Easter Crafts for Toddlers

With Easter just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can involve your toddler in the crafting fun. That's understandable, as they sometimes get left out of the more complicated crafts that older children can do. So, to include them in the fun, we've put together a great list of easy Easter crafts for toddlers that moms and teachers of tots are going to love.

Easter crafts for toddlers

These classic Easter crafts featuring eggs, bunnies, sheep, carrots, and more, are super simple. They're also quick, which is great for crafting with toddlers. Try to keep your crafting time to about 5-10 minutes with toddlers, even if that means doing your project in stages, or even over several days.

They won't look perfect, but the smiles on their faces, while they craft alongside you, will be worth it.

Here are a few more Easter activities that your toddler might enjoy:

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easy Easter crafts for toddlers

Easter Crafts for Toddlers from Messy Little Monster

We've made loads of toddler-friendly Easter crafts over the years that focus on simple techniques that look great no matter your kids' ages. Here are some of our favourites!

Footprint Bunny Craft

Our Footprint Bunny Craft is such a sweet keepsake that you'll treasure for years. This is the perfect Easter craft to make with babies and toddlers so that you can remember those tiny little feet forever. The grandparents will love receiving one, too.
Easter crafts for toddlers - footprint bunny craft

Paper Towel Painting Eggs

Make these Paper Towel Painting Easter Eggs with your toddler. They're so fun and easy, and kids love watching the colours soak into the paper towel as they brush across the material. String these together to make a colourful Easter banner.

Easter crafts for toddlers - painting Easter eggs

Q-Tip Painting Easter Eggs

Using new materials to paint and create is always fun. Try this Q-Tip Painting Easter Eggs activity to explore dabbing paint with q-tips. Children of all ages can enjoy this simple craft.

We also have a list of lots of other Easter egg crafts for you to browse through. 

Easter crafts for toddlers - painting Easter eggs with q tips

Peeps Edible Puffy Paint

When you're crafting with toddlers, you have to be super careful about the materials you use, especially when it comes to painting. This taste-safe Peeps Edible Puffy Paint is an excellent choice for Easter. It does need to be slightly warm to paint with, so be careful that it's not too hot if you find your toddler tasting it.

Easter crafts for toddlers - peeps puffy painting

Easy Bunny Art

Our Easy Bunny Craft is so much fun! This is another process art activity that involves using water beads and paints to create a marbled effect on paper. It looks just gorgeous when you put it against a solid background.

Easter crafts for toddlers - easy bunny craft

Bottle Easter Basket

This plastic bottle Easter basket is such a fun recycled Easter project for toddler! Just grab an old milk bottle, cut it to size and get decorating. This craft is perfect for toddlers as they can decorate their Easter basket anyway they please. After decorating their Easter basket they can use it to go on a fun Easter hunt!

Easter basket craft for toddlers

More Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers

And now, let's take a look at some adorable Easter crafts for littles from some of our blog friends.
Toddler Easter crafts

Doily Sheep Craft

You can't get any simpler than this Doily Sheep Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. Pre-cut the shapes for the legs, face, and ears for your toddler and let him glue everything together. You'll have an adorable sheep in no time.

Easter crafts for toddlers - paper doily sheep craft

Handprint Bunny

You know how much we love keepsakes, and this Handprint Bunny from Simple Everyday Mom is super cute. You can personalise this craft even further by using your child's favourite colours. The bunny will look just as adorable in shades of green, brown, purple, etc. as it does in blue and pink. Your child will want to show off this cute craft to all your visitors this Easter.

Easter crafts for toddlers - handprint bunny craft

Bunny Photo Frame

Turn a cute photo of your toddler into this gorgeous Bunny Photo Frame from I Heart Crafty Things. This simple Easter gift is perfect for grandparents. The pom-pom nose and tail are cute touches on an already adorable keepsake.

Easter crafts for toddlers - bunny photo craft

Bunny Puppets

These Bunny Puppets from My Bored Toddler are perfect for pretend play. Use them while reading some fun bunny-themed books, or take them outside to play around in the grass. Kids can enjoy these all spring long.

