Cute & Easy Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids

Snowman crafts are perfect for the colder weather that seems to have arrived. If you are looking for fun and easy snowman crafts for kids we've got you covered with 30 of the cutest snowman craft ideas you've ever seen. Toddlers, preschoolers, older kids and even adults will love this collection of ideas. 

Snowman crafts

With the colder weather upon us, we're dreaming of all the adorable snowmen we'd love to make. But, you can't always get out in the cold... or perhaps you live in an area where snow is non-existent. 

If that's the case, no worries. We've got you covered with our list of over 30 of the best snowman crafts. The best bit is, you don't need to worry about them melting!

From balloon snowmen to melted snowmen crafts to a snowman made out of socks, you'll find some winter crafts that your kids will love below. We have something for all ages from toddlers and preschoolers right up to much older kids. 

snowman crafts for kids

You might also want to check out these snow and winter-themed lists of ideas:

Easy Snowman Crafts for Kids

Mix and Match Paper Snowman Craft

Add your child's picture into the mix with this amazingly fun mix and match paper snowman craft. It's a beautiful winter keepsake kids can make at home or in the classroom. They'll delight in seeing their faces all decked out on a snowman.

Mix and match paper snowman craft


Melting Snowman Craft

Parents and kids will love how easy it is to make this melting snowman craft with felt, buttons, twigs, and a few other simple materials. After all, there's no wrong way to make a melting snowman! You can arrange the pieces in any way you'd like and even add some glitters for sparkle.

felt melting snowman craft for kids


Melted Snowman Craft and Poem

Pair your melted snowman craft with a little poetry for added fun. This is a great opportunity to work on kids' memorisation skills. Ask them to take a few minutes to memorise the poem. Then try it again after the shaving foam mixture dries.

melted snowman craft and poem


Picasso Snowman Craft

Budding artists will enjoy exploring shapes and colour with our Picasso snowman craft. It's a fun take on the traditional winter snowman craft and allows kids to think outside the box with colour and design.

Picasso snowman craft for kids


Yarn-Wrapped Snowman Ornament

There's nothing cold about this snowman—he's all warm and cosy and made of yarn! The yarn snowman ornaments will look great on the tree this year, and it gives kids a chance to work on their fine motor skills by working with yarn.

yarn wrapped snowman craft


Snowman Mug

Whether you're looking for an easy DIY gift to give someone or just want to make some cute mugs to drink your hot chocolate from, you have to make your own snowman mugs with the kids. They can personalise them with their names at the bottom. Nothing's better than cocoa from your own personalised mug.

Make your own mug snowman craft


Fingerprint Snowman Ornament

Keepsake ornaments are the best, and this adorable snowman fingerprint ornament will remind you of your child's tiny little fingerprints for years to come. Make a few extras for your extended family since they're so easy.

snowman fingerprint ornament - snowman crafts for kids


Snowman Painted Rock

Don't you love the gorgeous blue, purple, and pink colours of this snowman painted rock? It's a fantastic project to make together as a family. Each of you can design your own snowmen using whatever colours you'd like and then hide them somewhere for others to find. The snowman rocks are sure to put smiles on a few faces.

snowman painted rock


Fingerprint Snowmen Craft

Our love for clay decorations knows no bounds. We've even turned the clay into cute fingerprint snowmen decorated with tiny fingerprints to make the buttons. 

fingerprint snowman craft


Puffy Paint Melted Snowman Craft

Mix up a batch of puffy paint with shaving foam and glue to make these fun puffy paint melted snowmen. Add scraps of felt or craft foam to make the scarf, hat, eyes, and nose. Toddlers and preschoolers will love getting messy with this fun and easy snowman craft.

puffy paint melted snowman craft for toddlers and preschoolers


Snowman Line Art

If you want to get the older kids in on the fun, try this snowman line art craft. It's perfect for little ones because they can simply colour in the snowman design and leave it at that. Older children who enjoy more of a challenge can work on making straight lines vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to add more interest to the project.

