Toilet Paper Roll Frog Craft

Whether you want your little ones to enjoy some playful time making paper crafts or explore their creative side, this Toilet Paper Roll Frog Craft is up for the task!

Toilet paper roll frog craft

The best summer days are the ones where our little love bugs are having fun outdoors. And there's no better way to have fun adventures outdoors than with a cute little frog to go along!

So in today's step-by-step craft tutorial, we're showing you how to make an extra-adorable toilet roll frog that your kids will love!

Toilet paper frog craft

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Toilet Paper Roll Frog Craft

Toilet Roll Frog - Supplies:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Construction papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Stapler
  • Yarn/ string

How to Make a Toilet Paper Frog Craft - Directions:

STEP 1 -  Prep your supplies:

Let's begin! For starters, gather your supplies and have your green construction paper ready. 

Toilet paper roll frog craft supplies

STEP 2 -  Add green construction paper

Take the green construction paper and cut it to fit around the toilet paper roll. Once it's a perfect size, wrap around the paper roll and glue it in place.

An alternative idea is to paint your toilet roll tube. 

Wrap paper around toilet roll craft

STEP 3 - Close one end of the toilet paper roll:

Using a stapler, staple one end of the toilet paper roll shut to create the frog's body (see image below).

Staple end of toilet paper roll frog craft

STEP 4 - Prepare the string:

Cut a long piece of string and stick it inside of your toilet paper roll, then staple it in place. Make sure the string is long enough to go all the way through the opening and out the otherside.

Add string to toilet roll frog craft

STEP 5 - Make the frog's mouth:

Now you need to make the frog's mouth. To do it, cut a strip of red paper and attach it to the inside of your roll using glue.

Add mouth to toilet paper frog craft

STEP 6 - Add the frogs eyes, arms and legs and attach the fly 

Now, cut out two small circles as eyes, add a black dot in the centre and then glue them on. Then draw and cut out a fly and attach it to the string using glue or a staple.

Add eyes to toilet paper frog craft

Draw and cut out the frogs arms and legs from your green construction paper. 

TIP: Fold your construction paper in half and draw one arm and one leg. When you cut them out you will end up with two identical arms and two identical legs. 

Make legs for toilet paper roll frog craft

STEP 7 - Put your toilet roll frog together!

Now it is time to complete your frog craft by gluing the arms and legs in place. Add a few markings to your frogs body using markers too if you like!

Toilet roll frog craft

Now this adorable little frog craft is ready for playtime! Throw the fly in the air and try to catch it using your toilet paper roll frog. It is harder than you think! Enjoy!

Toilet paper roll frog craft for kids.

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