Yarn Wrapped Snowman Ornaments

These Snowman ornaments are SOOOOO cute for the holidays and make the perfect snowman craft to do with kids! Yarn Christmas ornaments are some of our favourites as they look beautiful hanging on the tree- and they're the perfect craft to get older kids into the spirit of Christmas. Just scroll down below to get started making your own Snowman Christmas ornaments!

Yarn Wrapped Snowman Ornaments. Snowman craft for kids.

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Yarn Wrapped Snowman Christmas Ornaments. Snowman craft for kids.

While these snowman ornaments make a GREAT snowman craft to getting kids in the spirit of Christmas... they would also make a great addition to winter units in the classroom or at home. Yarn Christmas ornaments can be sooooo much fun for older kids!

Just scroll down below for easy step by step directions to make your own snowman Christmas ornaments!

Snowman craft. Make your own snowman Christmas ornaments.

Yarn Wrapped Snowman Ornaments

Supplies needed for your snowman ornaments

  • Yarn: white, black, red, green
  • Craft sticks
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Directions to make your snowman ornaments

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up all the supplies needed for your snowman ornament (found in the list above). This will make the process much easier for you and your child.

yarn wrapped ornaments

STEP 2: Prepare craft sticks for the snowman body

Next, prepare the craft sticks by first cutting them in half so you are left with 3 pieces of the same length. Repeat this to create 3 more pieces, this time cutting pieces that are larger than half a craft stick as shown below.

yarn christmas ornaments

Glue each set of 3 into a star shape, as shown below. 

snowman ornaments for older kids to make

STEP 3: Create the snowman body

Once you have the craft sticks prepared for the body of your snowman, start wrapping them in white yarn in a "God's eye" pattern. Take your yarn and go over and around one stick and then over and around the next one. Keep repeating this until the sticks are covered with yarn.

Snowman Christmas ornaments for kids

Repeat this step for both star pieces and secure the end of your yarn in place with hot glue. Apply pressure until the glue has cooled to keep it in place.

Glue your two pieces together so they resemble the shape of a snowman.

Yarn Christmas ornaments craft

STEP 4: Create the snowman hat

Next, it's time to make the snowman hat for your snowman ornament! Start by cutting a craft stick in half, leaving you with two pieces of the same length. Cut another stick so you have one long piece and one short piece. 

Glue all your pieces into the shape of a hat, as shown below.

snowman craft for kids. yarn wrapped snowman ornaments

Wrap the hat using your black yarn and then secure the ends with hot glue. Glue the hat piece to the top of the snowman.

homemade snowman ornament

STEP 5: Finish up your snowman ornament

Finish off your snowman ornament by adding an accent of red and green yarns, to resemble a scarf as shown below. You could even add some extra pieces of yarn to resemble some eyes, a nose, or even arms! 

Don't feel like you have to stop here - let your child be creative! Just be sure to supervise when it comes to that hot glue.

Snowman ornaments. Yarn christmas ornaments. A fun snowman craft for kids.

We hope you enjoyed making this fun snowman Christmas ornament! Yarn Christmas ornaments are sooooo much fun to make this time of year. Older kids will love this snowman craft and younger children are sure to have a ton of fun helping you make this snowman ornament to put on the tree, too!

Yarn wrapped Christmas ornaments. DIY snowman ornaments for kids to make. These snowman Christmas ornaments make a fun snowman craft to try this winter!

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