Printable Valentines

These printable valentines for kids are cute, easy, and will be a big hit with little ones. You can pair them with candy or small toys or just print them out, cut them, and send them along for the card exchange.  

Printable Valentines for Kids

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be planning what sort of valentines for your child to send to their friends. Or perhaps you are planning on making a cute Valentines Day card to gift to your child! Either way, we've got you covered with these simple printable valentines that are ready to go. 

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Printable Valentines

Cute and easy printable valentines for kids

Owl Printable Valentines

Whooo likes you? I do! That's who! This is just one of the three cute phrases used on these printable owl valentines that are available for free in the Messy Little Monster shop. Simple print them, cut them out and give them to your valentine.

Owl printable valentines for kids


Some Bunny Loves You Printable Valentine

Toddlers and preschoolers will adore this Some Bunny Loves You Valentine. Print the copies you need, let the kids color and cut them out, and then give them to a family member or friend. This will make a cute valentine for the kids to send to their grandparents.

Some bunny loves you printable valentines for kids


Valentine's Day Coupons for Kids

These Valentine's Day coupons aren't your traditional valentines. Kids will love them even more than traditional cards! Each coupon features a fun activity such as an ice cream treat, family game night, or family movie night. The kids can redeem them whenever they'd like for a little family fun together.

Valentines Day coupons printable Valentines for kids


Cut and Color Printable Valentines

Here's another cut and color printable valentine card you can use at home or in the classroom. It features a cute pair of lovebirds and a sweet Happy Valentine's Day message. There's also a blank version for kids to write their own message of love.

Cut and colour printable valentines for kids


Tiny Folded Heart Envelopes

Did you know you can turn hearts into envelopes? That's right! But you don't have to make a trip to the shops to buy pretty patterned paper. Just grab our Printable Heart Envelopes, cut them out, write some cute messages inside, and fold according to the directions. 

Folded heart envelope printable valentines for kids.

Printable Coloring Valentines Day Cards

If you want to add your own touch to your printable valentines you will love this set of Printable Coloring Valentines Day Cards. With 5 designs to choose from there is something for everyone in this set. 

Printable coloring Valentines cards for kids

More Cute Printable Valentines for Kids

Printable Valentines

Among Us Valentines

Kids are obsessed with Among Us, and even if your child hasn't played the game, they've probably heard of it. These printable Among Us Valentines from Artsy Fartsy Mama are sure to be a tremendous hit with kids of all ages. They'll have as much fun handing them out to their friends as they do playing the game.

Among us printable valentines for kids


Pokémon Valentine Cards

Each of these Pokémon valentines from Simple Everyday Mom has a Pokémon pun only fans will understand. With six different cool designs, your kiddo will be proud to hand these out on Valentine's Day.

Pokemon printable valentines for kids


Animal Crossing Valentines

These Animal Crossing Valentines from Artsy Fartsy Mama are adorable and perfect for gamer kids. Just print and cut, and these cards are ready to hand out—nothing else needed. What a terrific last-minute valentine option!

Animal crossing printable valentines for kids


Lego Valentines

Thrifty Jinxy's Lego valentines are perfect for Lego-loving kids. Pair them with some bricks or just print them out and give them as-is. The friendship greetings are suitable for all ages. 

Lego printable valentines


Science Valentines

These science valentines from Red Ted Art are a great option for the STEM-minded children to give to their friends. Teachers can also give them out to their students; there are even chemistry facts on the back.

Science printable valentines for kids


Daniel Tiger Valentines

Do you have a toddler or preschooler who loves Daniel Tiger? This cute cartoon inspired by Fred Rogers has some of the cutest sayings, and you'll find some of them here on these printable Daniel Tiger valentine cards from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops. They're tiger-rific! 

Daniel Tiger printable valentines for kids


Baby Yoda Valentines

Pair these Baby Yoda valentines by Mom Endeavors with a lollipop for a sweet Valentine's Day treat. If you've watched The Mandalorian, you're probably a fan of this cute little guy also known as "The Child" and "Grogu." Plus, this is a custom design that you won't find anywhere else.

baby Yoda printable valentines for kids


Mandalorian Valentines

If your child loves all the characters in The Mandalorian, choose this set of Mandalorian valentines from Rock Your Homeschool. The set features several popular characters from the series, each with a cute message.

