Adorable Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter's on its way, and you'll be ready for a spring full of crafts and fun with these beautiful bunny crafts for kids of all ages.  From fun easter bunny crafts to cute Spring bunny projects we have it all covered in this collection of bunny craft ideas.

Bunny crafts for kids


You can make most of these bunnies with simple materials or items that you already have at home, so you probably have what you need for several of these projects already. Pick one of these adorable bunny projects to get started on today. You'll have some incredibly "hoppy" kids when you're done.

Here are a few more Easter crafts that you might enjoy:

Cute Bunny Crafts for Kids

We'll kick things off with some of our favourite bunny crafts right here at Messy Little Monster. You'll find easy paper crafts, pretty painting projects, and some interactive crafts like puppets and bunnies with movable parts that the kids will have a blast playing with.

Easter bunny craft ideas for kids

Mix and Match Bunny Craft

These mix and match bunnies need to be on your to-do list for Easter. Your kids can customise the bunnies with their own faces and even mix and match the accessories, ears, feet, tail, and so much more using our Easter bunny template. There are so many options that each child can easily create their own unique bunny.

mix and match paper bunny craft for kids

Easy Bunny Painting Project

If you're looking for an easy bunny craft, look no further than this colourful little bunny painting. We painted the bunny template with a playful marble-run technique. It works by adding paint and marbles (or water beads) to a container along with paper and rolling the marbles around to move the paint across the paper. The results look different every time. 

Bunny painting for kids

We also use our bunny template to create this cool crayon-resist bunny art! 

bunny craft for kids - crayon resist art

Moving Bunny Craft

Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on its way with this moving bunny craft kids are going to LOVE. Both the ears and the bowtie are movable, so you can pose him in several cute ways.

Moving bunny craft for kids

Cardboard Bunny Craft

Make this cardboard bunny craft to teach kids how to create something beautiful with recycled materials. The exposed corrugated cardboard adds texture and visual interest to the bunnies. Plus, their expressions are just adorable. Don't they look cute and cuddly? They'll make lovely decorations for an Easter tablescape.

Cardboard bunny craft for kids

Paper Bag Bunny Craft

If you're hosting an Easter party, make this Easter bunny paper bag craft to give out as favours. They can also double as décor at the tables! They're super simple to make with white bags, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and large googly eyes. You'll need paper for the ears, too. Each bunny only takes a few minutes to make.

Easter bunny paper bag craft for kids

Paper Plate Bunny Butt

This paper plate bunny butt will make the kids giggle. It looks just like a fuzzy little bunny hopping into his rabbit hole. It's a super fun and easy project to make on Easter morning or for a playdate. If you're not the glitter type (though we think it adds sparkle and cheeriness), you can use pink paper instead.

Paper plate bunny butt craft for kids

Some Bunny Loves You Craft

Send the cutest Easter greetings with this footprint bunny craft that's perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It's a terrific card idea for the grandparents. They'll love looking at those adorable bunny feet. Make a set for the scrapbook, too.

Footprint bunny craft - Some bunny loves you

Bunny Crayons Project

Planning an Easter party or sending something along for your child's classroom party? These homemade crayon bunnies are the perfect non-candy item. They'll look great in the baskets on Easter morning, too. Make them all one colour or various colours, as we did.

Homemade bunny crayons project for kids

Sock Bunny Craft

These adorable no-sew sock bunnies are easy to assemble and make great Easter decor! Why not make sock bunny crafts in various sizes to create a whole sock bunny family! 

No sew sock bunny craft for Easter

Bunny and Chick Tote Bag

Instead of a basket to gather eggs, why not make this cute bunny and chick themed bag instead? It's darling for spring and can be used for carrying books, toys, or anything else your child wants to bring along. They make terrific gifts, too.

tote bag bunny project for kids

Bunny Pancakes

Kick things off on Easter morning with some adorable and tasty bunny pancakes. They look like a bunny hopping away! Add fresh berries, whipped cream (that would be great for a tail!) or chocolate chips to them to make them extra special.

Easter bunny pancakes

More Beautiful Bunny Arts and Crafts for Kids

Want even more bunny art ideas? Try one of these super cute bunny crafts from some of our favourite bloggers. There are loads of creative projects here!

Cute bunny crafts and bunny projects for kids

Cardboard Tube Bunnies

Upcycle empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes to make colourful cardboard tube bunnies from Crafts by Amanda. Decorate them with felt, pom-poms, buttons, and paint for the cutest bunny family you've ever seen. You'll want to leave these sweet bunnies on your shelf or table all spring long.

cardboard tube bunny craft for kids

Fingerprint Bunny Ears

This simple bunny is made special by adding fingerprints. This fingerprint bunny ears project from Crafty Morning is terrific for toddlers and preschoolers who need simple, quick ideas to hold their attention.

Fingerprint bunny ears - Easter bunny craft for kids

Cotton Ball Bunny Cards

You won't find a cuter craft to make with your baby or toddler this spring than this cotton ball bunny card from Easy Peasy and Fun. Beneath all that fluffy, soft cotton is a sweet picture of your child. Older kids will enjoy it, too, especially since they can write a special message inside for Grandma or Grandpa.

