Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easter is just around the corner--can you believe it? Before the kids start hunting for eggs or eating all those chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, it'll be fun to fit in a few crafts to celebrate. These Easter crafts for preschoolers are great for making at home or in the classroom. Best of all, they're really easy, so they're perfect for preschoolers who are just learning to cut, glue, paint, and colour with only a little assistance.

Easter crafts for preschoolers

You'll find loads of cute ideas here from spring chicks, to sheep, to Easter eggs, and Easter bunnies. Scan through the list to choose a few, because you won't want to stop at just one!

Preschoolers will be able to do most of these Easter crafts on their own, but they may need a little help here and there.

Here are a few more Easter activities that your preschooler might enjoy:

They might also enjoy making homemade Easter cards.

The Easter preschool crafts listed below are perfect for a rainy spring afternoon or a quiet morning activity with your early risers. Which one will you try first?

You might also what to check out our collection of FREE Easter Egg Template Printables that could be useful for some of these Easter crafts. 

Fun Easter crafts for preschoolers

Easter Crafts for Preschoolers from Messy Little Monster

Sponge Painted Easter Eggs

Stamping these Sponge Painted Easter Eggs is a great way for preschoolers to create beautiful images with ease. You simply make your template from a sponge, coat the sections in paint, and let your little one stamp away on the paper. You could use this technique to create some beautiful cards or Easter wrapping paper.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - sponge painted easter egg shapes

Paper Doily Chick Craft

Our Paper Doily Chick Craft is so fun and easy! Preschoolers and toddlers alike will enjoy painting the doily and gluing the eyes and feathers to their cute little chicks. We have even more Cute Chick Crafts for Spring if you love these colourful little birds as much as we do.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - paper doily chick craft

Egg Scrape Painting

Have you ever tried scrape painting? It's such a fun technique that creates a unique design every time, but this Egg Scrape Painting is easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to help with, too. Use the beautiful, brightly-coloured eggs to make cards or an Easter egg banner to decorate for the big day.

Here are some more Easter egg craft ideas.   

Easter crafts for preschoolers - scrape painting easter egg craft

Paper Plate Bunny Butt Craft

How cute is this Paper Plate Bunny Butt Craft? It looks like he's hopping down into his little burrow, and only his cottontail and bunny feet are sticking out. We have even more bunny crafts, too!

Easter crafts for preschoolers - paper plate bunny butt craft

Easter Tote Bag

Your preschooler will love making his or her own Easter Tote Bag for gathering eggs during the Easter egg hunt. This is a simple technique using a bunny template and pom-pom painting around it to create a bunny outline. Use buttons, sequins, or other sparkly things to embellish your bag.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - DIY tote bag

Moving Easter Bunny

Your preschooler may need a little help with the cutting for this craft, but they will love having their own moving bunny craft to play with. When you move the arms on this cute little bunny his ears move too! How cool is that!

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Moving Easter bunny craft

Bunny Bag

Have fun with your preschooler making some bunny paper bags. These would be perfect to use for going on an Easter Hunt around the garden! Alternatively you could your them to package up Easter gifts for family and friends.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Bunny paper bag craft

3d Easter Scene 

Create a 3d easter scene by colouring and glueing together the foreground, middle ground and background of our Easter colouring pages. This Printable Easter Craft is free standing and super easy to prepare. 

Printable easter craft for preschoolers

Of course, we have even more Easter crafts you may want to explore!

More Cute Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

And now for some of our favourite preschool Easter crafts from around the web...

