Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

One of the best parts about celebrating Easter with the kids is decorating eggs. It builds up excitement for the egg hunt, and it's a tradition that encourages families to spend some quality time together the day before the holiday. If you're looking for some cute and easy Easter egg decorating ideas for kids, you've come to the right place!

Easter egg decorating ideas

We've put together a fun list of egg decorating ideas that will make your Easter eggs stand out. Whether you're using real eggs, plastic eggs, wooden eggs, or paper mache eggs, you'll find some lovely decorating tips here. 

From natural egg dyes using foods in your kitchen and pantry to confetti-dipped eggs that look like a party in your basket, you'll love all the unique ways to make your eggs look extra special.

Scan this list with the kids to see which egg decorating ideas you'd like to try! Don't forget to pin this list so you'll have lots of ideas ready for next year, too.

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Easter egg decorating ideas for kids

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids from Messy Little Monster

We have so much fun trying out different ways to dye and decorate eggs around here.

Dying Eggs with Shaving Cream and Food Colouring

Our tutorial on Dying Eggs with Shaving Cream will show you, step by step, how to dye eggs using shaving cream and food colouring for beautiful, brightly coloured eggs. The colours are so striking! Note that you'll need to let the eggs sit in the shaving cream mixture for about 10-15 minutes each, so bear this in mind if you need to dye lots of eggs.

Easter egg decorating ideas - dying eggs with shaving cream

Natural Easter Egg Dye

If you like to focus on more natural activities in your home, you're going to love our tutorial on Natural Easter Egg Dye. We used blueberries, beets, spinach, red cabbage, and grape juice to create lovely natural colours that look just beautiful.

Easter egg decorating ideas - natural dye

Oil and Water Dyed Easter Eggs

The thing I love most about the Oil and Water Dyed Easter Eggs is that you never know what kind of pattern the oil is going to create on the eggs, so each one is unique. The colours are bright and vivid, and the speckled look is darling.

Easter egg decorating ideas - oil and water dyed Easter eggs

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

If you love decorating eggs as much as we do, you have to check out our tutorial on how to Tie Dye Easter Eggs. It gives the eggs a totally different look than your traditional dyeing methods, so your eggs are sure to be a big hit at the egg hunt.

Easter egg decorating ideas - tie dye easter eggs

Chick Easter Eggs

Although wooden eggs are used for these Easter Chick Eggs you can use any egg you like and adapt accordingly. The bright colours are so fun, and the kids will love gluing some feathers to their eggs to turn them into cute little chicks.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Easter chick painted eggs

More Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

And here are some of the super cool ways to decorate eggs that we've found around the web. Aren't they great?

Cute and creative easter egg decorating ideas for kids

Galaxy Eggs

These Galaxy Eggs by Little Bins for Little Hands are made with oil, vinegar, and food colouring. The eggs are double-dipped for the cool marbled, splotchy look.

Easter egg decorating ideas - galaxy eggs

Marble Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

This technique to Marble Easter Eggs with Nail Polish by The Soccer Mom Blog is so simple! You probably have lots of colours of nail polish at home that you don't exactly love on your nails that would look great on Easter eggs. Solid colours, pastels, glittery colours... try them all!

Easter egg decorating ideas - marble easter eggs with nail polish

Silk Tie Easter Eggs

Look at the pretty patterns on these Silk Tie Easter Eggs from Natural Beach Living. During the dyeing process, the pattern on the tie is transferred to the eggs to make creative patterns with ease.

Easter egg decorating ideas - silk tie easter eggs

Leaf Print Botanical Eggs

Nature lovers—this one's for you! Use small leaves and flowers to create these Botanical Eggs by Nurture Store using natural dyeing methods, like the ones we posted above. Aren't they pretty and perfect for spring?