Cotton ball bunny card for kids to make

Easter Bunny Canvas Craft

Use tissue paper and pom-poms to make the fluffiest bunny canvas craft. This project from Mod Podge Rocks is a beautiful piece of Easter décor that you can bring out every spring. It'll also make a wonderful addition to a woodland animal nursery if you use neutral colours.

Bunny canvas craft for kids to make

Craft Stick Bunnies Craft

Grab some mini craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms to make these delightful craft stick bunnies from It Happens in a Blink. It's a simple project for the classroom because painting the craft sticks is totally optional. It's just as cute with the natural wood as it is painted.

craft stick bunny craft for kids

Easter Bunny Carrot Patch Craft

It's a bunny in a carrot patch! This adorable paper craft from Our Kid Things is easy to make and will look amazing hanging on the wall or fridge for the holiday. This craft provides plenty of scissor practice for the kids, especially with cutting wavy and zig-zag lines.

Bunny in a carrot patch craft for kids

Easter Bunny Eggs

Make the Easter egg hunt a little more interesting with Easter bunny eggs from Little Red Window. Or you can add them to your décor if they're just too cute to put outside in the grass. These fun bunnies are easy to make using craft eggs, felt, and paint. You can make some dainty chick eggs with yellow paint, too!

Easter bunny eggs - Bunny craft ideas for kids

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Mask Craft

Pretend play that you're the Easter bunny with a cutesy and simple Easter bunny paper plate mask from She Saved. This mask is a sweet photo prop for spring parties and will help you create memorable pictures with the kids.

Easter bunny paper plate craft for kids

Popsicle Stick Bunnies with Carrots

Use a single jumbo craft stick to make this popsicle stick bunny with a carrot. These little cuties from The Best Ideas for Kids will look great sticking out of the kids' Easter baskets, especially tucked into a fun book. 

Popsicle stick bunnies - bunny crafts for kids

Bunny Hatching Eggs Craft

Delight someone with photos of the children by making this bunny hatching eggs craft from Our Kid Things. What a cute little springtime keepsake! Kids will love making the eggs open and close to reveal their pictures.

Bunny with hatching eggs - Easter bunny craft for kids

Paper Plate Bunny Unicorns

There's nothing cuter than bunnies and nothing more magical than unicorns. Combine them and what do you get? These whimsical bunny unicorns from Non-Toy Gifts. With the beautiful flowers and sparkly unicorn horn, it's so much fun to make and will look amazing on display.

Paper plate bunny unicorn - Bunny projects for kids

Printable Spring Bunny Craft

Make a trio of adorable spring bunnies holding flowers, eggs, or carrots. This project from Kids' Craft Room makes a fantastic classroom or Easter party decoration. Kids can also hold them while their photographs are taken if you want to use them as photo props. 

Printable spring bunnies - bunny craft for kids

Recycled Bunny Craft

Here's another interesting take on a cardboard rabbit. This recycled bunny craft from Hello, Wonderful is made with cardboard from a cereal box, egg cartons, and paper. The egg carton flowers are so beautiful, and overall, the bunny looks tranquil. It's lovely.

Recycled bunny craft for kids

Printable Bunny Bookmarks 

Print these double-sided bunny bookmarks from The Craft Train to use in your favourite spring and Easter chapter books. They'll look so adorable peeking over the pages. Donate some to the library, too!

Bunny bookmark craft - easy bunny craft ideas for kids

K-Cup Bunnies

Don't toss those K-cups in the trash. Turn them into tiny little K-cup bunnies from Artsy Momma for the kids to play with. Working on a small scale is great for older kids to continue developing their motor skills, but if K-cups are too small, you can scale the idea up and make the bunnies with regular-sized ones instead. 

K cup bunnies - bunny craft for kids

There you have it—25+ adorable Easter bunny crafts kids will love. Pin this post, gather your crafting supplies, and come back when you're ready to get started. We can't wait to see the amazing bunny creations that you come up with.

Bunny crafts for kids. 25 + beautiful bunny craft ideas

And if that isn't enough bunny craft ideas for you here are a few more Easter bunny projects that we have found that we loved!

15 adorable Easter bunny crafts for kids.  Fun bunny rabbit craft ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids

See our collection of 20 Easter crafts and activities.

More Easter Bunny Craft Ideas

15 adorable Easter bunny crafts for kids.  Fun bunny rabbit craft ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids

Cupcake Liner Bunnies by Crafty Morning
Bunny Long Legs by Crafty Journal
Fine Motor Yarn Bunnies by The Inspired Treehouse

Giant Pipe Cleaner Bunnies by Cutesy Crafts

Bunny crafts look adorable whether you are making them as Easter gifts or decorations or just as a fun Spring craft. Whatever age your children are there is something suitable in this list of bunny craft ideas for everyone, from toddlers and preschoolers to big kids.

If your children are looking forward to a visit from Easter bunny this year take a look at our list of Easter Basket Fillers for some fun ideas of what Easter bunny could leave behind!

As well as trying out some of these adorable Easter bunny crafts you might want to to take a look at some Easter Handprint Craft Ideas or our list of Chick Crafts to give you extra Easter themed inspiration. Why not make a Carrot Treat Box or Easter Basket too! 

15 adorable Easter bunny crafts for kids.  Fun bunny rabbit craft ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids

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