Gifts for Mom from Kids – homemade gift ideas that kids can make

Are you looking for some homemade gift ideas for mom that the kids can make? We have collected together a list of our favourite gifts for mom from kids. Whether you are looking to make a homemade gift for mothers day, a birthday, Christmas or just because, we have gathered together some of the most adorable DIY gift ideas that can be made by children that mom will love.

Gifts for mom from kids - a collection of the best homemade gift ideas that kids can make for mom. Easy diy gift ideas that are perfect to give mom for Mother's day, Christmas or a birthday.

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I love making homemade gifts with the kids and we have an ever-increasing collection of keepsake crafts that are perfect to give as homemade gifts. If you are looking for a gift for mom specifically for mothers day take a look at our collection of mothers day craft ideas that includes gift and card ideas for children to make.

Children love giving homemade gifts. It's lovely to see the look of pride on their face as they hand over something that they have created. The homemade gifts that we have included in this collection are all gifts that would be really appreciate and treasured by mom. Most of these gift ideas can be made by children of all ages including toddlers and preschoolers.

Take a look at all the beautiful gift ideas that kids can make below and click on the links for more images and full instructions. If you are a mom looking at these lovely ideas thinking you would like to receive one of these gifts maybe drop a few hints!

You might also want to check out our list of canvas painting ideas for kids to make as some of these would make adorable gifts for Mom.

Gifts for Mom from Kids

Bowls/ Jewellery Dishes for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy clay bowl gift ideas that kids can make.

Clay Footprint Bowl - Messy Little Monster
This precious footprint bowl is one of my favouite keepsakes. The gold footprints really stand out against the white clay and the bowl looks really stylish. This would be a perfect homemade gift from a baby or toddler.

Perler Bead Pinch Pot - The Art Kit Blog
Use oven baked clay to make mom a homemade dish to keep her jewellry in. I love the addition of perler beads to add interest to the design.

Paper Mache Bowl - Happy Hooligans
A one of a kind gift for kids to make for mom, each paper mache bowl will be completely indvidual and think of the fun the kids will have as they make and paint them.

Flower Jewellery Dish - Mommy's Bundle
These beautiful flower shaped bowls would be loved by any mom. They are really easy to make and are the perfect size for rings and earrings.

Decorated Mugs for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy painted mug gift ideas that kids can make.

Mom Mug - Non Toy Gifts
Hands off mom's mug! Mom will always know which is her mug with this cute design. The technique used to make these mugs is perfect for preschoolers.

Heart Scribble Mug - Messy Little Monster
Show mom how much you love her with a heart shaped design on a mug. Even toddlers will be able to do this easy scribble technique to create a gift for mom.

Fingerprint Butterfly Mug - The Best Ideas for Kids
What is more personal than a child using their own fingerprints to create a beautiful design. I love these fingerprint butterflies and I'm sure mom will too!

Painted Mug - Kenarry
This hand painting craft is perfect for older children, tweens or teens! I love the flower design but with this idea you can be as creative as you like!

Personalised Magnets for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy magnet gift ideas that kids can make.

Salt Dough Flower Magnets - The Best Ideas for Kids
These little flower salt dough magnets are so easy to make and look adorable. Any mom would love the addition of a photograph in the salt dough frame .

Thumb-body Loves You - Messy Little Monster
Another salt dough craft, this time with little thumb prints and the saying thumb body loves you.

Fingerprint Art Glass Magnets - Rhythms of Play
Let little children use their fingerprints to create fun designs that can be turned into magnets. 

Mommy and Me Magnet -Artsy Momma
Isn't this the cutest? Children can draw themselves with their mom to make this magnet craft.  Add the saying 'Mommy you are magnet-ificent to make it make this gift even more adorable.

Keyrings for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy keyring and keychain gifts that kids can make.

Child's Drawing Keyring -Messy Little Monster
Children's drawings are always adorable , especially drawings of family. Treaure those little drawings by shrinking them and turning them into keyrings.

Child Designed Polymer Clay keychain - Adventure in a Box
Another fun way of making a keychain to treaure your child's first drawings is to use polymer clay. Mom will love carrying around a tiny drawing of herself!

