Playdough Skeleton Activity for Kids

With Halloween quickly approaching, what better time to do a fun skeleton activity for kids? Preschoolers are sure to have a lot of fun with this playdough skeleton. It's a great activity for not only Halloween, but learning about the bones in the human body. Scroll down for the easy step by step directions for this human skeleton activity for kids!

Playdough skeleton activity for kids 

PS: This is part of our skeleton activity pack that includes 6 other fun activities perfect for learning about the human skeleton or for the Halloween season! It includes a skeleton sensory bin, build-a-skeleton activity, skeleton mask, the skeleton printables used for this activity and more.

Human skeleton activity for kids

This skeleton activity for kids is so much fun. It's a very simple activity to put together and you can sit back and watch as your little ones get immersed in play. Skeleton playdough can get kids into the spirit of Halloween whilst they also practice where the bones go in our bodies. Win win!

Preschoolers get to practice fine motor skills, be involved in creative play, develop hand eye coordination, and more with this fun sensory play activity.

Scroll down below to get started on your skeleton playdough activity!

playdough skeleton Halloween activity for kids

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Playdough skeleton

Supplies for your playdough skeleton:

Playdough skeleton directions:

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up all your supplies. This makes things so much easier so you're not running around looking for everything. Be sure to print out your skeleton illustrations found in the activity pack and prep your playdough ahead of time (PS: here's my recipe for black playdough if you need it).

human skeleton for kids

STEP TWO: Prepare playdough

Once you have everything you need, start by cutting out the skeleton illustrations and skulls. You may want to laminate the skulls to make them easier to work with and make them last longer.

Next, roll out the playdough with a rolling pin and then cut out a body shape with the cookie cutter.

Playdough human skeleton activity for kids

STEP THREE: Add the bones

Now it's time to add the bones! Put the skull cut-out at the top where the head should be.

Then, cut up a few Q-Tips in varying sizes for different bones. Have your child press them into the playdough where they think they should go. That's it! Have fun!

skeleton for kids

EXTENSION IDEA - Why stop at making a human skeleton! Grab some animal cookie cutters to make animal shapes out of your black playdough and use the q sticks to add their bones. 

We hope you enjoy this fun skeleton activity for kids. Making playdough skeletons is a great way to not only learn about our bodies, but to get in the spirit of Halloween. Preschoolers are sure to enjoy this fun skeleton activity.

Playdough skeleton. Human skeleton activity for kids.

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