Fun & Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

Now that many of us are finding ourselves indoor with the kids more, we must find fun and engaging indoor activities to keep the kids entertained indoors. It's good for the kids and helps parents maintain their sanity, especially when you're indoors several days in a row.

Indoor activities for kids

We have focused on indoor activities that require little to no prep, using items that parents commonly have around the house like pasta, paper, rice, strings, water, and other everyday household items. That means that you can scan this list anytime and find something fun for the kids to do.
Look over these ideas with the kids and see which ones seem like fun. Some of them will keep your kids occupied for hours!

Better still, they'll be working on fine motor and gross motor skills, which are important to growing and developing children. Have fun with these indoor activities!


indoor activities for kids

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easy indoor activities for kids

Indoor Activities for Kids from Messy Little Monster

We have a wide array of indoor activities for kids, ranging from crafts to sensory activities to ideas to get kids moving. Here are a few of our favourites to try anytime during the year.

Right now with some foods in short supply you might want to skip activities using food (unless you have a stash of out of date pasta or rice!) When we use food for play activities we don't use it once and then throw it away, it often lasts for weeks, months or even years!

Bug Action Movement Cards

When you need a little exercise and can't get outdoors, our Bug Action Movement Cards will help you and your kids get plenty of moving in! And it's way more fun than hopping on a treadmill! You'll have a blast marching like an ant, hopping like a grasshopper, and wriggling like a worm. It's so much fun! (these are available for free right now too using the code - bug)

indoor activities for kids - action cards

Homemade Rainbow Playdough

We could all use a little cheering up now and then, and nothing will brighten the kids' day like making our Homemade Rainbow Playdough. You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen, so you can get started on a batch right away. It's a great activity for learning about how colours mix as well.

indoor activities for kids - easy playdough recipe

Pasta Play Activity

Set your baby or toddler up with this fun Pasta Play Activity. You'll be surprised at how much time they'll spend pushing the spaghetti through the holes in the colander or mixing up some pretend lunch. This is excellent fine motor practice for little ones.

indoor activities for kids - easy pasta play

Construction Sensory Bin

Keep those curious toddlers engaged with a Construction Sensory Bin that'll provide hours of play. All you need is your child's construction toys and some cereal to set it up. Kids will love playing with their food and snacking while they push their trucks around, scooping, and moving the cereal.

indoor activities for kids - construction sensory bin

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

If you have food colouring, white rice, and vinegar, you have everything you need to get started with our fun Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin. Once the rice is made and dried, add it to a tray or pan along with some of your child's toys, things to scoop with, etc. If stored in an airtight container it will last for years!

indoor activities for kids - rainbow rice

Animal Tape Rescue

Tape rescue is a good indoor activity for younger children. Babies and toddlers will love pulling tape from small toy animals to 'rescue' them. 

Animal tape rescue indoor activity for kids

More Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

And here are some excellent indoor activities from around the web.

simple indoor activities for kids

Hand Washing Sensory Bin

Now, more than ever, kids must practice good handwashing skills. This Hand Washing Sensory Bin from Toddler Approved is just perfect for that! A vinyl tablecloth can make cleanup easy, but you could also set the pan on some towels or in the tub to keep water mess to a minimum.

indoor activities for kids - hand washing sensory bin

Spider Web Obstacle Course

Build gross motor skills in a fun way with this Spider Web Obstacle Course from Mama Smiles. The inspiration for this activity comes from Eric Carle's book, The Very Busy Spider. Enjoy a story and a fun activity all in one! Use yarn, thread, fishing line, twine, or whatever you've got on hand!

indoor activities for kids - obstacle course

Chop To It Game

Minute to win it games are a great idea when the kids are stuck indoors. It'll feel like a party! One of the easiest to set up is this Chop To It Game from Happiness is Homemade. All you need are chopsticks, cereal, bowls, and a timer. If you don't have chopsticks, use straws or stirrers instead.

indoor activities for kids -  minute to win it games

Balloon Tennis

Help the kids get their wiggles out with a rousing game of Balloon Tennis by Little Bins for Little Hands. You've probably got some leftover balloons tucked away from a party somewhere. You'll also need a flyswatter or something like a paddle, cardboard tube, etc., to hit the balloon with.

indoor activities for kids -  balloon tennis

Indoor Chalk Activity

If you don't mind using chalk on your floor, this Indoor Chalk Activity by Moms and Crafters will engage your child for hours. Draw out your town or a fictional place. Will it have farms? Castles? Oceans or ponds? It's up to you! Then kids can drive their cards or trot their animals along the roads. If you don't have chalk on hand, you can set up a similar activity using painters tape (it peels off easily) or by drawing it out on a large paper, like wax paper, parchment paper, or the back of wrapping paper.

indoor activities for kids -  chalk roads

Smoothie Cafe Pretend Play

Help the kids set up a Smoothie Cafe! Not only is this activity by Artsy Momma lots of fun for pretend play, but kids can practice valuable math skills while they serve up their pretend smoothies. This will keep them playing for hours!

