Printable Ocean Playdough Mat Activity

Today we’re sharing a cute and fun Ocean Playdough Mat activity! Prepare your little ones for this hands-on sensory activity where they'll be able to explore and let their imagination run free while they work on their fine motor skills.

Ocean playdough mat

Get ready to enjoy a relaxed and fun time with your little ones. Just scroll down below for your printable and full instructions!

Create your own ocean out of playdough using this fun printable playdough mat. Add a few plastic sea creatures and shells or model them out of playdough. This activity is open ended and there are many possible outcomes.

My little ones got a kick out of playing with it for ages so I can confidently say this ocean playdough mat is both toddler-approved and big kid-approved. Do check out our other playdough mats too! 

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Ocean Playdough Mat

Ocean Playdough Mat Supplies:

  • Play Dough
  • Mini Plastic Ocean Animals
  • Mini Plastic Ocean Plants
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Seashells
  • Play Dough Tools
  • Laminator and laminator pouch

Ocean Playdough Mat Instructions:

STEP 1: Download and Print.

First things first! To start creating this mat you first have to download and print our free coral reef play dough mat printable. (Scroll down below to download for free)

Ocean theme playdough mat

STEP 2: Lamination time!

Once you have the printable printed and cut out, it's time to laminate it so your kiddos can use it as many times as they want. 

ocean theme playdough mat

STEP 3: Let playtime begin!

Now that you have the sensory mat ready to play with, it's just a matter of inviting your kids to play with it. Help your children to  make pipe cleaners ocean plants and coral reefs with playdough and then add plastic ocean animals plus a few seashells. 

Now, engage with them and let them create all sorts of adventures and games with their ocean-themed playdough mat!

ocean playdough activity

And.. your playdough ocean is complete. Have fun playing with the sea creatures and re enacting different scenarios. 


To download this Ocean Playdough Mat for free click on the link below and use the discount code: ocean. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable playdough mat

You only need a few minutes to put together all the supplies for this fun ocean playdough activity and the kids will be entertained with something fun, safe, and beneficial to their sensory skills. A total win-win!

We hope you enjoy using your ocean playdough mat. Have tons of fun! 

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