Edible Art - Deliciously Fun Process Art!

Surprise your little ones with this deliciously fun Edible Art for kids!

Edible art

This little process art activity is so much fun; we just had to share it!
It's an easy-peasy, fun art project you can put together in no time. You don't need any fancy materials either.  It's totally budget-friendly!

Kids can be part of the whole process. They can play, enjoy, and taste their creation, which is always a plus when dealing with little ones!

What we loved about this edible art activity it's that it allows kids to create freely. There are no rules, patterns, or designs to follow. It's just a fun art process where kids can have fun and let their creativity shine. 

It wonderful to see all the creative designs little ones can come up with when they're simply having a good time!

Edible art for kids

Edible Art for Kids

Edible Art - Supplies

  • A container of Cool Whip
  • Small containers
  • Food Colouring
  • Spoons
  • Easter Candy: M&Ms, Sprinkles, Peeps, Jelly Beans, Marshmallows, etc.
  • Paper Plate
  • Mini muffin cup liners 

Edible Art - Directions:

STEP 1: Prep-time

Grab everything you'll be using for this activity and prepare the surface the kids will be working on. 

Edible art supplies

STEP 2: Make your coloured cool whip cream paint 

Once everything is ready, start by taking the cool whip cream and add a spoonful into each container. You will need one container per colour.

Edible art paint

Add 1 to 2 drops of your food coloring into each container. Then, using a spoon, stir the mix until the cool whip is completely coloured.

How to make edible paint

Remember to use a spoon for each cup. We don't want the colors mixing! Set the containers aside.

Edible paint

STEP 3: Add the candy

Take your candy and add as much as you want to each muffin cup. 

Candy for edible art project

Place the candy alongside the coloured cool whip.

Ingredients for edible art

STEP 4: Time to create your edible art!

Taking a paper plate, guide your little ones to create a design with the coloured cool whip and all the candy using the spoons.

edible painting

Edible craft for kids

And now it's just a matter of letting the kids come up with their own designs using this eye-catching (and yummy) whip-cream paint!

Edible art for kids

food paint

Once the paper plate is covered in whip cream paint it is time to add the candy. Have fun using the candy to add lots of little details to your edible art. 

Food art

Edible art ideas

Edible art project for kids

Edible art

We hope your little ones love creating their own edible art while munching on some delicious candy. How could they not! Enjoy!

Edible art for kids. Edible paint and candy. Food art.

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