Printable Playdough Mats Kids Will Love!

If you're looking for easy activities for the kids that are fun and educational, you need printable playdough mats in your life! You'll find so many that help kids develop their fine motor skills while combining other early learning skills too. 

printable playdough mats

Below, you'll discover playdough mats that work on letter formation, number formation, counting, spelling, color identification, and so much more. Your toddlers and preschoolers are going to love these play dough mats. Let's get started!

We also have a wider selection of playdough mats available in the Messy Little Monster printable shop. 

playdough mats


Printable Playdough Mats

Here at Messy Little Monster, we love all sorts of playdough activities, particularly printable playdough mats. The mats allow you to set up an activity in a pinch after just printing a page or two. Use homemade playdough recipes or the store-bought stuff—your choice!

playdough mats


Ocean Playdough Mat

Our Ocean Playdough Mat encourages kids to create and explore the ocean environment—the home of so many magnificent creatures. Work on fine motor skills as you shape seaweed, seashells, coral, octopuses, turtles, and other things that live in the sea. This playdough mat will become a summertime favorite.

ocean playdough mat


Roll a Rainbow Playdough Mat

Play a learning game with our printable Roll a Rainbow Playdough Mat, some dice, and playdough in rainbow colors. Kids will work on number recognition and the development of their fine motor skills at the same time. How fun! The child who makes their rainbow first wins the game. This can, of course, be played many times in a row to give everyone a chance to win.

roll a rainbow playdough mat


Road Alphabet Playdough Mats

It's time to go for a drive—on our Alphabet Roads Playdough Mats, that is. Kids can use their toy cars to drive along and trace each letter of the alphabet and then use playdough to form the shape of the letters. This activity helps kids learn about how letters are formed, which is a terrific pre-writing exercise.

Alphabet roads playdough mat

Train Track Letter Playdough Mats

If your toddler or preschooler is more into trains than cars check out our letter train track playdough mats available in our printable shop

letter playdough mats train track design

Garden Numbers Playdough Mats

Children who are learning to count will greatly benefit from using our Number Playdough Mats featuring a counting garden, a bird nest, a rainbow mountain scene, a bee, and so much more. They're perfect for spring and summer when the world comes alive with color and lots of moving things.

counting playdough mats

Easter Playdough Mats 

Get ready for Easter with this fun and simple Easter playdough mat.  Explore patterns, colors and counting as you use this Easter egg playdough mat to decorate 4 different Easter eggs. 

Easter playdough mats

Life Cycle of a Frog

If you're learning about tadpoles and frogs, you can't miss the Life Cycle of a Frog Playdough Mats in our printable shop. It's a terrific activity to do with preschoolers or kindergarteners using playdough to form the different life stages of frogs.

life cycle of a frog playdough mat

We also have a collection of other printable life cycle playdough mats available in our printable shop: 

You can also get the full bundle of all our printable life cycle playdough mats.

Printable life cycle playdough mats

St Patricks Day Playdough Mat 

Here is a fun St Patricks Day playdough mat to add to your St Patricks Day celebrations. Use playdough to make a rainbow, sunshine, birds, clovers and some gold at the end of the rainbow. 

St Patricks Day playdough mat

Van Gogh Sunflower Playdough Mats

This Van Gogh sunflower playdough mat is perfect for little artists. Use playdough to create the vase and flowers to make your own sunflower art. Laminate the sunflower printable for prolonged use or use it to create a one off piece of artwork and use watercolor to paint the background. 

Van Gogh sunflower playdough mat

Nursery Rhyme Playdough Mats

Songs and sensory fun in one activity? Sign me up! These Nursery Rhyme Playdough Mats are also available in our printable shop as a standalone set or in a bundle with our nursery rhyme posters. We've included mats for Old MacDonald, Five Little Ducks, Hickory Dickory Dock, and six other nursery rhyme favorites.

nursery rhyme playdough mats

We also have a collection of other printable nursery rhyme playdough mats available in our printable shop. These playdough mats can be used to recreate different parts of the nursery rhymes. We have the following nursery rhymes available:

nursery rhyme playdough mats

Christmas Playdough Mat 

Use these Christmas playdough mats for a little extra fun in the run up to Christmas. Toddlers and preschoolers will love using playdough to add presents to Santa's sleigh or decorate the Christmas tree. 

Christmas playdough mats

Bird's Nest Counting Playdough Mat 

Use playdough to make eggs and add them to these bird's nest counting playdough mats. Can your toddler or preschooler make and count out the correct number of playdough eggs for each nest?

