Melting Snowman Craft - A fun Winter Craft for Kids

This melting snowman craft will be loads of fun for your toddler or preschooler! As much as we love to go play in the snow, sometimes a snowman craft is a much better alternative! Below you will find easy step by step directions to make your own melting snowman craft. This is the perfect winter craft whether you have snow or not. Now, let's get started with your melted snowman!

Melting snowman craft for kids

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Melting snowman craft for preschoolers

Toddler and preschoolers as well as older children will have so much fun making this melting snowman craft! It would be so much fun to make after going on a winter walk and it provides lots of opportunities to talk about what happens when things melt and why things melt.

Scroll down below for full instructions to get started with your own melted snowman!

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Melted snowman craft for kids

Melting Snowman Craft

Melting snowman craft supplies

  • Felt paper - black and white
  • Pipe cleaner - orange
  • Ribbon - red
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom poms - white
  • Buttons
  • Skinny tree branches
  • Acrylic paint - black
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue (or Elmer's school glue)

Directions to make melting snowman craft

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up all the supplies needed for your melted snowman. This makes things easier when you have toddlers and preschoolers who have shorter attention spans. 

It's much more fun to get them involved in preparing for the craft, so have them choose what buttons they want to use on their melting snowman craft. They might like to change the scarf and hat colour too! You could go out on a Winter walk to collect the tiny tree branches that you will need for your snowmans arms.

Melted snowman craft for preschoolers

STEP 2: Prepare snowman faces

Now to get started, glue 2 eyes on 2 pom poms. Then, cut the orange pipe cleaner down into a couple of small pieces to represent the carrot nose and glue it on. Lastly, paint 4-5 black dots in the shape of a smile and allow it time to dry.

Melting snowman craft

STEP 3: Prepare melting snow

Next, cut out an odd shaped wiggly circle from the white felt to represent the melting snow approximately 3-4 inches wide as shown below.

melted snowman craft

STEP 4: Glue snowmen onto melting snow

Once you've done that, cut top hats out of the black felt. Then, glue the head and hat towards the top of the white felt that represents the melting snow.

Melting snowman craft for kids. Easy winter crafts for kids.

STEP 5: Finalize snowmen details

Now to finish up all the details on your melting snowman craft! Cut out 3-4 inches of ribbon, fold it in half, and then glue it at the top. Then, cut small arms off the tree branches and glue each to the melted snow as shown below.

Once you've done that, glue 3 buttons onto each snowman and you're finished! The great thing about this melting snowman craft is that they will all look different! There is no right or wrong way to do them, these instuctions are just a general guide. If your child wants to add eyes at the bottom of their snowman or buttons at the top, that totally works as it is a melted snowman! 

Melting snowman craft for preschoolers. Easy winter crafts for kids.

We hope you have lots of fun making this melting snowman craft with your toddlers and preschoolers. They will love creating their very own melted snowman! For some added Winter fun, try pairing it with a fun winter or snowman book! Don't forget to check out some of our other fun snowman crafts too!

You will love this easy melting snowman craft for kids. Make a melted snowman craft as part of a fun winter project for kids. Toddlers and preschoolers will love it!

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