Mandalorian printable valentines for kids


Cool Cat and Blown Away Valentines

All the cool cats in your child's class will love these printable classroom valentines by Printable Crush. There are two cute designs—one featuring a cat and another featuring bubbles. Either option is great as a stand-alone valentine with no treats needed. 

Cool cat and blown away printable valentines for kids


Minion Valentines

Although these Minion cards from Artsy Craftsy Mom were gift tags, they'll work perfectly as regular valentine cards. They're terrific for giving to friends who are "One in a Minion." 

Minion printable valentines for kids


Farm Animal Valentines

These farm animal valentines by Simple Everyday Mom are ideal for kids in daycare or preschool to give to all their animal-loving friends. The cards feature a pig, a sheep, a horse, and a goat. All are equally adorable.

Farm animal printable valentines for kids


Bear Valentines

Give these adorable pink bear valentines from Play Party Plan to someone who's "beary special." If you want to add a little something along with the card, a stuffed teddy bear or gummy bears are both great choices.

Bear printable valentines for kids


Emoji Valentines

We communicate so much with emojis these days, so it's no surprise they're a great way to get across fun Valentine's Day messages. Print these emoji cards from My Joy-Filled Life to let friends know they make you smile, laugh, or feel happy. 

Emoji printable valentines for kids


Minecraft Valentines

Can you dig these Minecraft valentines by This Mama Loves? They're so easy and cute and will go over very well with any Minecraft fans. These four designs are sure to make kids giggle when they read them.

Minecraft printable valentines for kids


Harry Potter Valentines

Any HP fan will love giving these Harry Potter valentines by Dollar Crafter to their friends and classmates. This fun set features favorite characters like Dobby, Harry, Dumbledore, Hedwig, Hermione, Ron, and everyone's favorite villain, Draco. 

Harry Potter printable valentines for kids


Maze Valentines

Solve one of these maze valentines by Crayons and Cravings for a fun little brain exercise. This is a brilliant choice for teachers to hand out to their students!

Maze printable valentines for kids


Space Valentines

You're out of this world! That's what one of these eight space valentines reads, and there are loads more cute space-themed sayings where that came from. Grab the space valentines from Mombrite! 

Space printable valentines for kids


Word Search Printable Valentines

Send along these word search valentines by About a Mom to give their classmates a fun mental challenge instead of extra sweets. Give these as-is or along with a pencil or highlighter so they can find the words right away.

Word search printable valentines for kids


Ninja Valentines

You'll get a KICK out of these cute ninja valentines from Happiness is Homemade. Pair them with toy ninjas or give them as they are. These no-frills valentines are ready to print, cut, and hand out right away.

Ninja printable valentines for kids


Fortnite Valentines

It'll be a definite Victory Royale when you show these Fortnite valentines by Down Redbud Drive to your kids. Boys and girls both will love them and have so much fun giving them to their friends.

Fortnite printable valentines for kids


Chemistry Valentines

Here's another set of science-themed valentines for little science enthusiasts. These chemistry valentines by Steamsational have some fantastic science puns that are sure to make the recipients smile. 

Chemistry printable valentines for kids


Color-In Postcard Valentines

Send a special friend some snail mail with these gorgeous color-in postcard valentines from Handmade Charlotte. It's a great way to reconnect with long-distance friends and extended family, especially during a time when people rarely get happy mail.

Colour in postcard printable valentines for kids


Car and Airplane Valentines

Kids that like things that go will be so pleased with these car and airplane valentines from Play Party Plan. Simply hand out the paper cards or pair them with Hot Wheels or toy airplanes for a non-candy Valentine's day treat.

Car and airplane printable valentines for kids


Donut Cards

Kids and grownups alike can appreciate these colorful donut cards from Projects with Kids. Give this along with a donut (or a box of them). It's a sweet sentiment on its own, too.

Donut printable valentines for kids


Multilingual Valentines

Handing out multilingual valentines is a terrific way to expose children to other languages and be more inclusive. These multilingual valentines from Chalk Academy feature Chinese, Korean, and the English language, but if you speak another language, use this same concept to make your own.

Multilingual printable valentines for kids


Dinosaur Valentines

No list of classroom valentines is complete without some dynamite dinosaur valentines like these from Mombrite. Simply print, personalize, and hand them out to friends and teachers. Easy! 

Dinosaur printable valentines for kids

Which of these printable valentines do you think your kids will like most? Don't forget to pin this list to come back to it later!

Printable valentines for kids

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