Valentine Conversation Heart Math

Is there a better way to learn math than with laughter and candy? I don't think so! Your kids will have such a fun time doing these Valentine Conversation Heart Math activities that they won't even realise how much they're learning.

Scroll down below to get our list of all the ways you can use conversation hearts to learn to count, make patterns, sort, make shapes and add and subtract!

conversation heart math

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sorting colors math activity using conversation hearts.

These Valentine Math activities using conversation hearts are perfect for using as a classroom activity or just as a little fun home-class if your kids are starting to learn math. These conversation heart math activities are the perfect way to stimulate young children's math skills this Valentine's Day.

Valentine Conversation Heart Math Activities

Conversation heart math supplies:

  • 1 Package of Conversation hearts
  • Paper plates
  • Permanent marker
  • Bowl

How to set up your Valentine conversation heart math activities

repeating pattern math activity using conversation hearts.


Place the conversation hearts in a bowl.

Valentine math using conversation hearts


Grab a paper plate, this will be super handy when playing the conversation heart activities.

Valentine math for preschoolers


Use the permanent market for addition/subtraction/equal sign or labelling the plate depending on the activity you're doing.

Valentine conversation heart math activities

Math activities you can do with conversation hearts:

  • Counting: Count a handful of conversation hearts. How many are there altogether?
  • More/less: Count out two small piles of conversation hearts. How many are there? Which pile has more or less?
  • Number recognition: Write numbers on paper plates. Can kids add the correct number of conversation hearts to each plate? 
  • Addition: Add up the candy hearts to find the sum. Write the + and = sign on a paper plate.
  • Subtraction: Subtract the candy hearts to find the difference. Write the - and = sign on a paper plate.
  • Counting by 5s: Line up candy hearts in rows of 5. Count in 5's to find out how many there are. 
  • Patterns: Create different patterns with candy hearts. Can you make a repeating pattern?
  • Sorting: Sort candy hearts by colour.
  • Making Shapes: Create shapes with candy hearts. Introduce new shapes by drawing an outline of the shape on the paper plate and then place conversation hearts along the lines.

learn to count activities for preschoolers

Don't forget to let the kids eat the conversation hearts at the end of the activity for some extra fun! 

Valentine math activities for preschoolers

Inspire math-love! Sometimes kids are reluctant to learn math because it's so new and it can be scary, but these adorable and yummy math activities will encourage your preschooler's interest in math, rest assured!

Valentine Math for preschoolers. Conversation heart math activity.

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