Fingerprint Keyring - Messy Little Monster
Make an impression of little fingerprints in clay. This easy homemade gift is perfect for younger children to make for mom.

Butterfly footprint keychain - the Best Ideas for Kids
Another shrinky dinks craft, this time using tiny little footprints. Mom will love this beautiful butterfly design.

Bookmarks for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy bookmark gifts that kids can make.

Tie Dye Bookmarks - Happy Hooligans
I adore the effect created on these tie dye bookmarks using sharpies and rubbing alcohol. They are a lot easier to create than they look!

Pressed Flower Bookmarks - Buggy and Buddy
These beautiful homemade bookmarks are made using real flowers. Kids will love collecting nature to press and use to make this beautiful gift for mom.

Flower Bookmark - Red Ted Art
This fun paper craft makes a perfect corner bookmark for mom to use to keep her page. They are easy to make if you follow the step by step instructions.

Printable Bookmark - The Pinterested Parent
A sweet keepsake that mom can see everytime she reads her book. This printable bookmark includes a cute poem and space to add a child's drawing. 

Flower Pots for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy flower pot crafts that kids can make.

Homemade Flower Pot - Messy Little Monster
Make mom happy with some beautiful flowers planted in a homemade flower pot. I love the pour painting technique used to created these pots. 

Painted Flower Pot - Joy in the Works
Use little handprints, footrprints or fingerprints to create these cute flower pots.

Concrete Planter - The Soccer Mom Blog
These little plants need very little maintenance which makes them a perfect gift for a mom that is maybe not so green fingered!

Decorate Pots - Mama Smiles
Let children design and make their own terracotta pot. I love the idea of using 
stencils to add letters.

Pamper Gifts for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy pamper gift ideas that kids can make.

Homemade Sugar Scrub - Messy Little Monster
This easy homemade sugar scrub looks very luxurious if you put it in a nice jar. Add a little gift tag and it makes the perfect gift for mom. I love the addition of pink hearts.

Easy Bath Salts -Teaching 2 and 3 Year olds
I love how the process of making this gift has been adapted so toddlers can be involved in making this gift without to much help. Mom will love relaxing in a bath with homemade bath salts.

Personalized candle holder -Rhythms of Play
Imagine mum lighting up a few candles as she has a nice relaxing bath. What a perfect way for her to pamper herself a little. These candle holders can be kept and treasured forever too!

Pamper Hamper - Blue Bear Wood
Make mom her own gorgeous pamper hamper full of all her favourite pamper products. This gift set includes a few homemade beauty products which makes it even more personal. 

Keepsakes for Mom

Homemade gifts for mom from kids - easy diy keepsakes that kids can make.

Rock Photo Holder - Buggy and Buddy
Make mom a photo holder to hold her precious photos. These rock photo holders look beautiful and can be completely personalised.

Heart Notebook - Easy Peasy and Fun
Fill a diy heart notebook with little letters telling mom her how special she is.

I Toe-tally Love You - Learning and Exploring Though Play
Salt dough crafts always make adorable keepsakes and I love the saying 'I toe-tally love you' to go along with this footprint craft. How precious!

Fingerprint Poem - Messy Little Monster
Create a fingerprint heart on a mini canvas and add an adorable poem about fingerprints. 

If you are looking for a gift for mom for Mother's Day you might like to make her one of these printable keepsake cards too!

Gifts for mom from kids - a collection of the best homemade gift ideas that kids can make for mom. Easy diy gift ideas that are perfect to give mom for Mother's day, Christmas or a birthday.
More ideas of gifts kids can make for Mom: 

Fingerprint flower pot

Gifts kids can make mom for Mother's Day fingerprint flowerpot

Flowers in a flowerpot craft

flower pot gift for moms from kids

Clay Baby Handprint Ornament

handprint gift for moms for mothers day from kids

Salt dough crafts are always popular if they contain handprints or footprints. Why not make a salt dough family handprint keepsake

salt dough family handprint gift for mom for Mother's day

So which of these adorable homemade gifts for Mom from kids do you think mom will like best? The kids are going to be busy!

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