Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

How cute are these Preschool Mother's Day crafts?! Mother’s Day is that special time of year when moms are celebrated for their love, dedication, and hard work. No one is more deserving of a thoughtful, handmade gift from the kids than her. To make it easy to give her something special, we’ve compiled a list of the best Mother’s Day crafts for preschoolers that are cute, easy, and fun.  

Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers


In this list of preschool Mother's Day crafts, you’ll find adorable handprint projects, cute cards, and other crafts for moms of all types. Scan this list to find one you know she’ll love.

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Preschool Mother’s Day Crafts

We’ve made many simple and fun Mother’s Day crafts over the years, which you can find below. A few of our notable favourites are the mix and match flowers, the scribble mug, and the fingerprint flower pot. You’re sure to find a beautiful craft to make Mom’s day special.

Preschooler Mothers Day Crafts


Mother's Day Flower Craft

What could be cuter than a flower with your child’s picture in the centre? Kids will have a blast with our paper flower craft as they handpick all the details, from the flower petal shape to the leaves, to the vase.

paper flower craft - preschool mothers day crafts


Mother’s Day Birdhouse Craft

Home is where Mom is. This adorable Mother’s Day birdhouse craft celebrates the nurturing heart of mothers everywhere. Plus, it’s really easy for preschoolers to put together using paper, popsicle sticks, and cupcake liners.

birdhouse craft - preschool mothers day crafts


DIY Scribble Mug Mother's Day Gift

Mom will enjoy every sip of coffee from this cute homemade mug from the kids. For a mom who’s always on the go, let the kids try this with a tumbler that’ll keep drinks hot or cold all day.

heart scribble mug - preschool mothers day crafts


Wood Slice Keychain Mothers Day Gift

Have some wood slices that you haven’t used yet? Turn a few into personalised keychains! These wood slice keychains are an easy way for kids of all ages to give their mothers something unique and personal. Write a special message for her, draw a picture of her, or add a favourite quote. Adding a photo of her kids is another fantastic option.

wood slice keychain - preschool mothers day crafts


Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

Not only is this flower pot craft perfect for Mother’s Day, but it’s a wonderful craft anytime during spring. It’s super easy for preschoolers to make, too. Paint some craft sticks green, add sparkly flower gems, and insert them into a small terracotta pot filled with decorative sand or a foam block. Aside from painting the sticks, this craft can be ready in minutes.

Mother's day flower pot craft


Cat Mother’s Day Card

Give Mom a card that tells her how purrfect she is. Our printable cat card is completely adorable and perfect for mothers who are crazy about cats. This printable craft is easy for preschoolers to cut, paste, and decorate. You only need paper, scissors, glue, and markers, so it’s a great Mother’s Day craft to try in the preschool classroom.

Cat mother's day card - preschool mothers day craft


Unicorn Mother's Day Card Craft

For the one-of-a-kind Mom who loves fantastical things, try our unicorn card craft. It incorporates scissors work, threading, and tying knots, so it gives preschoolers a chance to work on their fine motor skills.

Unicorn mother's day card - preschool mothers day craft


Mother's Day Teapot Craft

Our tea-riffic teapot craft is perfect for tea-loving mums. Decorate the teapot with fingerprints, and tuck a bag of her favourite tea inside the pocket.  This is such a simple craft that preschoolers will love to make and gift to mom.

teapot craft - preschool mothers day craft


Fingerprint Flower Pot Mother's Day Craft

Give Mom a beautiful succulent in a personalised flower pot for Mother’s Day. Our fingerprint flower pot is beautiful, easy for kids of all ages, and a cute way to remember a child’s small hands and fingerprints. 

fingerprint flower pot craft - preschool mothers day craft


Handprint Poem Printable for Mom

Keep a pair of your preschooler’s handprints forever. This handprint printable poem is the most thoughtful way to preserve them. The rainbow hands are a beautiful, colourful touch—don’t you think?

handprint poem printable - preschool mothers day craft


Printable Mom Unicorn Card

If you’re looking for an easy craft for preschoolers to make for Mother’s Day, look no further than our printable unicorn card that spells out “Mom” with a beautiful unicorn in the centre. It’s as simple as your preschooler colouring, cutting, and gluing the pieces together. However, embellishing the unicorn with some flowers is a lovely touch.

