Cat Printable Mother's Day Card Craft

This Mother's Day card craft is puuuurfect! Toddlers and preschoolers will love helping make this cat themed handmade Mother's Day card and older kids can make it independently. It's so cute and fun to make. We've included a free template to make this printable Mother's Day card easy to make. Just scroll down below for step by step instructions to make your very own cat-themed Mother's Day card craft.

Cat Printable Mother's Day Card Craft

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Printable Mother's Day Card

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Making a handmade Mother's Day card is the perfect gift for Mom on Mother's Day. This Mother's Day card craft would be great to make in the classroom to take home or a fun project to do with grandparents. Toddler, preschooler or older kids will all love gifting this printable Mother's Day card to let their Mom know how special she is!

Scroll down for directions to make your Mother's Day card craft!

Mother's Day Card Craft

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Mother's Day card craft

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Supplies needed for your Mother's Day card craft

  • Cat card template
  • Printer paper - white
  • Cardstock - white
  • Construction paper - orange
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers - black and pink

Directions to make your Mother's Day card craft

STEP 1: Gather all your supplies

Before you get started, make sure to gather all your supplies for this handmade Mother's Day craft. This makes it so much easier if doing crafts with small toddlers and preschoolers!

Printable Mother's Day Card Craft

STEP 2: Prepare your Mother's Day card craft

To get started, print out the template with the MOM lettering on heavy cardstock and set to the side. 

Then, print the template with the circular messages on standard printer paper. Have your child choose which message they'd like to use and cut it out, making sure to leave the circles connected.

Alternatively, if making this craft with several children, each one can use a different message. This would be great for siblings each wanting to give a card to mom! (check out our unicorn card design too!)

Printable Mother's Day Card Cat Design

Next, glue the circle template to orange construction paper and trim the edges while leaving a little room to give it a nice look. Fold it in half.

Handmade Mothers Day Card

STEP 3: Make the cat ears and face

Now it's time to start making the cat! Cut two small triangles out of orange construction paper for the ears. Cut and glue two smaller white triangles for the inside of your cat's ears.

Cat craft for kids

For the mouth, cut a small oval from white paper. Use some markers to draw a heart nose and smile.

Mother's Day Cat Craft for Kids

STEP 4: Assemble the cat face

Start assembling the face of your cat Mother's Day card craft by gluing the ears to the back of the orange circle from earlier. Glue the white mouth oval in the centre and add some eyes and whiskers to finish off the face.

Printable Mother's Day Card Craft for Kids - cat

STEP 5: Finalize Mother's Day card craft

To finish up this printable Mother's Day card, grab the template with the MOM lettering and fold it to make a crease at the top of the letters. 

Trim around the word MOM, leaving the fold intact. This will allow the card to stand up.  Help younger toddlers or preschoolers to write a special message for mom inside!

Printable MOM Mother's Day Card Craft for Kids

Lastly, glue the cat in the centre where the letter 'O' would go. Decorate each of the letter Ms and you're done!

Handmade Mothers day card for kids to make


To download this Mother's Day card craft for free click on the link below and add $0. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Free printable Mother's Day Card Craft

We hope you enjoy making this Mother's Day card craft with your preschooler or toddler. Kids big and small will have so much fun making a handmade Mother's Day card for the special mom in their life! Mom will also love these handmade gifts for mom to go with her cat themed printable Mother's Day card.

Free printable Mother's Day card craft for kids. This cat craft makes the perfect handmade Mother's Day card.

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