Bird's nest counting playdough mats

Fun and Engaging Printable Playdough Mats

Below we've gathered even more fantastic playdough mats from other websites that you might enjoy.

playdough mat printables


Cupcake Playdough Mats

It doesn't get much sweeter than these Cupcake Playdough Mats from Living Well Mom. There are so many ways kids can play with them. They can shape the playdough into sprinkles, a cherry, frosting, whipped cream, candies, etc., to put on top of the cupcakes. It's an excellent opportunity to work on numbers and colors, too. For instance, you can tell your child to place five red sprinkles on the yellow cupcake.

cupcake playdough mats


Beautiful Bugs Playdough Mats

Explore the world of insects with these Beautiful Bugs Playdough Mats by Picklebums. Give a butterfly wings, make a spider for a web, and build a caterpillar to go with lots of legs!

bugs playdough mats


Flower Parts Playdough Mat

Learn all the parts of a flower with the Flower Parts Playdough Mats by ABCs of Literacy. This mat covers the following plant parts: petals, seeds, flower, stem, leaf, and roots. It's a wonderful choice for spring, along with planting some flowers of your own.

flower parts playdough mat


Trucks Playdough Mats

Vroom, vroom! These Truck Playdough Mats will be a big hit with kids who are into cars and trucks. Fill the bed of the truck with stones according to the number on the page. What an engaging way to practice counting with your preschooler!

trucks playdough mats


Shape Playdough Mats

Practice identification and formation of standard shapes. These Shape Playdough Mats from Oh Hey, Let's Play are great for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are working on circles, triangles, and squares.

shape playdough mats


Spanish Colors Playdough Mats

Work on a foreign language with these brilliant Spanish Color Word Playdough Mats from Look We're Learning. They help children learn to spell and recognize their color words in Spanish.

spanish colors playdough mats


Numbers Playdough Mats

These City Lights Number Playdough Mats by Look We're Learning are a bit different than our counting mats above because you'll be using playdough to form the shape of the numbers. This is great for tricky numbers like 2, 5, and 8, especially.
city number playdough mats

Ladybug Playdough Mats

Learn the ladybug life cycle with adorable Ladybug Playdough Mats from Homeschool Preschool. This helps young learners visualize the various stages of this insect's life cycle in a fun and engaging way.

ladybug playdough mats


Strawberry Counting Mats

This bright and colorful Strawberry Playdough Mat from Homeschool Preschool is sure to bring some smiles. You may want to make our Strawberries and Cream Scented Playdough to go along with this activity. It smells incredible!

strawberry counting mats


Space Playdough Mats

Combine counting practice with a cute space-themed activity. These Space Playdough Mats by PreKinders are just what you need to get kids excited about math and outer space. Glitter playdough makes beautiful stars for this activity.

space playdough mats


Monster Playdough Mats

You don't have to wait for Halloween to enjoy these playful Monster Playdough Mats by Picklebums. They're not scary at all and are perfect for all year round. How many crazy monster faces can you come up with?

Monster playdough mats


Apple Playdough Mats

Apple Playdough Mats by Natural Beach Living are perfect for fall and the back-to-school season. Count out the number of apples to put on the tree as well as the number of apples to cover up. It's a terrific activity for counting to 10.

apple playdough mats


Farm Animal Playdough Mats

It's time for fun on the farm! These adorable Farm Animal Playdough Mats by ABCs of Literacy feature farm animals and letters to go along with them for a cute educational activity. Eight mats are available with a cow, horse, rooster, pig, and more.

farm animal playdough mats


Turtle Playdough Mat

Use this Turtle Playdough Mat by Barley and Birch as you study turtles through lots of different playdough activities. Will you make your turtles with greens and browns, or do you prefer colorful turtles instead? Use household objects to stamp out patterns on its shell.

turtle playdough mat


Cookie Jar Playdough Mats

Work on math skills with these hands-on Cookie Jar Playdough Mats by PreKinders. Use playdough to make the appropriate number of cookies for the jar. Kids can even decorate the cookies with sprinkles, sequins, chocolate chips, etc. An edible playdough recipe may be best if trying this activity with toddlers.

cookie jar playdough mats


Understanding Emotions Playdough Mats

Use sensory play to teach kids about emotions with these Understanding Emotions Printable Playdough Mats by The Chaos and the Clutter. The mats feature a boy or girl at a party, and the prompts beneath are different scenarios, such as receiving gifts or wanting to go home—what a smart way to encourage kids to think about facial expressions that go along with different emotions. 

Understanding emotions playdough mats

Pin this list of printable playdough mats so you'll have sensory activities ready for the kids at the touch of a printer button!

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