Rainbow Rice Sensory Writing Tray for Handwriting Practice

A fun way to get your little ones more comfortable with writing, this Sensory Writing Tray is perfect if you want to familiarise young children with letters and numbers. Kids love this sensory experience so much that they will be begging to do some handwriting practice!

Rainbow Rice Sensory Writing Tray for Handwriting Practice

Learning to form letters can be a daunting task for both kids and parents. One of the best ways that I've learned to tackle this issue is with a very simple strategy; FUN!

Rainbow rice is colourful and eye-catching for little ones and it feels great to the touch. Children can use their fingers to write letters in rainbow rice or even use a paintbrush.  Just shake the tray in between each number or letter to start over!

This fun sensory writing tray for handwriting practice appeals to children and can be used again and again. 

Rainbow rice is easy to make and it lasts for years if stored correctly.  Check out our directions on how to dye rainbow rice and read about some of the other ways you can use rainbow rice.

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You could also make a sand tray for writing to add a little variety to your handwriting practice. 

Sensory writing tray with alphabet cards

Sensory writing tray for handwriting practice

Sensory Writing Tray Supplies:

Sensory Writing Tray Directions:

Sensory writing tray

Set up your sensory writing tray by filling a tray with a thin layer of rainbow rice. Make sure you don't add too much, you want to see the bottom of the tray when you draw in the rice.

Using a finger or a paintbrush write a letter in the rainbow rice. The colour from the bottom of the tray shows through so you can see the letter you have written (a white tray works well).

After each letter or number shake the tray to reset the rainbow rice and off you go again!

Sensory writing tray with number cards

Some things you can practice with this sensory writing activity are:

  1. Handwriting practice of individual letters
  2. Learning to form numbers
  3. Name writing practice
  4. Sight word practice
  5. Addition/ Subtraction. Can your child write the answer in the rice?

You can give your child numbers, letters or words to copy or you can call out the numbers or letters so they can try and write them from memory. You could also play a game where you take it in turns to write a letter or number in the rainbow rice and then the other person has to guess what it is.

Handwriting practice for kids

You can download our alphabet or number cards or make your own (If you would like to download our cards for free click on the links below and add $0). We laminated ours so they would last.

Alternatively, you could get our printable alphabet tracing card bundle that includes 13 sets of alphabet cards themed around various seasons and themes. 

Alphabet tracing cards for rainbow rice sensory tray

If you don't have any rainbow rice you could make your sensory writing tray using sand, salt or sugar, or using a thin layer of shaving foam. If you want to use an edible filler for your writing tray try using cake sprinkles!

Rainbow rice name writing activity

The best thing about using a sensory writing tray for handwriting practice is that it makes handwriting practice fun! Enjoy!

Rainbow rice sensory writing tray with alphabet cards and number cards. Fun handwriting practice activity for preschoolers.

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