather isn't cooperating for you to head outdoors. Choose a spot in your home with a window that faces some trees, tall grasses, or even a bird feeder. Provide a cushy place to sit, some binoculars, and a bird guide, if you have one.

Indoor birdwatching - activities for preschoolers


Ice Cream Store Pretend Play

You don't need a fancy toy ice cream store for the kids to enjoy this pretend play activity. You already have everything you need for this No-Prep Ice Cream Store by Taming Little Monsters—cups and balls. If you don't have any toy balls for this activity, use crumpled-up paper, old ornaments (with hooks removed), or even cotton balls or pom-poms glued together. They'll play with this for hours!

Ice cream store pretend play - activities for preschoolers


Numbers and Counting Activity for Preschoolers

Practice Numbers and Counting with Straws and toilet roll tubes! This activity from Homeschool Preschool is a simple, hands-on activity for preschool math. It's a terrific way to use some of those toilet rolls you've been saving.

Counting activities for preschoolers


Leaf Threading Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers

Kids can engage with nature and work on fine motor skills with this fun and easy Leaf Threading activity from Kids' Craft Room. All you need are leaves, twine, and sticks to get started.

Leaf threading fine motor activity for preschoolers


Simon Says Ideas for Preschoolers

Kids seem to never get bored of Simon Says, but you may be running out of commands to give them! Use this printable list of 50 Simon Says Ideas from The Best Ideas for Kids so kids can have fun and get their wiggles out.

Simon says ideas for preschoolers


Mosaic Art Sensory Wall Preschool Activity

Use contact paper, foam blocks, and pattern blocks to set up this engaging Mosaic Art Sensory Wall by Mama Smiles. If you don't have the blocks, however, you can set up a similar activity by cutting coloured paper into various geometric shapes to use instead.

Mosaic art sensory activity for preschoolers


Blowing Pom-Poms with Straws

Educate and entertain your preschooler with this activity that focuses on Blowing Pom-Poms with Straws by Mombrite. This activity strengthens oral muscles involved in eating and helps kids with colour recognition, too.

blowing pom poms with straws activity for preschoolers


Dinosaur Graphing Activity for Preschoolers

This printable Dinosaur Graphing Activity from Artsy Momma is a play-based learning activity that focuses on simple addition and numerical order. If you don't have colourful buttons to use as marks, don't fret. Pennies, dried beans, candies, or anything else you have on hand works, too.

Dinosaur graphing activity for preschoolers


Scissor Skills with Junk Mail

Tired of getting spammy mail in your real-life mailbox? Though receiving it is inevitable, you can put it to good use by allowing your preschooler to practice cutting. Isn't this Scissor Skills with Junk Mail activity from School Time Snippets brilliant?

Scissor skills with junk mail - fine motor preschool activity


Tin Can Golf Activity for Preschoolers

Play a round of Tin Can Golf when you're stuck indoors! Make sure you use small, lightweight plastic balls for this game from The Craft Train. Make putters out of cardboard tubes! Gift wrap tubes would work great, but paper towel tubes can be used, too.

Tin can golf activity for preschoolers


Sensory Nature Cutting Tray

Sharpen those scissor skills with this Sensory Nature Cutting Tray from Kids' Craft Room. It's a great activity to do after a nature walk and encourages kids to get hands-on with nature's textures, shapes, colours, and smells.

Sensory nature cutting activity for preschoolers


Flower Ice Cube Sensory Play

Pick fresh flowers from the garden to use in this Flower Ice Cube Sensory Play activity from The Craft Train. This activity is perfect for the summer months when the kids need to cool down. 

Flower ice cube sensory play for preschoolers

Pin this list of activities for preschoolers so you'll have something fun for the kids to do whenever you need it!

Activities for preschoolers

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