indoor activities for kids -  cafe pretend play

Coin Sorting

This Coin Sorting Activity from Rhythms of Play is a Montessori-Inspired activity that encourages children to work independently and develop problem-solving skills. It's great for kids from preschool age onward. Make sure you wash and dry the coins first, and don't do this activity with children who are still putting objects in their mouths.

indoor activities for kids -  coin sorting activity

Dinosaur Dig

If you have cornstarch, water, and dino figures or toy dino bones, you can set up this fantastic Dinosaur Dig for the kids. This activity from Fun Learning for Kids encourages a love of science!

indoor activities for kids -  dinosaur dig

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

Do you have some bubble wrap from recent packages or from moving? Wrap it on your kids' feet, lay down a large sheet of craft paper (or even the backside of wrapping paper), and let them stomp and print all over it. They'll love this Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting activity from Mess for Less.

indoor activities for kids - painting with bubble wrap

Playdough Cupcakes

Set up lots of beads, buttons, paper, glitter, and other bits and bobs for the kids to make Playdough Cupcakes! This activity from Artsy Momma pairs perfectly with the Camilla the Cupcake Fairy book, so you'll fit in a little reading and a little crafting. If you're doing this with toddlers, you can simply use taste-safe playdough, sprinkles, and edible glitter.

indoor activities for kids - playdough cupcakes

Fridge Door Marble Run

If you have some heavy-duty magnets and cardboard tubes, it's super easy to do this Fridge Door Marble Run activity by Go Science Kids. And if you don't have enough magnets for this, you can simply tape the cardboard tubes to the wall to create a marble run. It's a lot of fun for the little ones! No worries if you don't have marbles; round cereal or bouncy balls work, too.

indoor activities for kids - cardboard tube marble run craft

Paper Cup Stacking

Don't forget the simple activities that can keep kids occupied for hours, like this Paper Cup Stacking activity from Hello Wonderful. You'll be surprised at how high the kids can stack them! Turn it into a game by setting a timer and seeing who can stack their cups the highest before the buzzer goes off.

indoor activities for kids - paper cup stacking

Painters Tape Jump Boxes

Use painter's tape (or washi tape will work, too), to set up a Jump Box Activity like this one from Mama Papa Bubba. It's a terrific way for kids to burn off some energy when they're indoors.

indoor activities for kids - jump box activity

Pasta Sensory Bin

Another fun activity to do with pasta, this Pasta Sensory Bin from Must Have Mom is so much fun for toddlers and preschoolers. You can even add some bottles of seasonings, like Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper, for them to sprinkle over the uncooked pasta. Add colanders, ladles, bowls, etc. for scooping. They can play with this over and over!

indoor activities for kids - pasta sensory bin

Paper Airplanes

Now is the time to perfect your airplane-making technique! This post on How to Make Paper Airplanes That Go Far by TinkerLab offers suggestions to try to improve your planes. Your whole family will have a great time making and testing their planes.

indoor activities for kids - how to make paper airplanes

As well as this collection of fun and easy indoor activities for kids we have also written a fun tick list of 60 indoor activities for kids that you can print out. There is also a blank version for you to add your own ideas.


indoor activities for kids

List of indoor activities for kids

(Were possible we have added links for you to click on for more details)
  1. Make playdough
  2. Write a story
  3. Learn a dance routine
  4. Paint a self portrait
  5. Help prepare dinner
  6. Build a den/ fort
  7. Set up a pretend shop
  8. Go on a treasure hunt
  9. Bake cakes
  10. Play dress up
  11. Face painting
  12. Put on a talent show
  13. Junk modelling
  14. Make a toy
  15. Play board games
  16. Build the tallest tower
  17. Play hide and seek
  18. Draw your family
  19. Have a mini disco
  20. Write a diary
  21. Make salt dough
  22. Write & send a letter
  23. Have a pamper day
  24. Make slime
  25. Sing together
  26. Watch silly videos
  27. Play I spy
  28. Make rainbow rice
  29. Indoor scavenger hunt
  30. Do a science project
  31. Water play
  32. Make puppets
  33. Create an obstacle course
  34. Play charades
  35. Make paper crafts
  36. Invent a game
  37. Learn a new skill
  38. Make handprint art
  39. Stir up a magic potion
  40. Try a new way of painting
  41. Do a puzzle
  42. Make a scrapbook
  43. Play party games
  44. Draw a map
  45. Follow a recipe
  46. Create a secret code
  47. Craft with stickers
  48. Make a sensory bin
  49. Facetime family
  50. Snuggle up & read
  51. Make a mask
  52. Throw balloons
  53. Make paper chains
  54. Have a tea party
  55. Build with lego
  56. Cut out magazine pictures
  57. Decorate biscuits 
  58. Watch a movie
  59. Paint a rainbow
  60. Make a time capsule


To download this printable list for free click on the link below and use the discount code - indoor. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

indoor activities for kids printable

Which of these fun indoor activities for kids will you try with your kiddos this week?

fun indoor activities for kids

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