Mother's Day Bird House Craft

This lovely Mother Day's Bird House Craft is a perfect homemade card for moms who love birds and everything nature-themed. Our free birdhouse template makes it super easy to make. Kids are going to have loads of fun making and gifting this cute Mother's Day card.

Mothers Day Bird House Craft

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Personalised gifts are the best, especially when it's time to give something special to one of the most special people in someone's life; Mom! What I love about this birdhouse craft (besides how cute it is, obviously!) is how easy it is to customise it. 

You can change the colours to the kid's favourite ones and it will still look just as adorable. Have a look at this Cupcake Liner Bird Craft to check out how it would look with purple and green birds.

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Scroll down to download the birdhouse printable and full instructions!

Mother's Day Birdhouse Craft

Mothers Day Craft

Mother’s Day Birdhouse Craft Supplies:

  • Template
  • Coloured paper: one colour for the background.
  • Coloured paper: one for the birdhouse. 
  • Coloured paper: dark colour for the birdhouse hole.
  • Coloured paper: A small piece of yellow or orange for the beak. 
  • 1 standard size cupcake liner.
  • 2 mini cupcake liners (one in yellow for the sun)
  • Scissors.
  • Glue stick.
  • All-purpose glue.
  • Google eyes.
  • 3 popsicle sticks.

How to make your Mother’s Day Birdhouse Craft Instructions:

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

Start by downloading our free birdhouse template. Print it and cut each piece. Once that's done, start tracing the house shape and the circle on coloured paper and cut them out.

Bird House Craft Template

STEP 2: Put the birdhouse together

Now take your glue and attach the house shape to the background paper. Glue the circle to the top section of the birdhouse. Remember this circle acts like the bird's house door!

birdhouse craft

Take your cloud piece with your note and glue it to the top of the paper, towards one side, left or right. You can either use the pre written note or use the cloud shape as a template and write your own. 

Now take the all-purpose glue and glue on the popsicle sticks to form the roof of the house and the floor, on the bottom. 

Mothers Day Craft for kids

STEP 3: Cut your cupcake liners

Taking your yellow cupcake liner, start cutting along the edges to create a sun. Glue the sun piece on top of your page.

Mothers Day Craft

Then to make the birds, grab the larger cupcake liner and the other smaller one as well, and cut both in half.  Cut one half of the larger cupcake liner in half again and then in half again until you're left with 1/8th of that piece. (see image below)

cupcake liner bird craft

STEP 4: Make your cupcake liner birds

To make the mummy bird take the 1/2 piece of the smaller liner and add it to the centre of the 1/2 larger liner. Glue in place. 

To make the baby bird take one of the 1/8th piece of the standard size cupcake liner and add it to the centre of the ½ smaller liner. Glue in place. 

(see image below)

cupcake liner bird craft

Taking your yellow paper, cut out two triangle shapes. These will be used as the beaks. Add final touches to your mommy and baby bird by gluing google eyes and one yellow beak to each bird. The beaks are made by cutting out two triangles from your yellow paper. 

cupcake liner bird craft for kids

STEP 7: Final details!

Glue the birds in front of your birdhouse're done!

Bird House Craft

And there you have it! Isn't this an adorable and original little craft to celebrate Mom on her special day? I absolutely love it! 

Mothers Day Craft for kids to make


To download this Mother Day's Birdhouse Craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code: bird.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Mothers Day Craft template

The whole process of making this Mother's Day craft is creative and I think it's really good for little ones to be part of making something so special. We hope you enjoyed making this bird house craft as much as we did, enjoy!

Mothers Day craft for kids to make. Cupcake liner bird craft and bird house craft with printable template.

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