Cute Easter crafts for preschoolers

Paper Plate Bunny Face

This Paper Plate Bunny Face from The Best Ideas for Kids is adorable and easy to make. You only need a few supplies to create your own cute bunny, and it's perfect for home or the classroom.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Paper plate bunny craft

Chick Paper Weaving Craft

Help preschoolers refine their fine motor skills with a weaving activity, like this fun Paper Weaving Spring Chick from Red Ted Art. Not only does it help kids improve their dexterity, but repeating colours help with pattern recognition, too.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Paper weaving spring chick craft

Paper Plate Easter Chick

Speaking of chicks, this Paper Plate Easter Chick from The Simple Parent is another super easy idea for preschoolers. If you want to cut down on crafting time, you could use yellow plates instead of painting the white ones yellow.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Paper plate Easter chick craft

Paper Plate Sheep

Sheep crafts are perfect for Easter, and you can't get much cuter than this Paper Plate Sheep Craft from Simple Everyday Mom. If you're doing this with a group of preschoolers, cut out all the pieces beforehand to make this craft go a little quicker. But if you have the time, cutting out the template pieces is a wonderful way to practice those scissor skills.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Paper plate sheep craft

Handprint Chicken Paper Plate Craft

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Well, we're sure we wouldn't have all those amazing Easter eggs if it weren't for chickens, so why not make a cute Handprint Chicken Craft like this one from Darcy and Brian to celebrate the Easter season?

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Handprint chicken paper plate craft

Yarn-Wrapped Chick and Carrot

Yarn wrapping is a fun way to practice fine motor skills. The kids will love this super sweet Yarn Wrapped Chick and Carrot from Natural Beach Living. The carrot would be perfect for toddlers since it's a little simpler, and your preschoolers will love cutting and gluing the other features for the chick.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Yarn wrapped chick and carrot

Shape Bunny Craft

This Shape Bunny from Non-Toy Gifts is perfect for preschoolers! With simple circles and ovals being the only shapes used to make this bunny, it'll be great practice for preschoolers to work on cutting out their own shapes. This is a terrific classroom Easter craft.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Shape bunny craft

Hatching Easter Chick Craft

Not only do kids get to decorate and paint a paper Easter egg, but the chick they make can be placed in and out of the egg, like it's hatching. They'll have so much fun making and playing with this Hatching Easter Chick Craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Hatching Easter chick craft

Easter Egg Scratch Art

We used to do this scratch art using a black crayon to colour over everything as kids, but using paint is much smarter and faster. Preschoolers will have a wonderful time using the toothpick to scratch their designs into the eggs. It's so much fun watching those bright colours appear underneath in this Easter Egg Scratch Art from The Craft Train.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Easter egg scratch art

Easter Egg Maracas

Shake around and enjoy a dance party with these Easter Egg Maracas from Crayons and Cravings. This is a terrific way to reuse plastic eggs after Easter. The kids will want to make these again and again.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Plastic egg maracas

Stamped Easter Egg Craft

You only need a few materials for this Stamped Easter Egg Craft from Kids Activities Blog. Grab a  large egg cutout, some paint, and some plastic Easter egg halves to do the stamping with. You can create all sorts of fun designs with only these things!

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Stamped Easter egg craft

Footprint Bunny Craft

Parents love keepsakes of their kids' tiny hands and feet, and this Footprint Bunny Craft by Fun Handprint Art is an excellent example of that. It's a super cute Easter keepsake that you can make with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers alike.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Footprint bunny craft

Pasta Easter Eggs

Have you ever painted pasta noodles? It's easy to do with a baggie, some paint, and pasta shapes of your choice. Once the paint dries, use fun pasta shapes to create these Pasta Easter Eggs from The Best Ideas for Kids. Aren't they lovely? Just think of all the cool designs you can make simply by changing the pasta shape.

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Pasta Easter Eggs

Craft Stick Chicks

Make these Craft Stick Chicks by Red Ted Art if you're looking for a simple craft that can be put together in just a few minutes. Wouldn't these make cute fridge magnets if you add a magnet to the back?

Easter crafts for preschoolers - Craft stick chicks

B is for Bunny Craft

When you're just learning your letters, creative ways to reinforce letter recognition are always helpful. This B is for Bunny Craft from The Simple Parent is a nice one to do during the spring or Easter season. Kids will love placing the soft cotton balls on the letter B. If you don't have cotton balls on hand, this would also be fun to make with mini marshmallows!

Easter crafts for preschoolers - B is for bunny craft

Which Easter crafts for preschoolers will you make this spring with your little ones?

20 fun and easy Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

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