Cupcake liner Easter craft for kids (with template)

Cupcake liners are an awesome material to make budget-friendly crafts! Today I'm sharing how to make a Cupcake Liner Easter Craft, it even includes the template! This cute tower of Easter friends includes a chick, bunny and lamb.  The kids will have a blast making this fun Easter craft to display on the wall or gift to a loved one. 

cupcake liner Easter craft for kids

Scroll down for full instructions and to download the free template!

There are so many cute Easter crafts for kids to choose from, but I think that this cupcake liner Easter craft is a winner. Whether you make all three Easter animals or just one, this makes a cute craft for children of all ages. The best bit is that the free Easter animal template makes the entire process easy and stress free. 

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Cupcake Liner Easter Craft

Easter craft for kids

Cupcake Liner Easter Craft Supplies:

  • Template
  • Cupcake Liners: white, pink and yellow
  • Construction paper in green and light blue
  • Google eyes
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Easter craft template

Cupcake Liner Easter Craft Instructions:

STEP 1: Start making the background of your craft.

To begin with, start by making the background for this Easter craft. Take your green paper and carefully tear off a strip from the bottom of it. 

Next, glue that strip to the bottom of the blue paper.  The strip is going to be the grass and the blue paper, the sky.

Easter card

STEP 2: Prepare the cupcake liners

Grab your white cupcake liner and flatten it with your hands. Once you've flattened it out, glue it to the bottom of the background you just made on the previous step. This cupcake liner will make the lamb. 

Continue by working on the pink cupcake liner.  Flatten the pink cupcake liner, but this time you need to fold the sides to make the arms. Glue it to the middle part of the paper so it sits on top of the white liner. This cupcake liner will make the bunny.

To finish off this part of your Easter craft you need to flatten the yellow cupcake liner and fold it in half.  Glue it above the pink liner towards the top of your paper. This cupcake liner will make the chick.

(see image below)

cupcake liner craft

STEP 3: Print out your template and put everything together

Now, print out your template, colour it and cut out the pieces.

printable Easter craft template

Easter craft template

Glue the beak and wing to the yellow cupcake liner to make a chick. Then, focus on your pink bunny, glue on the ears, paws, and feet with glue. Finally glue the 4 legs and head to complete your white lamb.

cupcake liner craft - Easter chick craft and Easter bunny craft

Give each animal a pair of google eyes and add a cute smile to the pink bunny.

cupcake liner craft - Easter lamb craft

TIP: Make cute Easter cards with each animal!

This is an awesome idea if you're planning on making Easter cards for your loved ones. Instead of creating the whole craft as we did, you could just make each animal on its own background and use it as an Easter card.  

Easter craft for kids with free printable


To download these Cupcake Liners Easter Craft Printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code- Easter.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Easter craft printable

Easy-peasy, right? This is a cool Easter project you're little ones will absolutely love to make and show off to everyone once it's complete. This cupcake liner craft would make a fun Spring craft as well as being an awesome Easter craft for kids.

Easter craft for kids. Use cupcake liners to make an Easter bunny craft, Easter chick craft and lamb craft.

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