Conversation Heart Painted Rocks

Want to make this Valentine's Day more special? Give these Conversation Heart Painted Rocks a try and enjoy a wonderful time bonding with your little one!

Conversation heart painted rocks


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Get your rocks and acrylics ready because today we're showing you how to make these heart painted rocks inspired by the quintessential Valentine's Day candy: Conversation Hearts! (Check out our Valentine's painted rocks and have a go at painting kindness rocks too)

If you want an easy and fun craft project to keep your child away from screens and engaged in an arty activity, this craft will surely do. There's a lot to love about heart art for kids!

A low-cost alternative that only requires a few pebbles and some paint, these rock painted cuties make a great outdoor or indoor activity for kids. 

If the weather allows you, go on a rock hunt with the kids to your backyard or take them to the nearest park. But if it's a rainy or snowy day, get your pebbles from local craft stores, garden centers or online.

Conversation Heart Painted Rocks

Heart Painted Rocks - Supplies:

  • Rocks
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Acrylic paint or acrylic paint pens
  • Paint brushes
  • Sealant

Heart Painted Rocks - Instructions:

STEP 1: Clean and prep your rocks

To make these Valentine's Day heart painted rocks, begin cleaning the rocks, making sure to remove all dirt.

Then, you can go ahead and begin to paint! 

We choose to use white acrylic paint as a paint primer, and we highly recommend you to do the same. Using white as a primer before painting the designs will make all the colours really pop. But you can skip this step if you choose and you may not need to do this if you have light coloured rocks.

heart painted rocks

STEP 2: Draw your hearts

Using a pencil, help the kids trace a heart shape on each rock. You can make bigger or smaller hearts, depending on the size of your pebble.  If your rock is big enough, you can draw a few hearts on it!

heart rock painting

STEP 3: Paint and seal rocks

Using bright colours, paint the hearts you traced. To make the hearts more eye-catching, we recommend using lighter colours for the hearts and darker shades to outline them. 

Keeping the colour-scheme works amazingly. For example, if you chose a pink shade for your rock, try using a darker pink (or red, if you're feeling bold) to outline the heart's shape and add conversation heart phrase.

heart rock painting ideas

If you want to use pens for this step acrylic paint pens work brilliantly, you can also use paint markers, artist pens, gelly roll pens, markers, or even highlighters.

Adding some extra decor is always fun! You can add sparkly glitter, small sequins, or gems... Just remember, it's super important to seal your rocks with sealant before gluing any decor. We recommend using the brand E6000 for glue.

heart painted rocks

Once all your hearts and heart's messages are complete, you can spray some sealant to them and let everything dry. And... ta-da! Your Valentine's heart rocks are ready.

Your kids will have tons of fun making these cuties and they can also give them away as a lovely Valentine's Day present to their family and friends.

conversation heart art

We hope you love making these conversation heart painted rocks and gifting them to someone you love. Enjoy!

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