Alphabet Roads Letter Formation Printable

Have fun teaching letter recognition and letter formation with these fun printable alphabet roads! Learning through play is the best way of learning and there is so much kids can learn using these colourful letter roads. As they play with these alphabet roads toddlers and preschoolers will learn to recognise letters, name letters and later form letters. School aged children can use the letter roads to learn to form letters correctly in a fun and engaging way.

Alphabet roads letter formation printable

Whether you are working on lowercase letters or uppercase letters with your child you will find what you need in this pack of printable roads. We have included each set of letters in colour and in a printer friendly black and white version. I would suggest laminating the road letters so they can be used again and again.

Not only are these alphabet roads great for learning to recognise and name the letters of the alphabet, they are also brilliant for working on fine motor skills.

Print out the whole alphabet or just the letters your child is working on. You could print out the letters in your child's name or work through the alphabet one letter at a time.

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Alphabet Roads

There are lots of different ways that this set of road letters can be used, here are a few suggestions.

Playing cars with alphabet roads

The first and most obvious way to play with these alphabet roads is to use them with small toy cars. As your child drives their cars around the roads mention the name of the letter they are using. This is a great way of exposing young children to the alphabet.

Using cars is also a fun way to practice letter formation. Younger toddlers and preschoolers may want to take their cars for a drive around the letters in any direction they choose, but encouraging them to start where the image of the car is would be beneficial. Older children can work on letter formation by starting on the dot and following the road markings to form the letter correctly.

letter roads

Alphabet road letter formation

Another fun way of using the alphabet roads is to practice forming letters with a marker. Laminate the coloured road mats and then use a whiteboard pen to trace over the dotted lines to form the letters or use the black and white roads and trace the letters with coloured markers.

letter formation

Alphabet road playdough mats

Kids love playdough! Playdough can be used with these alphabet roads to help children not yet ready to form letters using a pen. They can work on fine motor skills as they roll out playdough to create each letter.

For younger children you could fill each letter with playdough for them to drive their cars through to add a sensory experience to their play.

road letters playdough mat

Road name

Use the alphabet roads as a fun way of teaching younger children to recognise and spell their name. Can they name the letters? Can they put them in the correct order? Exposure to the letters in their name is a great first step for toddlers and preschoolers learning to write their name.

Naming letters and sounds

As they play with the alphabet roads ask children to name the letter and the sound the letter makes. Older children could be asked if they can think of any words that begin with that letter.

For children learning the order of the alphabet you could even try putting all of the road maps out in alphabetical order!

alphabet roads

Alphabet Road Printable

Included in the printable alphabet roads pack are:

  • lowercase letters in colour
  • lowercase letters in black and white
  • uppercase letters in colour
  • uppercase letters in black and white


To get this set of uppercase and lowercase alphabet roads click on the link below to be taken to the Messy Little Monster shop. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable alphabet roads

We also have available number roads and shape roads. If you want them all take a look at our alphabet, number and shape road bundle.

We hope you have fun using these alphabet roads to help your child with letter recognition, letter sounds and letter formation. This is such a fun, hands on alphabet activity.

Printable alphabet roads for letter formation and letter recognition

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