Flower Pot Painting Ideas

Clay pots can look a little drab, but there are so many ways to make your flower pots colorful and unique. We've rounded up 25 fabulous flower pot painting ideas for you to try out! 

Painted flower pot ideas

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Painting is a fun way to add some color or brighten up an otherwise boring pot. These crafty ideas will be perfect for the upcoming spring or summer season when flowers start blooming again. Some of these projects are simple enough for kids to paint themselves, while others require a bit of help from an adult.

Ready to get crafty? Grab your paintbrushes, and let's get started!

You might like these flower painting ideas and these flower crafts too.

Flower pot painting ideas

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Flower Pot Painting Ideas from Messy Little Monster

Here are some of our favorite flower pots that we've shared through the years. Which one is your favorite?

Fingerprint and Button Flower Pots

Any parent or grandparent would love to receive one of these beautiful fingerprint and button flower pots. The flower petals are made with the kids' fingerprints, and the button centers add a pop of color. This pot is a great gift for Mother's Day with some freshly planted flowers or succulents.

fingerprint and button flower pot painting ideas


Frida Kahlo Flower Pot

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist best known for her self-portraits. Her paintings reflected her heritage as well as her suffering. This Frida Kahlo flower pot is a great way to introduce kids to this famous artist in a unique way.

Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Craft

Flower Pot Toadstool Craft

These flower pots were painted to look like toadstools! Though you can't have plants in these flower pot toadstools since they're upside down, they will make a cute addition to any garden or patio. The kids could also use it as a fairy garden idea.

Toadstool flower pot painting ideas


Pour Painting Flower Pots

Pour painting is a trendy technique. It's easy to do and looks great when finished. These pour painting flower pots are made by pouring paint onto the surface of the pot while it's upside down and letting it dry. Go wild with color! Each flower pot will look completely unique.

Pour painting flower pots


Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

Make a memento of your child's footprints while they're still tiny! This footprint butterfly clay pot is gorgeous, with a butterfly painted in rainbow colors. It's the perfect way to preserve those little toes and footprints to look back on in years to come.

footprint butterfly flower pot


Fingerprint Cup Flower Pot

This is a simple, super easy project even toddlers can make. To make this fingerprint cup flower pot, just let your kids add their fingerprints in fun colors to a white cup and saucer. Alternatively, you could do this with a clay pot as well after you paint it white.

fingerprint cup flower pot craft

Christmas Tree Clay Pot

Instead of painting a clay pot for flowers make the perfect Christmas decoration by making this handprint  Christmas tree clay pot craft. Not only does it look cute, it also makes a great Christmas gift. 

Christmas tree clay pot craft

Halloween Clay Pot Craft

Make some spooky decorations in preparation for halloween with this Halloween Clay Pot Craft. This time in place of flowers add some yummy Halloween treats. These painted clay pots would look great on display at a Halloween party. 

Halloween Clay Pot Craft


More Flower Pot Painting Ideas

Here are some of our favorite painted flower pots from around the web. Some of the flower pots are still functional for planting, while others are upside down, so they're totally decorative. Either way, you'll have something super cute to add to your home, porch, patio, or garden.

Flower pot painting ideas


White and Gold Terra Cotta Pots

These white and gold terra cotta pots from Pastels and Macarons are gorgeous. They'd look great in any home or on the patio and are perfect for succulents. If you don't want the kids using spray paint, they can paint them with acrylic paint instead. The designs are easy to create using stickers and washi tape, and then you peel them right off once the paint is dried.

white and gold painted flower pots


Decoupage Flower Pots

Decoupage is a fun technique that allows you to turn decorative paper napkins into beautiful art. This decoupage flower pot from Blue Sky at Home makes the perfect gift for an eco-minded friend or relative. You can also make a whole garden of these lovely pots by changing the base color (instead of white) or the napkin design. You could also set one on your desk and use it to hold your pens and pencils.

Decoupage flower pot craft


Stenciled Clay Pots

Use stenciling to create an elegant flower pot. Stenciling is underrated, but it is a really simple technique that kids can use to create pretty designs quickly. All you need is stencils and paint! These stenciled clay pots from DIY Candy could serve as planters, or you could keep a large one indoors to store umbrellas and such as you come in the door.

stenciled flower pot painting ideas


Geometric Painted Flower Pots

These geometric painted flower pots from Projects with Kids are so pretty! You can paint them in neutral colors for a fresh-looking fall or winter display or use bright colors to make your spring and summer flowers really pop.

geometric painted flower pots


Handprint Flower Pot

Kids will love making these handprint flower pots from All Things Mamma. They can paint it any color and then add their sweet little handprints in a different color to create a unique gift for mom or grandma. If you want several kids to contribute a handprint to a single pot, write each child's name on their handprint. What a precious gift idea!