Easter crafts for toddlers - bunny stick puppet craft

Easter Egg Potato Stamping

Stamping is an easy way for toddlers to create beautiful crafts to display in the home. This Easter Egg Potato Stamping activity from Natural Beach Living is beautiful. Use it to make cards for your family or wrapping paper for Easter surprises.
Easter crafts for toddlers - Easter egg potato stamping

Aluminum Foil Easter Egg Craft

Let your toddler practice her fine motor skills with this Aluminum Foil Egg Craft from The Joy of Sharing. Wrapping the cardboard egg cutout in foil and placing the tape, buttons, stickers, etc., is so much fun. Each egg will be unique. This craft is fun for a wide range of ages and would make an excellent craft for the daycare or preschool classroom, too.

Easter crafts for toddlers - foil egg craft

Easter Egg Photo Craft

Another cute keepsake craft for spring is this Easter Egg Photo from Simple Everyday Mom. Use Easter candies and your child's photo to create a sweet little image of your child. Glue a magnet to the back to put it on the fridge this spring!

Easter crafts for toddlers - Easter egg photo craft

Printable Bunny Hat

Kids love making and wearing silly hats to celebrate the holidays, like this cute Printable Bunny Hat from Fun With Mama. The printable also includes eggs and flowers that your tot can color and add to the hat.

Easter crafts for toddlers - Easter mask craft

Easy Bunny Painting Activity

Grab a canvas or two, and let your toddler get to work on this Easy Bunny Painting Activity from My Bored Toddler. Kids can use their fingers or paintbrushes to apply paint all over the page. They can be as messy as they like since they're painting within a cutout shape. This keeps the shape consistent, but kids can go wild with as many colours as they choose.

Easter crafts for toddlers - Easter bunny painting activity

Carrot Easter Craft

Most Easter crafts focus on bunnies and eggs, but let's not forget how much the Easter bunny loves carrots! And this Carrot Craft from Laughing Kids Learn is so simple and cute. Kids can work on their cutting and pasting skills while using a variety of different orange materials to make the carrot.

Easter crafts for toddlers - carrot craft

Bubble Wrap Printed Eggs

The adults helping with this craft will love it just as much as the toddlers. Playing and creating with bubble wrap is so much fun! It creates a wonderful textured look on things, as you see here with these Bubble Wrap Printed Eggs from The Resourceful Mama.

Easter crafts for toddlers - bubble wrap printed egg craft

Plastic Egg Sculpture

Use some of those leftover plastic eggs to create a 3D art project, such as one of these Plastic Egg Sculptures at Fun-A-Day. This is quite fun because you never know what the resulting sculpture will look like. It's best to use a cold glue gun (or low-temperature hot glue gun) when making this craft with toddlers. Adults will need to apply the glue, and the kids can apply the eggs to the globs of glue.

Easter crafts for toddlers - plastic egg sculptures

Cotton Sheep Paper Plate Craft

Looking for a fun, fluffy craft that your toddler will love? Look no further than this Cotton Sheep Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. Kids will have such a good time gluing the cotton balls to the paper plate and turning it into a cute little sheep. If you don't have any cotton balls on hand, you can substitute torn paper, shredded paper, or tissue paper instead.

Easter crafts for toddlers - cotton ball sheep craft

Fingerprint Chick Cards

Turn your toddler's thumbprints into tiny little chicks to make Fingerprint Chick Easter Cards like these from Red Ted Art for the family. These are quick and easy, so you can make several in no time flat.

Easter crafts for toddlers - fingerprint chick craft

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

Marble painting is so easy to adapt for toddlers! To make these Shaving Cream Painted Eggs from A Night Owl a little more toddler-friendly, place the paint and shaving cream in a large baggie along with the egg, and let your toddler smush the paint around. You can then pull it out and scrape it to let it dry. Easy peasy and very low mess.

Easter crafts for toddlers - shaving cream painted eggs

So which of these fun and easy crafts for toddlers are you going to try first!?

Easy Easter crafts for toddlers

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