Easter egg decorating ideas - botanical eggs

Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

You'll love putting out these Shabby Chic Easter Eggs by Fireflies and Mudpies year after year. Kids can cut short pieces of fabric tape, layering them on the plastic or wooden eggs to create some beautiful decor for our Easter table.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Shabby chic Easter Eggs

Pokemon Easter Eggs

Boys (and girls) will love making these Pokemon Eggs by Simple Everyday Mom. Use the printable templates to make Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, and Charmander.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Pokemon Eggs

Thumbprint Easter Eggs

Although you can make these Thumbprint Easter Eggs by Childhood101 with real eggs, you'll definitely want to make a few with craft eggs so you can put them out year after year.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Thumbprint Easter Eggs

Eric Carle Easter Eggs

Do your kids love the Eric Carle books, like The Very Hungry Caterpillar? The colors are so bright and vivid! These Eric Carle Eggs from Red Ted Art are inspired by his artwork. They're easy to make by layering tissue paper on your eggs.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Eric Carle Easter Eggs

Disney Easter Eggs

Use the printable templates from Simple Everyday Mom to create these adorable Disney Easter Eggs. You can use hardboiled eggs, blown-out eggs, or even plastic/craft eggs for this project. Templates are included for Olaf, Mike Wazowski, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Miguel Rivera, and Vanelope Von Schweetz.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Disney Easter Eggs

Wax Resist Eggs

Making Wax Resist Eggs like these from Rainy Day Mum is great because kids of all ages can get in on the fun. It's as simple as using a white wax crayon to draw designs on the egg, so even your toddler can color a bit on their eggs. After they're dyed, the bright colors pop against the wax resist portions of the egg.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Wax Resist Eggs

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs

These Confetti-Dipped Easter Eggs from Studio DIY will look like a party in your basket! After painting or dyeing your eggs, you'll apply Mod Podge and dip them in confetti. While foil confetti was used here, you can use any confetti you'd like.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Confetti dipped Easter Eggs

Whale Easter Eggs

You can make these adorable Whale Easter Eggs from Artsy Craftsy Mom with plastic eggs or real eggs. If using real eggs, you'll need to either paint or dye them blue first and then follow the rest of the instructions to complete the whale.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Whale Easter Eggs

Rice-Dyed Easter Eggs

Learn How to Dye Easter Eggs with Rice from The Inspiration Edit. This technique lightly covers the eggs in speckles, which are so pretty. It's also a clever way to avoid a mess, since you'll be dyeing the eggs in bags.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Rice Dyed Easter Eggs

Painting Easter Eggs

Another terrific option for toddlers is this Painting Easter Eggs activity by Rainy Day Mum. It's as easy as it sounds—paint a design on the eggs! It's a low-mess idea for any age, though, especially if you don't want to fuss with egg dyes.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Painting Easter Eggs

Stenciled Easter Eggs

After dyeing your eggs using your favourite method, use stencils to turn them into lovely Stenciled Easter Eggs like these from Design Improvised. Adhesive stencils make this project basically foolproof, even for preschoolers.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Stenciled Easter Eggs

Frog Easter Eggs

Much like the whale eggs above, this Frog Easter Egg from Artsy Craftsy Mom is great for real or fake eggs. It will be so fun hiding this little guy in the grass to see if anyone can find him!

Easter egg decorating ideas - Frog Easter Eggs

Feather Easter Eggs

These Feather Easter Eggs from Frugal Mom-Eh look so pretty and rustic, thanks to using craft feathers with natural colors. You could also replicate this idea with brightly colored feathers, too.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Feather Easter Eggs

Mod Podge Glitter Eggs

Kids who like all things sparkly will love making these Mod Podge Glitter Eggs from Mod Podge Rocks. These eggs require working in steps, so allow yourself plenty of drying time between painting the eggs and then coating them with Mod Podge and glitter.

Easter egg decorating ideas - Mod Podge Glitter Eggs

What's your favourite way to decorate Easter eggs with the kids?

Easter egg decorating ideas for kids. Dyeing Easter eggs.

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