snowman line art - snowman craft for kids

Marshmallow Snowman Craft

There is nothing better than a craft that you can eat! This marshmallow snowman is easy to make and looks adorable. Not only that, it would make a cute gift to give to family or friends. 

marshmallow snowman craft for kids

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

Use our simple template to make your own cotton ball snowman craft. We have 3 versions to choose from, you can make a Christmas snowman craft, a winter snowman craft, or a snowman-themed Christmas countdown! 
cotton ball snowman craft for kids

Handprint Snowman Craft

Have fun creating your own handprint snowman craft! This easy snowman craft uses a fun art technique and is great for children of all ages. 

handprint snowman craft


More Fun Snowman Crafts Ideas for Kids

fun snowman crafts

No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft

This no-sew sock snowman from Easy Peasy and Fun is easy enough for little ones to make with some help, but even your tweens and teens will love it. With a couple of socks, some rice, and a few accessories, you can have an adorable snowman for your desk or table in just a few minutes. 

no sew sock snowman craft


Coffee Filter Snowman Craft

Crafting doesn't get much simpler than this coffee filter snowman by Look, We're Learning. With a blue construction paper background, a simple coffee filter for a face, and a cute black hat, this craft comes together in just a few minutes and is simple enough for preschoolers and up.

Coffee filter snowman craft for kids


Snowman Card

Any friend or relative would love to receive this fluffy, adorable snowman card from your little ones. The base is easy to make using the printable template from The Best Ideas for Kids, and from there, you just add the cotton balls, hat with accessories, and the facial features.

snowman card


Paper Snowman Craft

The 3d look of this 3D paper snowman by Non-Toy Gifts is so pretty! A large circle hole punch makes this craft easier, but if you don't have one, it's a great opportunity for kids to practice their scissor skills while cutting out circles.

Paper snowman craft


Foam Cup Snowmen Craft

Parents, if you're looking for an easy craft with no paint involved, these foam cup snowmen from Kids Activities are an excellent choice. Add some felt scarves and earmuffs made of pom poms and pipe cleaners to round out this adorable project.

Foam cup snowman craft for kids


Popsicle Stick Snowman Puppet

Make a popsicle stick snowman puppet to go along with your Christmas stories this holiday season. It can also be used as a bookmark for your favourite wintery reads. Get the details for this simple project from Artsy Craftsy Mom. 

Popsicle stick snowman puppet - snowman craft ideas


Mosaic Snowman Craft

Practice scissor skills and fine motor skills with a mosaic snowman made of white paper scraps. Kids who don't work well with scissors yet can tear pieces for this project from Crafts on Sea instead. Kids could also cut some even tinier pieces of paper (or perhaps use a small hole punch) to create some snow confetti to go on the background.

Mosaic snowman craft


Paper Bowl Snowman Craft

You probably have everything you need for this paper bowl snowman from Kids' Craft Room right in your kitchen and craft drawers. Turn simple white paper bowls into snowmen's faces with mini pom-poms, cardstock, googly eyes, and a few other materials. Won't they look fantastic hanging on the wall for the holidays?

Paper bowl snowman craft


Doily Snowman Craft

Doilies aren't used much in homes these days, but they're still useful to keep around for projects like this doily snowman craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. Just add buttons, a scarf, and a face to the two doilies, and you're finished making a sweet little snowman in no time flat.

Doily snowman craft for kids


Snowman Headband

Make these cute snowman headbands from Simple Everyday Mom after watching Frosty the Snowman together as a family. It's a super fun winter's day activity when you're stuck indoors and the perfect snowman craft for toddlers and preschoolers. You can pretend to be snowmen yourselves!

snowman headband - snowman craft for toddlers and preschoolers


Sponge Stamped Snowman Craft

You'll need to make three circle templates out of sponges for this interesting sponge-stamped snowman craft from Meaningful Mama. Add some fingerprint snowflakes for a bit of personalised flair.

