Winter Rock Painting

Show off your art skills and invite your little ones to have a blast making this enchanting Winter Rock Painting collection!

winter rock painting


Indoor activities to keep little ones busy and having fun can be challenging to find during winter time, but worry no more! 

Our Winter Rock Painting art tutorial is a dreamy craft project that will turn any dull day into a winter wonderland experience. 

You can whip up this rock painting activity with almost no prep time, making it a handy idea to have in store, especially when the kids get restless!  

Read on and get all the details on how to make your own winter rock art!

Winter Rock Painting

winter rock painting ideas

Winter Rock Painting - Supplies:

  • Rocks (collect them or buy them!)
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Acrylic paint pens or acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sealant

Winter Rock Painting - Instructions:

For all the rock painting designs I'll show you how to make below, the first thing you need to do is clean each rock you'll be using. Remove any dirt or debris by washing them with water, soap, and a brush. If you have dark coloured rocks you may want to add a layer of white paint to your rocks before begining the designing process. 

Once the rocks are clean and dry draw your designs with a pencil and then carefully paint each area that has been penciled out using acrylic paint or acrylic paint pens. Acrylic paint is better for larger areas and acrylic paints pens are easier to use for the more detailed areas. Wait for each colour to dry before using the next colour to avoid the colours mixing together. 

Use a marker or acrylic paint pen to draw around your outlines to make your design stand out. Complete your painted rocks by using a sealer so that your rocks will last longer and can be used outdoors.

How to paint rocks

Winter Rock Painting Ideas

Follow the step by step directions below to learn how to paint a rock snowman, mittens, winter hat and ice skates. Alternatively use the ideas as inspiration and come up with your own rock painting designs.

Snowman Rock Painting

Trace the snowman with a pencil by drawing one small circle, a medium circle, and a large circle.

Winter rock painting - snowman

Then, paint the snowman with white paint.

Winter rock painting - snowman

Using blue, paint the background and try to leave space at the bottom to add some snow. Paint the eyes with black paint. Then, add two black buttons and the arms. You can make one of the arms wave to make it extra fun!

Add some colour by drawing a purple scarf and a hat in shades of pink and blue. Draw a snowball topper for your snowman's hat too!

Winter rock painting - snowman

Grab orange paint, add the carrot nose, and using black, draw four little black dots to make this snowman smile. 

Now you just need to outline the snowman with black paint or marker, add a bit of white on the bottom of the rock to represent the snow and once you're happy with your design, simply coat your rock using a sealant spray.

Winter rock painting - snowman craft

Mitten Rock Painting

Trace the mitten's shape with a pencil and colour them with your favourite colours. 

Winter rock painting - mittens

We used a pinky shade on ours. Continue by outlining the mittens in another colour and then add a blue heart at the top, a smaller one below it, and an even smaller one at the bottom.

Colour the background with a contrasting colour. 

Winter rock painting - mittens craft

Connect the mittens with a thin purple line and finish this rock off with a coat of sealant. Have fun trying out different designs or colours on your mittens rock too. 

Winter rock painting - mitten craft

Winter Hat Rock Painting

Outline the shape of a winter hat with a pencil and draw a snowball topper on top of it. 

Winter hat rock painting

Using an aqua shade, colour the hat and use purple for the hat's brim. 

Winter hat rock painting

Using a variety of different colours, add a mix of patterns on the hat! Dotted lines, x's, hearts. Whatever you fancy! 

rock painting winter hat craft

Draw thin vertical lines to the brim of the hat and colour the snowball with a pink shade. Using a contrasting colour, paint in the background. 

Remember to outline the hat to make it stand out more, and as a final step, don't forget to spray a thin layer of sealant to protect your rock.

rock painting winter craft

Ice Skates Rock Painting

Using the images below as a reference, draw the shape of the ice skates including the blades onto your rock.  

rock painting ice skating craft

Using white paint, colour the boots and then using a dark blue shade, paint the boots' heels and bottoms. Grab a lighter shade of blue and colour the back of the heels, the lace part and the toe tip. 

winter rock painting - ice skates

To add more detail, use a silver marker (or black) to paint the blades. Then using a contrasting purple shade paint the background. 

winter rock painting - ice skating

Finish this design with a thin layer of sealant, and your ice skate rock is complete!

winter rock painting - ice skating craft

Rock painting winter crafts for kids

This set of winter rock painting ideas is hands-down one of the cutest crafts! We hope you enjoy making your own winter themed painted rocks and have tons of fun! 

Winter rock painting ideas for kids

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