Rainbow Playdough Counting Activity

Time for some learning games! Young children will love this super fun Rainbow playdough counting activity. This roll a rainbow game is incredibly easy to put together thanks to our free printable and kids will love racing to see who can build their playdough rainbow first. Scroll down below to grab your roll a rainbow playdough mat and start the fun!

rainbow playdough counting activity

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At home, we love any games and activities that are both fun and have some hidden learning involved and this "Roll a Rainbow playdough game" it's just that!

It's a great way to improve your children's' fine motor skills as well as working on their number recognition. Plus you can use the rainbow as a way to teach them a little bit about colours.

Whilst these learning opportunities are more centred around younger children who can count the dots on the dice and match them to the numbers, older kids will have fun playing the game too!

Here are a few more printable playdough mats your little ones might enjoy! 

Scroll down for your printable playdough mat

Rainbow Playdough Counting Activity

Rainbow Playdough Counting Activity Supplies:

Rainbow Playdough Counting Activity Instructions:

roll a rainbow playdough game

STEP 1: Download and print out our free printable.

You will need to print out one copy of this rainbow playdough mat for each person that wishes to play the game. Once you have printed out your rainbow playdough mats, you need to laminate them so they don't get sticky once the kids start using the playdough.

Get your dice, laminated printables and rainbow playdough and invite your kids to play.

roll a rainbow playdough mat

STEP 2: Playtime!

Take it in turns to roll the dice and see who can make their playdough rainbow first.

If you get a 1, you need to add a red arch to your rainbow. If you roll a 2, you need to add an orange arch to your rainbow and so forth. If you roll a number you have already had you miss a turn. The first to complete their rainbow wins!

Rainbow playdough counting activity for preschoolers

It's an all-in-one learning and playful activity that your kids will be thrilled to do! We hope you enjoy having some relaxing time full of laughter and giggles with your little ones.

Roll a rainbow printable playdough mat


To download these rainbow playdough counting activity printables for free click on the link below and use the discount code - rainbow. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable rainbow playdough mat

Have fun with your roll a rainbow playdough mat! This counting activity is such a great learning activity for young children, but fun for all the family too!

Rainbow playdough counting activity for preschoolers. Roll a rainbow playdough game.

Rainbow playdough counting activity for preschoolers. Roll a rainbow printable playdough mat.

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