Dinosaur Sensory Bin

The best thing about sensory bins is how easy it is to customise them to your child's latest interest! In our house, we're going through a dinosaur phase at the moment so we made a dinosaur sensory bin and let me tell you, my little ones were over the moon! This Dinosaur Sensory Bin is incredibly easy to make with just a few simple items. Kids will love playing with it!

dinosaur sensory bin

Sensory bins can be as complicated or as simple as you like! As well as filling them with sensory materials for your toddler or preschooler to explore you can add figures and props to create different mini worlds.

Sensory bins give children the opportunity to develop many skills. You can teach your child new vocabulary, improve their fine motor skills and encourage imaginative play.

You can even base sensory bins on your kid's favourite books to keep your child even more engaged.

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dinosaur activities for toddlers

Dinosaurs is a really popular theme for young children. I'm not sure what it is about them, but they always seem to capture little ones attention!

Here are a few more dinosaur crafts and activities that you might like: 

Dinosaur Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Dinosaur Sensory Bin Supplies:

  • Activity Tray or Small Bin
  • Blue Gravel
  • Small Rocks
  • Sand
  • Mini Plastic Dinosaur Toys
  • Mini Fake Plants & Trees
  • Moss, Sticks & Leaves
  • Water

dinosaur activities for preschoolers

How to make a Dinosaur Sensory Bin:

You will need a small activity tray or small bin to create your dinosaur sensory bin inside. I find that shallow trays seem to work really well for mini small worlds like this dinosaur small world.

Use the instructions below as a guide, but use your imagination and add the items to your sensory bin that you think your child would love. If you don't have all the supplies listed above look around your house or even outside and find alternatives. 

STEP 1: Mix water and sand

To start you need to get a large bowl and mix the water with the sand until you get a thick consistency, similar to mud.

STEP 2: Build a river area

Taking the mix you have just made, add it to the edges of the tray, making sure to leave room to fit the river in the next step. 

sensory bin for toddlers

STEP 3: Create your river!

Now, take your blue gravel and put it in the bottom of your river. Line the river with the little rocks. Once that it's done, add water to the river. 

dinosaur sensory bin

STEP 4: Final touches

Continue by adding some fake mini plants and trees around the sandy areas. You could add moss, sticks, leaves or any other items you want. The options are endless!

Don't forget to add the little dinosaurs! You could even invite the kids to add the dinosaurs themselves to the sensory tray you just made. 

dinosaur small world

STEP 5: Playtime!

Now it's time for your toddler or preschooler to explore this new sensory world and stimulate their senses as they play.

dinosaur activities

Super easy, right? Use this tutorial for making a dinosaur sensory bin as a guide and let your imagination and creativity go wild. Follow your toddler or preschoolers interests and you can't go wrong. 

Dinosaur sensory bin. Easy dinosaur activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

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