Apple Stamping Art - Painting with Real Apples

Have some crafty fun with your little ones as you get into some old-school Apple Stamping!

Apple stamping

Kids' creativity can turn anything into something unique, and today apple stamping craft is the perfect example.

This activity is amazing to keep little ones happy and busy for hours. Toddlers, preschoolers and older kids can enjoy this apple stamp painting because although it's super easy, it also allows for some fun texture exploration.

The final product looks great, and you can use it in tons of different ways. From displaying it on the fridge to making greeting cards or (our personal favourite), help your kids make their own gift wrap paper with homemade stamps. 

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You might also want to make a delicious apple platter filled with apples and various toppings to munch on as you craft! (or after you have finished!)

Apple stamp painting

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Apple Stamping

Apple stamping - Supplies:

  • Apples
  • Cardstock or any other type of thick paper.
  • Tempera paint in red, yellow, and green
  • Paper plate or painting tray
  • Knife (for parental use only)
  • Popsicle sticks (optional)

Apple Stamp Painting - Instructions:

STEP 1 - Prepare your apple stamps:

Let's begin! To start, make sure you have all the supplies you'll need for this activity nearby.  Grab the apples and slice them in half with your knife. We recommend doing this step before you invite the little ones to join, to be completely safe.

Cutting apples for apple stamping

STEP 2 - Add a handle to your apple stamps:

To make it easier for the kids to do the stamping, you could add a popsicle into the skinned side of the apples to create a handle. 

making a handle for apple stamping

STEP 3  - Prepare your paint:

Grab a paper plate and squirt on the paint, a little bit of each colour.

paint for apple stamping

STEP 4 - Let the stamping begin!

Now, prepare the paper where the kids will do the stamping. Our recommendation is to use cardstock or any white paper as long is on the thicker side.

Help your kids to grab the apples and press the apple's flat side into the paint. Then, press the painted apple onto their white paper.

apple stamp painting

Apple stamp

STEP 5 - Explore different patterns:

Now, it's time to have fun! Encourage your kids to create different patterns and designs using their painted apples to create their own stamping masterpiece!

Apple stamping craft

apple stamp art

This craft looks so cute and it's so incredibly easy to set up! Now it's your turn to make this adorable apple stamping painting craft!

We hope you and your little ones have tons of fun stamping to their heart's content. Enjoy!

Apple stamping. Easy apple craft for kids.

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