Printable Number Playdough Mats

Help your preschooler learn to count with this fun garden themed set of printable number playdough mats. Young children will love using playdough to make birds eggs, add stripes to a bumble bee or make flowers or mini carrots to plant in the garden! There are 9 counting garden playdough mats in total and each asks you to add something different to the mat.

printable number playdough mats

Children learn best from fun, hands-on activities and these playdough mats encourage young children to count in a hands-on and fun way. You might also like to browse our full collection of hands-on counting activities

Here are some playdough recipes you might find useful:

Rainbow playdough
Edible playdough

Scroll down for your printable number playdough mats

How to make number playdough mats

number playdough mats

STEP 1: Print number playdough mats 

Scroll down to get your printable number playdough mats. Print them out in colour on A4 paper. Cut out the green number cards.

STEP 2: Laminate printable playdough mats

For prolonged use we would always recommend laminating playdough mats. Laminating the small number cards is a good idea too.

How to use these counting garden playdough mats 

printable counting playdough mats

Ask your child to choose a playdough mat and a number card. Place the number card in the blank space and read the sentence together. Count the playdough items onto the playdough mat as you make them.

printable playdough mats

The mini number cards are included so that you can change the number of items each playdough mat is asking you to add. Alternatively you can write in the number of items you would like your child to add. If you laminate the playdough mats and use a whiteboard pen you will be able to easily remove and change the number.

playdough counting number mats

Whilst your child is having fun making items from playdough encourage them to count how many items they have made. Talk to them about how many more they will need to make to have the correct number of items added to the playdough mat.

Alternatively you could let your preschooler add the number of items they wish and then count them together and find the correct number card to complete the sentence.

counting number playdough mats for preschoolers

As well as using playdough you could use beads, pipe cleaners or gems! You could also use cookie cutters for some of the shapes.

Printable number playdough mats for preschoolers.


These playdough mats cost $3. To purchase and download these playdough mats click on the link below. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Printable number playdough mats

Here are some questions you could ask your preschooler as they complete their chosen number playdough mat. 

Can you choose a number card?
Can you read the number on the card?
How many items do you need to make out of playdough?
How many items have you made from playdough?
Have you got enough?
How many more items do you need to make?
Shall we count and check we have the correct number of items? 

We hope that you enjoy using these printable number mats to help your preschooler learn to count! 

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