Unicorn mother's day card - preschool mothers day craft

Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot - Mother's Day Keepsake

Kid’s footprints aren’t tiny for long. But while they are, it’s the perfect time to preserve them. This footprint flower pot is a beautiful way to do just that. The two rainbow footprints form the wings of a beautiful butterfly. Any mom who enjoys having potted plants around the house will love this thoughtful keepsake gift.

footprint butterfly flower pot - preschool mothers day craft


Handprint Heart Poem for Mom

You may spend your days wiping footprints off the windows, walls, and appliances, but you want to remember those small hands somehow. Give Mom one of these printable handprint heart poems complete with her preschooler’s hands inside the heart. It’ll be a wonderful addition to the family scrapbook that she can look back on in later years.

handprint heart poem - preschool mothers day craft


Salt Dough Handprint Bowl Mother's Day Gift

Give Mom a place to put her rings and other jewellery pieces. A salt dough trinket bowl is just what she needs. It’s a beautiful and useful DIY gift that she’ll love receiving from her little one.

salt dough handprint bowl - preschool mothers day craft


Handprint Flowers Mother's Day Craft

Make a bouquet of handprint flowers to give to Mom or Grandma this Mother’s Day. It’s such a cute craft—the handprint forms the flower petals, while a pipe cleaner forms the pistil. Straw stems and paper leaves complete this pretty flower.

handprint flowers - preschool mothers day craft


Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

For more easy Mother’s Day ideas for preschoolers, try one of the projects below. You’ll find cards, bracelets, and other cute crafts to make Mom smile.

Preschooler Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

5 Things I Love About Mum Card

Preschoolers will have so much fun choosing five things they love about their moms. Write one quality or trait on each flower, and tuck them into the flowerpot. It’s a wonderful craft for the preschool classroom. Grab the template for this “5 Things I Love About Mum” card from A+ Teaching Resources. 

5 things i love about mum - preschool mothers day craft


Mother’s Day Bracelet Craft

Save your empty toilet paper tubes to make easy and frugal crafts like this Mother’s Day bracelet craft. Kids can colour or paint them and add sparkly gems to make the bracelets look really special for Mum.

Mother's Day bracelet Craft - Mothers Day Craft for Preschoolers


You Are My Sunshine Mother's Day Card

Moms bring sunshine and warmth to their homes, especially to their children. Tell her she’s your sunshine with this handmade “You are my sunshine” card featuring a bright and cheery handprint sunshine in place of the letter “O.” Get the template from A Little Pinch of Perfect. 

You are my sunshine card - mothers day craft for preschoolers


Printable Mother’s Day Book

Preschoolers will love making this “Mom and Me” book from Hello Wonderful, personalised with their own words and drawings. The pages include prompts to make completing the book very simple. What a sweet memento for any mom!

mom and me book - mothers day craft for preschoolers


Mother’s Day Superhero Puppet Craft

Moms are superheroes! Tell her you love her with a fun, movable Mother’s Day superhero craft. This cute puppet from Kids’ Craft Room is easy to make with the template and will be a delightful surprise for Mom on her special day.

mom superhero craft - mothers day craft for preschoolers


Fingerprint Birds Card for Mother's Day

Give Mom a lovely bird-themed card for Mother’s Day. These fingerprint bird cards from Our Kid Things are easy to make and beautiful to look at. Fingerprints are used to make the leaves on the tree and the mama and baby birds. How sweet!

fingerprint bird craft - mothers day craft for preschoolers


Paper Plate Mother’s Day Craft

Celebrate Mom with a paper plate painting from Non-Toy Gifts! Preschoolers can use pom-poms and a contact paper stencil to make this cute paper plate craft for Mother’s Day. Trying new painting techniques is always fun. 

paper plate mothers day craft for preschoolers


Cupcake Liner Cat Mother's Day Craft

Tell Mom she is purr-fect with a cupcake liner cat craft from Homeschool Preschool. Cupcake liner crafts are super simple for preschoolers, and the rest of the shapes are easy to cut out, too. It’s a wonderful craft for a group of students. 

cupcake liner craft - mothers day craft for preschoolers


Handprint Mother’s Day Craft

How adorable is this handprint banner for Mother’s Day? It’s the cutest way to decorate for Mom on her special day. It features a teapot, a flower, and a coffee cup. Hang the banner in her room and serve her breakfast in bed. 

handprint mothers day craft for preschoolers


Dancing Flower Mother’s Day Craft

This photo flower Mother’s Day craft from The Soccer Mom Blog will look wonderful hanging on the fridge. The flower can move up and down and includes a sweet picture of your preschooler in the centre. Your child can even write a special note on the flowerpot. 

dancing flower mothers day craft for preschoolers

Did you find a favourite Mother’s Day craft for your preschooler? Tag us in your completed projects! Don’t forget to pin this post to come back to it year after year.

Mothers Day Crafts for Preschoolers

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