Sponge stamped snowman craft for preschoolers


Egg Carton Snowman Craft

Save your egg cartons for future crafting sessions! These egg carton snowmen from Projects with Kids will make lovely ornaments for the tree, or you could string several of them together to make a snowman banner. Wouldn't that be fun?

egg carton snowman craft


Snowman Poppers

The whole family will want in on the fun when you make these snowman poppers from The Craft Train. Experiment with different sizes of pom-poms and with how far you pull the balloon back to see who can launch their "snowballs" the farthest. 

Snowman poppers - snowman crafts for preschoolers


Snowman Thumbprint Art

We love all the shades of blue used to create this pretty snowman thumbprint art from A Dab of Glue Will Do. It looks like such a lovely wintery scene.

Snowman thumbprint art - Snowman craft ideas


Paper Bag Snowman Puppet

Create one of these paper bag snowman puppets from Simple Everyday Mom to put on your own snowman-themed production. Perhaps the kids can reenact their favourite scenes from holiday books or movies or make up some of their own. Puppets are excellent for pretend play.

Paper bag snowman puppet - snowman craft ideas


Pinecone Snowman Craft

Don't forget to incorporate nature into your crafting. Nature is the best inspiration of all! Grab some pinecones to make one (or several) of these pinecone snowmen from Look, We're Learning. They'll make fantastic decorations for your holiday table or ornaments for the tree. 

Pinecone snowman craft for kids


Paper Strip Snowman

You'll only need paper, glue, and scissors for this paper strip snowman project from Buggy and Buddy. They'll look cute strung up around your home or classroom, especially with paper snowflakes in between.

Paper strip snowman craft


Toilet Paper Tube Snowmen Craft

Making toilet paper tube snowmen is a classic winter activity, but these from Extreme Couponing Mom are the cutest we've seen. Stand them up among your holiday decor or add string to hang them on the tree.

Toilet paper tube snowman craft


Balloon Snowmen craft

Turn these balloon snowmen from Handmade Charlotte into a whimsical garland for a holiday party or make them just for the kids to play with. They can use paddles to whack them around or study them over the course of a few days to see which one "melts" (or deflates) the fastest. 

Balloon snowmen - snowman crafts for kids

And if that isn't enough snowman craft ideas check out these snowman crafts for kids that I found using the #kidscrafts101 hashtag on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? I am starting to love it over there, you can find us at @messylittlemonster.

Snowman art and craft ideas for kids. Winter themed topic activities.

Here are the details of where I found these fabulous snowman craft ideas. 

willowdaygram- Print, cut & fold Prism Snowmen with printable template on the willowday blog. Instructions and template here

weewarhols (account no longer active) - Haybale graffitti. How much fun does this look! 

hellowonderful_co- I love these easy no-sew snowman softies. Wrap yarn around polyfill stuffing and glue two balls. Add some cute felt feature. They even added a finger knitted scarf to keep "Snowy" warm! Full DIY here

paperbirdsldn (account no longer active) - Wonderful puffy paint snowmen looking up in the sky. I love the backgrounds made by printing with bubble wrap and puffy paint is the best!

happytotshelf- Leftover pumpkins make cute snowmen! He even has a cute acorn nose!

cintaandco- Trace around a plastic cup to make these circles and then colour them in to make this snowman. Cinita and co used their favourite chalk-o-rama crayon to draw this cute little guy.

iheartcraftythings- Here's a fun craft to go along with Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. I love the simple but effective idea of making snowmen from sponge painting and q-tip painted snow. Full instructions here

learningthroughplay8- I love this Saltdough Keepsake!!!! So much fun!! Want to make one too? Check it out here

iddlepeeps (account no longer active) - A brilliant little Christmas snowman craft to burn off excess energy... so simple, easy & hours of fun! Recycled picnic cups, two socks rolled into a ball and some orange and black pens!

Snowman craft ideas for kids

For the perfect winter project, try your hand at one of these 30+ cute snowman crafts for kids. This list of snowman craft ideas has something to keep every little artist busy and happy this holiday season! Happy crafting! 

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