handprint flower pot painting ideas


Strawberry-Themed Terra Cotta Pots

These strawberry-themed terra cotta pots from Crafts by Amanda are adorable and very simple to make. Use either a regular or mini pot, depending on what you want to plant inside. The kids can help paint the pots with bright reds and pinks and then add their fingerprints to make the strawberry seeds. These pots also kind of look like watermelon pots, don't they?

strawberry flower pot painting ideas


Sharpie Flower Pots

These Sharpie flower pots from DIY Candy are perfect if you're looking for a fairly quick and simple flower pot craft. The kids can decorate them with paint first and then use Sharpie markers to make lots of dots around a sticker or vinyl cutout of their names. Peel it away, and you're left with a whitespace name surrounded by gorgeous gold dots. You could even use mini pots as place card holders on the dinner table at a family event!

sharpie flower pot craft


Galaxy Painted Pot

The galaxy theme is super popular right now, and it's no wonder why. It's gorgeous, just like these galaxy painted pots from The Craft Train. They'll look great in your kids' space-themed or galaxy-themed room or make a fun summer project for the kids.

Galaxy flower pot craft


Clay Pot Spiders

Love spiders? These clay pot spiders from Creative Green Living are the perfect Halloween crafts. It's a great way to reuse or upcycle some old clay pots that don't look their best anymore. And these spiders are silly instead of spooky, so they'll look great decorating your porch for the visiting trick-or-treaters this year.

Clay pot spider craft


Clay Pot Ghosts

These clay pot ghost decorations from That's What Che Said are adorable! You can set them outside as Halloween decor or add them to your food tables at your Halloween party. They're easy for little hands to make, and they would be a great project to do with your kids while you're hanging out on those sunny fall weekends.

Clay pot ghost craft


Unicorn Flower Pot

Unicorn-themed anything is popular right now, and this unicorn clay pot from Easy Peasy and Fun is no exception. This would be great for any kid who loves unicorns and sparkly things! The pretty faux flowers around the unicorn horn really make this project.

Unicorn flower pot craft


Watermelon Painted Flower Pots

Want something totally fresh and unique? Take a look at these watermelon-painted flower pots from Projects with Kids. They even have cute smiling faces! They would make great centerpieces for your summer entertaining.

Watermelon painted flower pot painting idea


Glitter Flower Pots

Need a little more pizzazz and sparkle in your life? Make these glitter flower pots from Artsy Fartsy Mama. They're super pretty and will sparkle and shine when they're out in the sun. Plant some simple succulents or gorgeous flowers in them. A glitter pot would also make a fabulous makeup brush holder.

glitter flower pot painting ideas


Bee and Ladybug Flower Pots

These colorful bee and ladybug flower pots from The Country Chic Cottage are a great choice for anyone who loves cute critters. The bee pot is so cheerful, while the ladybug one has such a sweet face. You can make these with kids of any age; preschoolers and kids in early elementary will love them. Again, you don't have to use spray paint. You can let the kids use acrylic paints instead.

bee and ladybug flower pot craft


Turkey Clay Pots

How cute are these turkey clay pots from The Crazy Craft Lady? They will make great Thanksgiving decorations, but honestly, they look good enough to leave out all fall long. Kids will love having a little garden of turkeys!

Turkey clay pot craft


Flower Pot Garden Frog

Kids will have such fun turning flower pots into fun garden frogs like this one from DIY & Crafts. The cute frog feet are made with sparkly craft foam, and his big eyes are made with styrofoam balls. He'll look cute in the garden or sitting on your patio.

flower pot frog craft


Clay Pot Christmas Trees

These Christmas tree clay pots from Projects with Kids are perfect for Christmas. The pots can be painted in lots of different ways to coordinate with your holiday decorating colors. Do this with mini pots (as you see here) to make ornaments for the tree or larger clay pots to add to your outdoor holiday decor.

clay pot Christmas tree craft


Marbled Flower Pots

Marbling always looks fantastic, and you can choose the colors for your marbled flower pots to match your decor. Go with neutrals or something bright and bold. Your choice! This tutorial from Artsy Fartsy Mama uses nail polish and paint for a super easy project you can make in just a couple of hours, including drying time.

Marbled flower pots


Panda Pots

Turn old pots into adorable panda pots with a bit of black and white paint. Red Ted Art has a great step-by-step photo tutorial as well as a video tutorial, so making one (or two) of these couldn't be easier.  

painted pots panda craft

We hope you enjoyed these crafty ideas for painting clay pots! These projects are perfect for kids and adults alike, so grab some paintbrushes, and spend some time painting and crafting together. Which of these flower pot painting ideas do you want to try first? 

Flower pot painting ideas

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