Heart Scribble Mug

These DIY heart scribble mugs are easy enough for toddlers or preschoolers to make, (although I'm sure older kids would love making them too!) They would make great gifts for Mothers Day or Fathers Day or they would be perfect Valentines day craft. 

DIY heart scribble mug: Easy kid made gift
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how to make a DIY heart scribble mug

How to make a Heart Scribble Mug

Draw a heart (or any other shape) onto sticky back plastic (I drew around a heart shaped biscuit cutter).  Cut out the middle of the shape. 

 heart scribble mug

Stick the sticky back plastic onto your mug.  Make sure the cut out heart is where you would like your heart design to be on your mug. Smooth around the edge of the heart shape to make sure it is flat against the mug. Then get scribbling!

sharpie marker pen scribble mug for toddlers

Scribble using your porcelain pen, making sure you cover the heart shape. 

toddler made scribble mug gift

When you have finished your design leave it to dry for a minute or two and peel off the sticky back plastic. 

scribble mug

To make your design permanent and washable follow the oven firing instructions on the back of the pen. If you follow the instructions they are even dishwasher safe. 

Cup of tea anybody!

DIY heart scribble mug made by toddlers

Harry: Age 3

DIY heart mug: Easy toddler made gift idea for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day

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  1. Super cute mugs! Thanks for sharing. This would make such a great gift idea.

    1. Thanks Anna :-) They would make lovely gifts......but I ended up keeping ours as I loved them so much!

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  3. How fun! What a lovely gift idea!!

  4. These look lovely. I couldn't get hold of sticky back plastic here in Holland unfortunately. Do you have any suggestions for what else I could use? Wide sellotape maybe, or masking tape? Thanks!

    1. A few strips of tape should work in the same way as sticky back plastic


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